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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Planet-Tolkien has added a new Council Member. I am sure everyone knows Leelee and has appreciated her involvement in the forums. She demonstrates many of the qualities that Council looks for when considering new moderators. She is diplomatic and willing to seek ways to resolve problems. She has been doing an excellent job moderating the poetry thread by responding and encouraging members to share their talents. Please join me in congratulating Leelee on her new position!! Pary Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Moderator Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie Pary Smilie

I am overjoyed to have Leelee join the Council. Her commitment, activity and the quality of her contribution to this site is of the highest. This is a great day indeed.


Congratulations Leelee!

Congrats Leelee!  You deserve this new dignity.  And to the Council congrats on this great appointment.


What on earth? I did not know you actually told anyone, I mean out loud. blush.

II have loved and honored this site and those who guard over it since the first day I  came on. I do not feel worthy, but I will walk carefully and with a heart filled with joy and love and do my best. That is all anyone can do. And to each and every one that contributes to this hallowed place, thank you. I honestly from the depths of my heart believe JRR Tolkien and his pal Jack(C.S.Lewis) would have been interested in this site, approved of the honest and deep discussions and perhaps, just perhaps popped in once in a while to share their hearts.

Thank you.

You think we should have kept you as a secret under-cover double agent instead? How delightfully sneaky of you. Wink Smilie

It's an honor to have you on our team, Leele! Smile Smilie

I never thought it out Amarie Smile Smilie But I suppose in the back of my mind it was just a council thing, only need to know basis.

Me a spy, that is hilarious. I always wanted to be one as a child, or at the very least a detective like Nancy Drew. I used to dress on Saturdays ( no ballet or music lessons, yay), , like a spy or detective would look like- in my mind anyway and I always would sit at a bus stop with a tiny note book and a pencil and write little things down about the people seated next to me. I especially loved rainy days.I got a lot of irritated looks or laughs or talkings to but it never stopped me. A beloved member of my family also was enamoured with spy guys. He used to dress in a trench coat, even if it was thirty degrees(celcius) and I used to laugh and laugh because he was not terribly inconspicuous, he also wore a sweater on his head like a turban, why I have no idea. He blushes now when he thinks about. In real life now, he and his brother have long glossy hair down their backs, usually pulled back in a pony, glorious grey eyes for him and green grey for his brother and they are total elves who spend every tiny moment they have , which is hard with their long hours of work and study, to learn just everything about JRR. And now my little one drags her Spy book she received for Christmas about the house and spies on us all . In between school and reading LOTR and Hobbit with us as often as we can. So we are all quite enept at the spy thing.Smile Smilie

Welcome to the Inner Circle.

Thank you for the welcome Vir. I look forward to the council's help and to learn to walk in the same dignity all of you have trod, at least since I first came here.

congratulations Leelee, well done.

My heartiest congratulations Leels.You rockSmile Smilie



So, Leelee comes and joins the league, no, the Ministry, no, the Legion, no,

   The LEAGUE of Council .   She will never leave now... 

   Welcome and Congratulations Leelee, you will make a fine addition.  And it's great to see the avatar I made you all those years ago, with the Council Member Seal on it.  


Congratulations, Leelee! You're now in 'The League of Elders' as I like to say. ^^

So, should I be more careful, while posting in the future? Wink Smilie

Thank you Rho,, and by the way I just hate it when you are awol, it worries me. Please come more often and post and post and post somemore. Smile Smilie

Thank you Odette, and hugs to you. Get your photos ready. I just have to finish a couple of more pictures, and hopefully a diarama of Middle-Earth before I sign up on Facebook. I had an account but it got hacked and that was extremely annoying.So if anything happens on this coming one, that will be that. hugs back.

Loss, Loss,Loss, my first friend on this hallowed site. I did not know from avatars and I asked and you helped me so quickly. How I do honor you for your prompt help to a newbie. I am thankful to know you will be around to advise and help me. Now then , about your strange relationship with Urakais and well all that unelven activity of me.

Oerath, it is I who will have to be more careful now. I count on you even more now sir, Prince of poetry, to help me and encourage others to take the plunge and share their thought through the art of poetic artistry.

Biggest Congrats!! 

Oh thankyou very much Aragorn's lady, what a kind thing to say. I hope everything is alright with you, and please come by often, you are family.   Smile Smilie


Congratulations Leelee, I always thought you'd make a fine council member. Excuse my absence, I've had a few difficulties but I'll be around for a bit now.


dear Gwindor, long have I appreciated your thoughts and perspective and like all of you that became family and then were gone I worried over you. Now you are come back I am grateful. May only good things be your doom and may you stay where you are cared for and valued. And, thankyou.

This is great news! Congratulations, My Fair Lady!

I am glad that your contribution to this site has been recognized once again. May the wisdom in your future shine upon your thoughts as strong as it did in the past! *bows low*

That is very kind of you Amm, your words matter to me.

I should like to take a moment while I am here to welcome all that have stopped in a time or two to check us out. I hope you will see that we take JRR Tolkien and his body of work seriously. That does not mean we don't have any fun, but the site is about his work and discussions on it. We hope you will all feel free to share your thoughts and ask any questions you will, I for one will try to study and find anything you ask and I know the much more learned seasoned council members probably could answer your questions right out.

And may I give me deepest condolensces to all of our Planet-tolkien family who have suffered loss or injury in the hard to understand attack upon Oslo . My prayers and thoughts are with you, and I am sure also those of the whole council. And some of our regulars that are from there, it would be appreciated by me if you could check in by message. You are so very dear and precious to us, it will be good to know you and your loved ones are alright.

Congrats Leelee! I'm so sorry I wasn't about to congratulate you but I'm here now so congrats again! Big Smile Smilie 

Yeah, Leelee is the best example of who should be a council member. She's very kind, she kindly oversees the poetry thread, the thread I so much love! I haven't ever congratulated you on this one, so now I do. Smile Smilie

May you all have a wonderful christmas, all of the council members, yes, all of you!

 And all others, I owe so much to you. Letting me in the first place. Writing my own stories and stuff, I don't regret a day. I registered to this site so long ago, and I must say; Planet Tolkien still prevails!

Now see here you two, I was just taking some gifts to a friend and stopped in and now I have tears all over the place. Oh well......

Thorin, thankyou, having known you a while now I am overwhelmed at your kindness, it means a lot.

And as for you Prince of poems I am almost tempted to hire you for my pr man. Thank you so much!

But I must confess that without the kindness and patience of Taz, the support and kindness of all the council members I would not even be on this site. Grondy lured me with the beauty and wit of his words, and the rest sustained , taught and kept me here with their genuine interest in all of us, their untiring support to this site and the sure knowledge that they are indeed friends to anyone here that wants them to be.

Leelee is PT's very own Nienna.

I hope your holiday is joyous dear  Vir, May you always know peace.

I have been told this before by friends. The only thing is in this age the Niennas of this world are thought silly, too serious about the world and too caring, something very outdated. So I mostly grieve when the stars are out and I am alone in my prayer closet. And, besides my thinking you are the real Tin Tin- brave and terriblly intelligent, a seeker of justice and right and a hater of lies and misinformation ,I can well imagine that you were one of those exalted beings who stood beside Illuvatar during the making of the music and contributed something profound.

Well it feels weird to be back, and yet not at all.we have been sorely stressed the last year. Little Hasia was diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine She has been on a waiting list for spinal surgery for a year. The rib cage is in serious condition. She started finding it hard to breathe and x rays showed the rib cage obstructing the lungs Twice I thought she had died thru the night. I pray every night and keep vigil four hours. Still we wait. Now her walking is impaired. It will be a year in April If they don't hurry now I may have to go across the country and I will be alone .It is overwheing. I pray not only for her, but for all the children with scoliosis. So I am not working my two jobs now How are you all doing?
hi leelee & congrats on your triumph! :mrgreen: Sleep/john greystoke/nickywissy angel horse
Congratulations, fair Leelee! Bless and bliss onto you!