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Thread: Server shutting down?

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on the front page in the latest news section: Server shutdown in progress.
I sincerely hope that it means the adserver. Sad Smilie
What? Oh so do I , fervently.
Is the boards bandwidth somehow under huge strain?
Im getting alot of Mysql errors trying to read the threads Sad Smilie
We had news om our site saying that?
Grep and the server people fixed a few things, so maybe that's what it was about. PT seems to be working smoothly again now. *knock on wood*
Really hope it will do for much longer. Slefish as it my sound, but I do not like to loose my new dwelling!
Nice to be back on the tracks! It has been some frustrating days, not being able even to log in!
im glad pt is back up Smile Smilie
Is there anything we can do to prevent this of happening again?

And one more thing: Please vote for PT, we are second place this month! As long as I can recall we have always been first in TolkienTop100.