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My humble apologies, Swampfaye. A few weeks ago we were running low on ideas for polls so I hurriedly came up with a couple and put them into storage. Off the top of my head in the time I had available I tried to think of twelve battles worthy of being voted upon. I'm sorry, I simply overlooked the Sam vs Shelob battle (and no doubt several more as well).
The latest poll, after being there for a long time, has only recieved about 80 votes. I'm beginning to wonder if it is broken. It works for myself, but as certain areas of the site are only accessable to the Council, I'm beginning to think from its low response that maybe only council members currently have access to it.

Could a few of you try to vote and then post here whether you were able to or not. Thanks for your help.
Ok, Val, as a council member, when not logged in i can not access the poll, but once i log in I can.

So, then I logged in as FrogBoy and it is the same. It looks like the poll is working.
Okay, folks. New poll up, since the old one was getting a little dusty. Big Smile Smilie
There was a time when I could not vote for the poll at all, whether logged in or not. I think I can when I'm logged in now. When I'm logged out I can't. I think.

Like the new poll though! Thumbs Up Smilie