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It's taken us thirteen years, but today the Tolkien Society has recognised Planet Tolkien as a "Major Tolkien-related" website and added us to their links page.

I have looked at the Planet Tolkien website, of which I had been aware previously, and I like the look of it. It has clearly been a bit of an oversight on my part not to have linked to it already, so I have added a link from our links page... because Planet Tolkien seems to me a good website, I have slightly rearranged the links page and placed it in the new category of major Tolkien related sites.
Hooray!!! Cheers for Good old PT and to all those who have contributed to make this an awesome site down the years!!! Pary Smilie
Whoop! Jumping Flame Smilie Whoop! Jumping Flame Smilie
Fantastic news!! This has been a long time coming and the timing is great. Congrats, Planet-Tolkien. Smile Smilie

So, how i is going then, any updates from these awe inspiring people concerning us? Just wondering. Also, for the last four days or so I feel like I am completely alone in the halls of Mandos, just calling and calling for all of you. Did everyone get early holiday?

Oh leeLee, my dear,,I know what you mean...sometimes it seems we have been abandoned...well i guess people are busy,,,,well, i am still here my darling...though I dont have much to say, except hello...and hope you are well....and you are never alone......

Heh, I 've just thought of something.....I must start a new thread for "useless trivia"....did you know that the actor  Robert Hardy...(who played Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic in Harry Potter), attended Oxford in the 1940's..where he studied Anglo-saxon...and,,guess who his tutor was?.....(well, no prizes for this one).....

Are you not glad i told you that ?...haha....

(no, probably

Take care, my dear....

You're not alone, these periods happen Smile Smilie PT has recently been promoted to the number one position (after wikipedia) when searching for the keyword "Tolkien" on Google (in the UK, not sure about US or elsewhere). That and the increased interest around the production of the Hobbit movies we should see a lot of new members joining.

Magnificent news, so cheers!

It's good that this site is popular, 'cause it truly deserves to be.

So, congratulations. The wanderer bows.

Merci Alana, and the trivia thing sounds fun. Only how can there ever be any useless trivia concerning anything about Tolkien large or small eh?indecision

Taz it is good to hear your voice. I have often been tempted to corner you and ask you a zillion questions and write it up. Once a women's editor and now free lance I admit to getting itchy fingers and wanting to tell everyone about you. But you seem elusive and rather a hermit on here. Smile Smilie

I have a proposition for our Tolkien family. Just as you would not want to neglect your real at home family and be away so that there is pain and anxiety, I am thinking you , I , we, could make a commitment to visit this site so much every week and really did in there in the forums and do our research and make this place sizzle with the electricity that our professor always generated.

We cannot stay on top if we all take vacations and forget to come back, now can we? This place is rare and awesome and worth our hard work and energy, don't you agree?

Agreed, Leelee.  I am grading exams right now, but soon I will be able to post more often.  I also appreciate Taz so much, not only for all the fantastic work he has done for the site, but also for his being such a great guy.  We truly get only glimpses of his heart here and there.  But what I have seen makes me loyal to the site above all other Tolkien sites.  I would say more, but I don't want to embarrass our fearless leader.


I do apologize for my lack of communication, dear friends. My life is quite topsy turvy these days and it is very late in the evening before I can fire up the computer. I am quite tired by this point and lack the energy to respond. I do, however, check the forums every night before closing my eyes.


Thank-you, dear Leelee for all that you do to keep the forums alive. I do, so, appreciate you. Someday, I will get my life back and you will see a lot more of me.

my privelege, my honor Rednell. You and Gandalf please take care of yourselves, you have so many calls upon you.

I so agree about Taz, he was ever so patient and kind and helpful for over an entire week when I was unable to post any of my little stories and not once did he call me a dunderhead, numbskull or thick as a plank.  I was so grateful for his taking out all that time to help me. It meant something very deep to my heart

Well, i have a very limited time, when I can go on line...but, yes, we must stay in touch....perhaps we could have a sign...."BUSY BACKSON"...well, that is reference from Winnie-The -Pooh; did anyone read Winnie-The-Pooh ?...haha

Just label me "constantly distracted". I come here daily to check up on my dear planet and make sure you are all safe from trouble, spam and evil people. I can never seem to find the time (and possibly brain power) to post anything more or less useful. 

I can't tell you how happy I am that you good people still come here, and I mighty fond of you all. Now if the other 835 people who apparently are online would say something too... Wink Smilie

Ah Amarie, how dear you are, and it makes me feel much better to know you are all at least tuning in to see what is going on. I was wondering about that. I don't feel alone at all then. Lovely and thank you.

I sadly am part of the group who does not consistently return to PT. Busyness is not an excuse for me all the timeSmile Smilie I completely agree with Leelee, and now commit to her offer, to come by more than weekly to keep the threads buzzing. Anyone with me? 

What excellent news, congrats!