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As traffic picks up on Planet-Tolkien, we will need a bit of help with moderating the forums.
So, we have a new update that supports the ability to add moderators to individual threads.
When you navigate to the sub categories page, you will see a new "moderator" column that lists assigned moderators to their individual threads. Moderator Smilie

At the moment when you go to the thread "How much mithril do you have?"; you will notice the moderators are Thorin Oakenshield and Taz. Both have access to all of the normal moderating features such as Bump Thread | Delete Thread | Lock Thread and the ability to edit and or delete any members' post other than council members. That power belongs to our one and only Fraggle King. I

Over the next few weeks, Council members will be observing threads closely for quality and interest. We will contact members who we feel may like to contribute to Planet-Tolkien by taking on the role of moderator.

Forum moderating is a great way to contribute to the PT community! We hope that you are as excited about this new feature as we are. Jumping Flame Smilie
I'm very excited Smile Smilie
Is this just certain people moderating certain threads, or full moderation?

(Like is 'Geoff' moderating 'The Khazad-Dumish Inn' or the entire forum)
Certain threads.
Wouldn't it be easier if the chosen members moderated the section under which the thread falls? For instance taking Cheesy's example, Geoff would moderate the Roleplaying section? Just a suggestion Smile Smilie
Perhaps, but that's not how it will work for now.
Maybe the Original Posters of threads get a (very) limited amount of moderation stuff on it. Like deleting irrelevant posts and locking the thread.
I imagine that the people that started, or 'control' the threads will get this power, for example Grondy for the Khazad-dumish Inn and many of the games threads, Eruheran for Eruheran's Quest and Character Elimination, me for ADTFTN planning and A Dark Threat for the North, and others.
It's a great idea!
I was just going back through the Mithril thread. My old posts always makes me laugh and someone was actually making fun of them back then! Now I'm ahead of him even if I go on 1st gear for a while! Very Big Grin Smilie Na-na-na-na-na Smilie

I want that power.... Very Evil Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Very Evil Smilie
We all do. And Maybe the Council will be kind enough to give it to us. Orc Smiling Smilie
I think that would be a bad idea. It would be like censure and can cause problems if the creator of the thread deletes/edit someone's else posts without his/her consent. Just my 2 cents Wink Smilie
Well, if they did that, it could be reported to Taz and they would lose the power. Taz will have to write the rules for being a thread moderator here.
Like i said, only lock and delete posts. Maybe include something that has to make you include a valid reason for it.
I think editing is probably the most important thing (and the one that Taz and the Council can keep up with the least), and anyway, things like locking threads happen so infrequently that it can be left to the Council.
Good point...

Maybe just give thread owners the option to delete threads?
What is the meaning of "owning" a thread? Like "founding" or "boosting" or what...?

Great idea for local moderators. It will help preventing unwanted spam and let's face it: children are browsing around here, so certain language must be restricted and removed as fast as possible. I believe it to be good idea, that only most devoted (those who are able to spend enough time) to be given such power (responsibility). For example: I have opened an Elven Guild Thread, but I am (unfortunately) not as active as I used to be, so obviously I can not oversee it efficient enough.

The idea still looks great, I am looking forward for its fulfillment.
Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of appointing moderators to popular threads but not on giving the creator of a thread moderating rights on all following posts. That's all Smile Smilie
Of course, Thorin. For example, it would be stupid to give Gimli_axe_wielder the moderation of the Khazad-d’mish Inn, since he's not here any more. A good moderator for that thread would be Grondy, since he does own the place after all. Smile Smilie
But what I really mean is that the moderator for a thread should be the most active/respected (i.e. Grondy in the KDI)/appropriate member on there. And if there isn't really one, then the role can just be given to the creator of the thread.
I think we're all going into needless debates here! Let Taz and the council members sort it out! Wink Smilie
But if it was most respected or whatever, won't people get upset? (Because if we give mods to 'The Person Below', where everyone is pretty active, it could get dodgy, because the thread owner dude has vanished)
Hehe, a dwarf, Southron and Dunedain having an argument. Sounds like the beginning of a joke. Big Laugh Smilie
But Thorin's right. Leave it up to the powers that be. Moderator Smilie

There is a bar, the first ever to dangle from a crane. A Dwarf, A Southron and a Boromir walk into the bar. The Southron says 'Ouch', it misses the Dwarf, and the Boromir simply walked into the bar, and absorbs the impact for the other 2. Then he dies.

That was... randomly morbid.
Moderator Smilie Me thinks this thread need moderating. Moderator Smilie
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Revolt is rumouring Paranoid Smilie.
I think it would be useful (or interesting, at the very least Smile Smilie ) if Taz put up a list of all thread moderators on this page. We could keep track of things a little better that way.
Maybe we could have all game threads with one moderator, RPGs with another, and discussion threads with a third. And maybe the council could moderate the website suggestions/help forum.
But that's sort of why we need thread moderators! Moderating whole forums is basically what the Council have to do, and they're obviously struggling with it, so thread moderators for individual pages are the best solution.
Maybe a lower council does the forums, and a separate group underneath them for the threads?


Council (Grondy, Rednell, Etc)
Sub-Council (Example; Thorin for the RPGs)
Thread Moderators (Example; Fornad for ADFTN, and ADFTN Planning)
I think what was suggested at the start of this thread is the best decision, i.e the pecking order being:

1. Taz, the All-Powerful Great Ruler of our Planet,
2. The Council, his board of advisors and secondary commanders,
3. Thread Moderators, the new bureaucrats and editors,
4. Members, the 'loyal' subjects of Taz,
5. Visitors, the strangers and foreigners that pass through here.

I think that just about sums it all up. Wink Smilie
What a very strange sort you all are Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Hehe, who would have thought that such a simple solution could spawn such complicated suggestions. Wink Smilie

I know all will work out for the good of the community.

Although, my grandmother once told me to be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Paranoid Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
I agree about Tarrants comment about being strange. Ugluk is winning the 'Who would you like to read you the LOTRs' Poll.
Ugluk is winning the 'Who would you like to read you the LOTRs' Poll.

Now that is strange!
So after all of the above, Wink Smilie, when will this new feature be implemented fully?
They will need to decide who moderates where and stuff I think.
when will this new feature be implemented fully?

That part has nothing to do with me, I just write the code and do what the Council asks. It is they who will be deciding on the moderators.
Moderating whole forums is basically what the Council have to do, and they're obviously struggling with it

In all my long years here, I've never noticed this. They've done a pretty good job so far. Very Big Grin Smilie

Council members, actually, do a lot more than moderate the forums. The content in the biography and help section have been written by council. We look for problems on the site and report them to Taz so he can fix them. We are also full of suggestions for our Fraggle King. Wink Smilie

Although news has been a bit scare lately, that has also been a role of council. I expect there will be a lot more news in the coming year.

Moderating the forums has not been a struggle for the last few years since the Lord of the Rings hype has died down. Grondy and Amarie have done an amazing job. We are anticipating a lot more traffic once the Hobbit gets into production and we can't wait. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of great friends back in the day. Smile Smilie

It is rewarding to moderate and to participate in busy forum and we would like to have more time to contribute to the content. We are proud of what we do and this new feature will allow us to share the fun and maintain the quality of the website. Smile Smilie
Fraggle King? Who is that?

(Considers changing Username)
The short version: Taz is the fraggle king. I

The longer version, but with pictures: Visit this page from Amari’'s ancient and porly made website
Fine... Mad Smilie

I am now the Emu King.
We have had 3 new people today Elf Confused Smilie

We need to hurry up with this before this site gets popular. Sort it out on the popular threads (All Current Game threads and the current RPGs) with the OPs or whatever soon.
The longer version, but with pictures: Visit this page from Amari’'s ancient and porly made website

I hadn't visited that page before and now I've saved all the fraggle images as I had lost them Smile Smilie
These are nice pictures you made there Amarie!! Lucky Taz!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
4 Noobs in the space of 24 hours. We should hurry up with this...
Amarie! What cool drawings!
Thank you friends. Smile Smilie They are from the days when I had time to draw and play on the computer.
So... when are moderators going to be chosen?
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