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Thread: Tolkiens birthday

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Happy birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien Birthday Smilie born today January 3rd 1892! How has J.R.R. Tolkien touched your life? To me is has been an inspiration for reading Read Smilie

You helped shape my life Professor and I am more than grateful for it. Happy Birthday to you and great thanks for everything you've given us!

Professor, you have completely and utterly changed my life. Middle Earth and all the beings within it are more than just a dream for me- it is a reality, something beyond my comprehension. Words cannot describe my love for you and your work. Oio naa elealla alasse'. Happy Birthday, and thank you for
Mellon, thank you for making this thread. I had no time yesterday and I wasn't sure if someone would make a thread. But you did, so thank you.

The works of our dear professor have been and of course still are a great inspiration to me.
And of course without his amazing work, and the love people have for him and his writings this website wouldn't be there, and we would have never met each other and make such good friends.