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Genius Smilie That is why we love our purple fluffy fraggle King I , so much. Thank you Taz. I love the new Journal. It is sooo cool.

Mellie Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie Cool Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie Smoke Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Cat Smilie Pixie Smilie Pary Smilie Tigger Smilie Winking Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Kiss Smilie In Love Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie Elf Winking Smilie Super Wow Smilie Jumping Flame Smilie I Love You Smilie Juggling Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Juggling Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Cool Elf Smilie Happy Elf Smilie Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Wiggle Smilie
Taz, the new journal is wonderful! I love the settings. They are great. Big Smile Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie You are the king Wink Smilie I
Excellent work Taz!Now we can write and share our experience...kinda fun though... Dunce Smilie
Great job Tazzy! Looking forward to using it in the future!

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[Edited on 7/2/2003 by TomBombadillo]
I am intending to start the huge uphill struggle of bringing all of your old journal entries up to date for the new system and then crossing them over.

... Just so you know I'm working on it and if all things go well it should be sorted come Sunday.
Taz, you work so hard for all of us!! Thank you for giving us all these cool things to do! I love it. And just to follow the crowd I will put a bunch of smilies!

Angel Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Dunce Smilie Duck Smilie Duck Smilie Police Smilie Police Smilie Winking Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Read Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie Pary Smilie
As Quenya and Sindarin are Tolkien related, they are acceptable; however, we will rely on the honor system for those who use those languages and that anyone who abuses the privilege will be reported to the Council by their peers via PM or email.
I've posted Tommie's problem under Taz's To-Do List under Website General Discussion.
Gotcha. Cool Smilie It's cool. Thought you might say that. Tongue Smilie

Does the rule apply to Elvish too? Question Smilie
Thanks for your efforts on making an excellent and HUGE site about Tolkien, and thanks for the new tolkienist journal... Animated Wink Smilie
Funny little thing I've noticed: on the page where all the journals are listed, you can see the correct date on which it has been writen. But when you open a journal, it says: "written on" and there you always see today's date. Orc Going Huh Smilie

Oh well, never mind. *bye for now*
Can I make a journal in another language (say, Dutch) Question Smilie

It's just that's it's the text of a song, and it's in a sort of dialect which is rather hard to translate. Smile Smilie Just a question. It's all right if I can't. Big Smile Smilie
We asked members to use only English on the forum Tommie, because we cannot moderate something we cannot understand. Because the journals are being endorsed by us as family material, the rules concerning the journals are the same as for the forum.

The language journals are to be written in isn't something the Council has discussed, but bearing in mind what I have just said, it's likely should the topic be raised, the answer would be English only please.

I'll check out what the others think, and get back to you on this one.

[Edited on 20/4/2003 by Valedhelgwath]
It's all right really. I though that would be the answer. No problem. I don't think there are that many Dutch speakers here, anyway. Tongue Smilie
I've had a word with a few of the others, and whatever rules we have on the forum apply to the journals too.

Hello, how does this Journal thing work? I am new here. Do I get something like a Journal with my name on it to post?

Hi Arwen. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. To make a journal entry:

1. Click on Account

2. Under the heading Your Account, click on the option "Journal Entries"

3. Click the option to "Write Journal Entry"

4. Enter the fields for "Title" and whatever subject you are writing about in the text box

5. Click "Publish journal entry"


Your journal entry will then be displayed for others to read in the list along the right-hand menu bar under Journals

Hope that helps.