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Well, we are back online today with only a few errors, which Grep is still working on. Please bear with us on these. And that's bear as in "ursa", not bare as in "moon". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

You may use this this thread to report new errors if you wish.

I have already informed him of the icon errors above the post input box; and also the "vote for us" problems.
What a dreadful feeling when I logged on a couple of days ago and saw the message. It was such an empty feeling really.
I thought of dear Grondy and the rest of you and realized how incredibly sad I would be if this site was truly gone forever.
I am profoundly grateful to log on today. Hugs to everyone.
Amen, Leelee. I kept checking every day waiting till everyone was back. I hope everyone had a good new year.
And me too! I checked every day. What a pleasant sight it was that greeted me a minute ago seeing the wonderful golden background again..

Did anyone else notice that we're now (and not .com)?
Did anyone else notice that we're now (and not .com)?
No Clover i didn't ..but I'm just thrilled we 're back Smile Smilie
HEYA ALL Waving Hello Smilie
Heya Mellon and Clover! Smile Smilie
Basically I forgot to change the debit card information our ISP had when my card was defrauded a few months back - the really good news is that I've managed to move us to an ISP which costs 45 quid a year, rather than the 600 quid a year I have been paying. This is terrific news for me - it means I can actually afford to keep PT going! Not only that but I might be able to get some of the changes we need doing since I'll have a bit of spare cash to spend on it.
Which is a point - I need to switch us back to the .com address on sunday so the website will probably be going offliine for a couple of hours around midday GMT (we're also available at,, and,, by the way).
I am very glad this site is back online, I was waiting for weeks. I probably saw it the first day this all happened, and i am glad we are back on! Big Smile Smilie
Me too !!! Elf Winking Smilie
That's really great news Grep!
I hope we can get the site back to normal, I still can't vote for PT Sad Smilie
Thanks for the work you've put in recently, Grep. I feel quite lazy in comparison Smile Smilie
Hello everyone, another long time no read!

I noticed that PT was down for a while, then the very day I saw that it was back up my internet went down and was cut off... Feels good to be back, it's been longer than I've hoped

Great work Grep, and the less money going out makes it all worth while... But I do have a question, the advertisements have been moved higher up the page, I can't see the Tengwar that makes the picture behind it
Great work, Grep. You are truly a great site builder!

It's a desperate attempt to generate some ad revenue, I haven't wanted to put a banner back up there but I've made $2.71 from the forum ads in the last six months compared to the ’7,500 or so I've lain out on the site since I bought it and the masthead banner was much more successful than any of the others!
Well you are the expert and we put our trust in you. What a tremendous difference in the cost, it is staggering. Thankyou Grep for all you do for us, I really mean that.
It is wonderful to see your names above mine, someone sent us an email, Trav opened it thinking it was someone we knew and voila , so many trojans you could not believe. Total crash and all is not completely back to normal at present. So I have not been able to come on. It is fru strating because we had two entire excellent programs running at the same time to protect us, but oh well.
You know, not being able to come on, and when i could , seeing the site down, really let me think about how much I value it and all of you. It caused me to simplify some things in my life and get rid of them to make room to come on here instead of having to let it go. Feels rather wonderful actually. Smile Smilie
the masthead banner was much more successful than any of the others!

I now understand why it is placed so that the sun beams lovingly falls upon it. Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I really hope we can move the tengwar. It doesn't look as good now. It looks like the adds are placed over it by mistake. It sounds a bit odd too. "Join us in a cem". Maybe it's a riddle? Wink Smilie
I'm not seeing any banners at all, barring the link in the bottom left for the vote for the top 100 site. I see all the tengwar, mountains, sunshine etc... Have they been taken down again?
I see the ad banner on the right side under the sun and extending far to the right. I also see black fuzzy 1.5 inch wide margins on both sides of our sunny P-T banner, which means I have to shift the screen about 4 inches to the right to see the complete ad. So I think we have a formatting problem in only the P-T banner area, as everything below the horizontal menu correctly fits the screen.
I also see black fuzzy 1.5 inch wide margins on both sides of our sunny P-T banner, which means I have to shift the screen about 4 inches to the right to see the complete ad.

I don't see those, but i could be accidently covering them up (my screen is somewhat offset....) Though I do notice the misplaced ads, or whatever we may call them.

I do reach out my compliments to Grep on working to fix these problems and hope to see PT in its old glory!
I think it must be one of the tools I have working in the background of Firefox. It stops banners and pop ups from downloading to make browsing faster. I'd forgotten that I'd installed it.
At the moment it seems that Alien vs Predator has invaded ME...

Alien vs Predator Requiem...

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