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Got the avatars working, here is an example link of one of my journals, let me know what you think..
The "View other Members journal" link is now working.
It is a brand new function that Taz has just now started for us. Orc Smiling Smilie

To get there, use the menu on the upper left of here and click on My Account under Main Menu, and then click on Your Journal under 'This is your personal Area!' near the top of the page, and there you are. It is still under development (Beta Version)and may receive more bells and whistles with the passage of time. Cool Elf Smilie
Great, I hope our members start using this section as it could be quite fun! If you think of any other features that could be added to it please reply with them and I will see what I can do Orc Smiling Smilie
Just a question Taz, when we go into our Journal section, will that cause our custom avatars to be reset?
Nope, only changing your settings in "My Account" > "Change your info". The journal is safe Big Smile Smilie
This is very cool.. two things i noticed.. when I typed my first entry, it put a funny / in the title..... i dont think i put it there origional, but i could be wrong.... Ill keep you posted if it does it to me again..

the second thing, and this is just an idea.. but probably complex.... You have it that you can search for a person to see their journal.. is their any other way... like a pull down menu of members... or something... my only thought is that i often foget exactly how people spell their names... and also.. I know a lot of people here.. it will talke me ages to search each person... maybe we can have a buddy list to check, or something like that... sorta like your Top ten.. i liked that idea... maybe a list of who has made a new entry recently...

just some thoughts... I love the idea though!!!
Ignore the slash, it needs to be there when you have quotes and ' those... It will not be in there when you view your journal only the preview. As for the buddy idea, working on it now my friend *Hope your feeling better* Big Smile Smilie
\Do you have an option, to where you can add to a journal, after you posted an entry. Maybe, to an on going one? For like the same topic. I noticed that Amari’ put her listing of her posts. Will she be able to just add to it, or just have to keep making new journal entries to keep it updated.

Oh and Plastic: Qu'est-que ce c-wolvs en anglais?
Waving Hello Smilie

Hi, it's silly me popping in again. It's weekend, you know, and I'm back. (hopefully not for long, I can hear you think Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie )

Hmm. This journal thing sounds really cool, must try it sometime. Really curious to know what y'all writing! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I just love these new smilies by the way. Well, they're new to me anyway. Orc Grinning Smilie
Wow, so many changes in PT. Taz you are amazing. I do like the journal thing. Btw Tommy, the smilies are new to me too.
*smile* Yes and more to come I assure you I

Oh and Plastic: Qu'est-que ce c-wolvs en anglais?

Huh? I can translate that, but it makes no sense Melly, I'm quite quite lost now...
Huh? My journal-entry has dissapered! Not that it was anything interesting in it, but it won't be much fun if i keeps doing that. Is it because there's an Alfa-version now?
*grin* I removed all the ones of which members had been testing as to allow real journal entries to show-up in the Top Ten instead of all the scrambled ones Wink Smilie
I think you can Sam, sure. I don't know how it works with you, but I can just click on "print" and then it'll print any page. It's your journal, after all... But to be sure, could any council member verify this?

Val: yes, the real figures do show when I search for my own entries. Thanks! Cool Smilie
Aha! So that's why Plastic's one had gone too. Very Big Grin Smilie

I've added one. Well I tried to last time but just then I got kicked off Internet for some strange reason so my entry was lost. New one's up now though. Big Smile Smilie
I read them too Sam. I also liked the cube Idea. Thought that was neat. Oh, Sam, I got the stuff you sent me. thanks. Check your PM's please.

[Edited on 21/11/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
I will add a edit function to the journal module asap.
I like the journal thing, Taz...good idea Smile Smilie
Thanks Rednell, flattered to hear that someone reads my journal! I really enjoy reading other people's entries too. Big Smile Smilie
I love reading the journals. Read Smilie

The earth as a cube? Now that is an interesting thought, Sam. Cool Smilie
Yesterday my journal would not let me enter a new journal entry. It could just be my computer, as I have had lots of problems with things on the internet lately. Besides that, I enjoy reading other peoples entries because it gives me insight into what they do besides come here. And Mellie, please check your PM's.
Thanks Sam, I did.
Love reading those journals too, it's a wonderful thing.

Think there is a small problem with mine though. Before I made a new entry today, it said: 9 reads for me first entry and six for the last, no for the second one. Then after adding the new entry, it said: 6 reads for the second entry, and none for the others. Question Smilie
Mine too, Tommie, but on other pages it still shows the full amount.
Other pages? Question Smilie I'll check.
Taz, I have a question about the journals, can you print out your entries?
Just wanted to comment on Samwisegamgees wonderings about V and W. In Norwegian (and the other nordic countries too i believe) W has the some sound as V so I guess the same goes for our more ancient times. In German the v gets an f-sound in the beginning of a word, but W is still V. Maybe translating the rune with W was done to prevent it from getting confused with v/"f"? I don't know.. Just rambling.. Wink Smilie
Thanks for the interesting information, Amarie, the use of V and W is something I have been musing over for a long time. And regarding the printing, I can't seem to format it so the whole page prints, it could just be my computer. Tom, I am also having the same problem you spoke of before, right now it says 4 reads for one of my journal entries and yesterday it said 6.
Yeah, but like Val said, if you look up your own journal (sounds pretty silly, but ok), you can see the real figures.

When I want to print something out, there's a little box which has three options: print whole page, print one page, print selection. Now if you select something and click on print selection, my printer only prints the things I selected. Tried that? Or maybe you don't have those options? Disturbed Smilie
Well, since I have a real hard time reading long posts, I tend to print things out a lot. I discovered that when you go to a section before you click the thread, there is a printer next to the last person's name that made a post and date. If you click the little printer button, you can see the whole thread and it is in a printer friendly version. You don't have to seclect print selection. Unfortunately, it does not work in the Journal area. So, in that senario, you would have to use Tommie's suggestion. of Print selectiion. That is why it takes me a while to respond to some of the longer posts, than it does for the shorter ones. My eyes don't focus right or something and I get headaches if I read the longer ones on line.

Don't worry, I don't keep anything personal and if some thing does come up, I mark through it and put all the papers in the recycle bin.

Samwise, I still have not finished your letter. I was doing really well, until Friday. I will finish it up today and then have Matthew mail it for me tomorrow. Matthew keeps teasing me that I am writing you a book. It will be really thick when you get it. I am also sending you a pic of Robbie with Santa, and maybe a cd with pics of the rest of the family that matthew made for his mom.

Ok, I asked a dumb question a while ago about my journal. but I figured out what I was doing wrong, and it is not messed up now. Sorry about the inconvience to any one that saw my stupid question. BTW I deleted my previous post.
Apparently my question was not so dumb after all. I have been requested to share the info with everyone in case someone else has the same problems I did.

The Journal does not currently support " marks. You need to use the ' mark instead.

My problem was my Journal was very long and seemed to repeat in the preview, but when I added my entry, it cut off right after the " marks. So, I went back and deleted the " marks and re-added it and it worked fine. I hope this helps anyone else having the same problems.

I will be re-writing the journal module over the next couple of day's. See thread "Taz's To-Do List" under General Discussion.
Where can I read other people's journal entries?
Thank you so much for answering ladyoflegolas' question Perwing. We really appreciate it. You are such a nice person.