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Calamity and confusion! Either I am a simple dwarf, or something has made the facnfiction section disappear?

Mr. Fanfiction has fled the website without anyone noticing, or perhaps he has masked himself amongst one of the many forums or threads. Help me find Mr. Fanfiction or darkness shall fall upon Planet Tolkien website once more!! P.S sorry for the melodramatic approach, if no-one understands this post , I am simply asking if their still is an area where I can write fanfiction

With urgency Gror Falkbeard (simple dwarf(soon to be discovered))

MR Fanfiction, who is that, may i ask.?

role playing guild my good dwarf. Or commonly called rpg. I will investigate. Leave it to the elves of Rivendell and Lothlorien for the Detective work.

It looks like Taz killed it on Christmas. He isn't on much anymore, so I suppose we should wait till he gets back. Maybe just make a single really long post? Amras did that a while back. Or, you could write it and post a link to a jpg/google doc. There is probably some way to get to an actual fan fiction section on this site, but I don't know it.