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Through the doorway stepped a man who had not visited this land in many a long year.The woman looked to the dwarf "Look he has arrived."
As the stranger strolled forward he was jumped from behind,but he moved so swiftlty that the two attackers were lying in a pool of their own blood.
"You haven't got any slower with age my friend I see"
The stranger looked up and smiled"No my friend but I see your stomach has...Haha"
Behind the stranger stepped a young maiden looking no more than 18. She was a Sindarian Elf of Lothlorien. She wore a gown of Mithril. To her side was strapped a sheathed-sword. To her back; a bow, quiver, and two small elven blades. She wore a Ring of Power upon her hand. Nenya, it was. She was the Daughter of Galadriel, Mariesthrill was her name. She was as the precious metal, hard and strong and brave. She smiled as she entered...
The woman pulled down her hood to reveal the pointed, peirced ears and messy blond hair of Aislinn, a rather perky yet sarcastic elf. Her dwarven companion, on closer inspection, appears to be Um'Ger Knee-Nibbler son of Um'er Groin-headbutter. Its usualy not advisable to enquire too deeply about the origins of there... unusual family names.
Aislinn frowns.
Um'Ger drinks her ail while she's not looking.
Finaly Aislinn speaks to the stranger "Ah! You didn't tell me you were bringing a companion with you!" She grins then looks at Mariesthrill "Mind you, it would appear that I forgot to mention that Um'Ger would be with me. Guess that makes us even."
Ailslinn waves her hand at a couple of empty seats and asks her friends to sit, while Um'Ger scurrys to the bar and then back again with more drinks. They sit in silence for a while as Aislinn deals out some playing cards for a game or two. Its Um'Ger who speaks first.
"You don't seem surprised to see me friend, but when are you going to introduce us to your lady friend here." He nods at Mariesthrill who shifts a little uncomfortably in her seat. Aislinn laughs and drinks her ale "Oi! I knew there was something I'd forgot. Apart from telling you why I'd gotten in touch that is." she frowns "Damn, haven't seen you for years. Ya could have at least sent a messenger pigeon or something to Rivendell would have been a welcome site. You haven't even asked why I contacted you yet."

OOC: Ah yes, Um'Ger and Aislinn. I'm really no good writing about charicters, so if you really wanna know about 'em that bad, just follow the link--->
With any luck I won't have to play as Um'Ger much longer, he not my role-play charicter, just one I'm dwarf-sitting from a friend who I'm getting to join planet tolkien.
Mitch is comeing.
Beware the Mitch. Very Evil Smilie
An old, fat dwarf comes over to the table that the odd company is sitting at.
"Another pot of ale to warm ye blood?" she asks them. Um'Ger gladdly excepts the ale, and gulps it down in a few seconds. As the dwarf, who's name is Narin Graniteanvil, refills Um'Ger's pot she asks, "mind if I ask what business you lot have here?"
Silently a cloak figure watched all that was happening.
"Soon the players will be in place amd then the journey can begin." He ran his finger over a ring on his left hand and smiled. And then the whole of middle earth will be mines." Very Evil Smilie
'We can't be too careful around here. Many eyes and ears listen when you least expect it...' she said. Mariesthrill smiled and nodded. 'She's right. I can feel an odd sort of presence here. I don't like it. Hopefully it will show itself soon...' she whispered. The company of friends continued their game of cards. Mariethrill's eyes darted to and from the table in the back. A cloaked figure sat there, watching. She did not like the look of him. Her hand went to her sword and she loosened it, just in case. Asilinn seemed to notice and asked her what was wrong. 'That man over there, i don't like the look him. I think we are no longer safe here. But, it may just be me being me.' she said. The Dwarf Woman returned with the peanuts and smiled. Knee Knibbler looked to Asilinn and she nodded reluctantely. 'We would be honored if you joined us, madame.' he said. The dwarf woman smiled and sat beside Knee Knibbler.
...The cloaked figure smiled to himself. 'The elven woman suspects something. I will have to deal with her first...'
Narin, the Dwarvin barmaid glanced in the direction of Mariethrill's gaze. The man slowly removed his hood and nodded slightly at them. Suddenly a dark presence came over the room, and even the drunkess people there stopped their silly laughing and rambling. Suddenly Knee-Knibbler rose to his feet, Mariethrill at his side...
The dwarf was ready to fight, but the elf didn't seem eagar to fight. The cloaked figure was startled at first but played innocent so not to draw attention. Perhaps this uproar didn't involve him, better to just stay out as long as possible, he thought to himself. But he knew the recent development involved him, if he hadn't removed his hood he would have been fine, unnoticed. He cursed himself for being too easy around the dwarf and the others. Things had gone amiss...

The dwarf was the first to approach the figure. But he hesitated. Mariesthrill seemed calm and easy, bravery was the dwarve's first thought. She knew the man in the corner looked familiar...

The man in the corner rose from his seat and smiled at the coming 'guests.' Their friends were now on edge, they too sensed the disturbance but couldn't place it... The figure noticed the creatures coming towards him were not amused. He refused to buy into this petty non-sense.

Knee Knibbler was the first to speak. 'You...What are you? I can tell you're not human. Nothing can cause such a stir,' he said. Mariesthrill put her hand on the dwarf's shoulder as if to reassure him. 'Lothirtan, it has been a while...' the elf whispered. Lothirtan nodded and grinned evily. 'You have come far, little one. Well done.' he said. The Dwarf as well as everyone else lokked confused. 'You know this thing?' Knee Knibbler asked. The elf smiled. 'He is a bit of a teacher, really. This was a test. That is why I told you I had to follow you, Bretaen,' she said to the man she was traveling with. 'Yes, and you've passed. You were able to sense a threat and evil but checked your senses and knew not to attack. You are coming along well in your training, Your parents would be proud...' he said. Everyone still looked confused. 'But how did you pull it off, Lothirtan? I could barely tell it was you...' Mariesthrill said. Her 'teacher' didn't answer. He was gone, somehow he dissapeared. 'Now what was that?' the dwarf-maid asked. 'He's gone again. I must find him and complete my next task.' Mariesthrill said. 'Something isn't right, though...I could barely tell who he was. He was never able to make such a presence known before. I am begining to suspect that something is up...' she said.

The elf in the corner rose and walked to the group. 'That is because your friend has betrayed you, and he knows you suspect something. He has gone. When you find him he will kill you and take the Lady's Ring. He is evil know. He bestows an evil none of us can comprehend. He holds the key to the gate of Baldur, the 9th Hell gate. At least that's what the description of his Ring tell us. We are all in danger, we must get that Ring before he assemble the other Gate Keys.' Rawien said. 'Gate Keys?' Bretaen asked. 'What are they?' he asked. 'They come in many forms, Rings, Swords, Jewels. He who controls the 9 Gates of the 9 Hells, can destroy and/or rule this and the next dimension...' someone said. Everyone was surprised to find that it was Narin. She was the secret contact of Rawien. The Ring of Nenya was the Key to the 3rd Gate of Hell. It wasn't orignally created that way but it had recieved the Key many years before without anyone noticing. The Keys were able to hide their identity from even the wisest of creatures. 'We must do something...' Mariesthrill said...
The figure appeared outside " that vile thing sensed me she shall pay for her races sins first. And then I will destroy the rest of them.They try to trifle with me....."Suddenely a black mist arose around the figure"THEY WILL KNOW THEIR DOOM,I WILL DRINK FROM THEIR VIENS. I WILL DINE ON THEIR BONES THEY SHALL REMEMBER THE PAIN." at that point a man came ot of an alley but he was doomed...the figure approached and swung a black sword and the man fell to the ground not before he let out a scream.
Inside the group arose and went outside. Before them stood the the figure cloaked no more it was the dark Lord and he turned to the"you will all perish in the fkames of Mount Doom I am watching and I will strike at any time you have been warned." and then he was gone.
The group of companions stared at each other on wonder. 'Well, it is obvious we are now fated to fight this thing. We must stop him before it is too late. I volunteer as member number one. I will go with or without your help, but your help will be most welcome.' Rawien stated. Mariesthrill turned from the fallen Man. 'I'm in, i won't let him hurt my people. I will fight by your side, Rawien.' she said. In turn, the others agreed to join and fight. The friendships they made would be their strength, their skills would be their might, and their lives would be their gamble. They set out of Bree towards Rivendell to seek the council of Elrond. Their journey begins...
He watched their every move. He knew that they were going to recieve the advise of Elrond. But he would not let them reach Elrond not without loss. "Gurak come now."
From a dark pit emerged a horrible demon one of the balrogs which were under the control of Sauron.
"Go now to Rivendell and stop this group from reaching
Elrond... take whatever creatures you see fit with you."
And bring me back a head."
And so Gurak went off and with him he took orcs and a dragon.
And soon they approached Rivendell and a darkness came with them.
Lothirtan wasn't very specific on who's head he wanted, but he was particularlly hoping fo rthe dwarf's head. He wanted Mariesthrill alive and well when he saw her again. There was a secret hidden between him and the young elf. No one knew, not even Galadriel, Mariesthrill's mother. There was a connection between them, one that neither would admit until now. Lothirtan was ready and willing to share Mariesthrill's secret weakness with her companions....Now all he needed was to catch them...

The Balrog tramped off, miserabley. He had no thoughts of his own, only those his master gave to him. He would catch the group sooner or later. And then on to a new task...
Aislinn snarled and knocked Marie flying with a well aimed right hook! Marie managed to fall unconsious into a mud puddle with a bloody nose. Aislinn tended to Um-Ger while muttering word that could make an orc blush.

OOC: LIGHTEN UP! Oh and I've added a rule, so this won't get too chaotic. NO KILLING OTHER PEOPLES CHARICTERS!
Mariesthrill opened her eyes and stood up. She brushed herself clean and glared at Aislinn. 'Fine, if you're going to let that thing talk fouly about our kind, then go ahead. But i refuse to tolerate it. I am going. Don't look for me, there's no use. I doubt you could keep up. I'll meet you all in Rivendell. *My* way is faster. Good-bye.' she said and walked off into the nearby woods. The rest of the group began to call for her. 'Come one, Mariesthrill. We need to stick together on this. If you go now, who nows when we'll see you again, if we see you again. This place is dangerous and you know it. I know you've felt the growing disturbance in this land, if you meet it before we find you, what then? Anyone or anything will have free passage to the Lady's Ring. We can't get into fights like this,' Bretaen called. No answer came. They didn't realize that Mariesthrill was completely unaware of their voices, she was long gone. As she raced through woods, drums and a song she once heard as a child beat in her head. She stopped suddenly as she passed a stream and decided to wash what was left of the mud on herself and her clothes. After washing, she re-dressed and continued on her journey. *The others will be fine, they need one less elf in their company anyway. I can make this on my own. I don't need their help. I don't need anyone. Lothirtan will pay for betraying me. I promise him that* she thought. She began to remeber her old friend and her rage grew, he had betrayed more than her trust. He had betrayed her....
*No, it wasn't real. It was only a dream. That couldn't be possible. Mother would never have it. Besides...I don't even know if he truly loved me in return....*
Narin smiled and shook her head. "It seems to me that she's a tough lass, and we need not worry about not seeing her again in Rivendale, she'll find her way." With that Narin began to continue walking. The others soon followed suit, but Aislinn could not help but wonder if Mariesthrill would be ok, and if she should have resulted in such an extreme way.

As they continued to walk down the path, the sun began to melt away into the horizon, and the velvet blanket of night soon covered the sky. Um'Ger was soon complaining about how hungry and tired he was, so they stopped to make camp in a clearing not to far from the trail.
They each took out food that they had brought with them and began to eat an talk around the fire they had started. Suddenly there was a great gust of wind and as it whipped trough their camp, words seemed to swarm around them, like a snake around it's prey.
"9 gates too many for you. You can try and stop me, but you won't succeed. You're so pitiful that I have decided to help you out...." In the flame of their campfire they saw Mariesthrill's face...
Everyone was surprised to see Mariesthrill that they all gasped. She laughed a little at their reaction and walked towards the campfire. Behind her walked a small elven child and an elder elf. She pointed to the smaller elf, "This is Aidan. She is my sister. She looks small, but her knowledge of magic is great. This is my brother, his name is Micanick. He is a great warrior and his skill is rivaled by few. They have agreed to help us." They all exchanged glances. After everyone was introduced they all set up to sleep there that night. Um'Ger was far from opposed, as was everyone else. Mariesthrill was unable to sleep though. Something was bothering her....

The Balrog followed his senses and was soon within calling distance of the group. Lothirtan had placed a spell on him to make him seem invisible until he was upon them. He was but a few feet away now....

Mariesthrill and Micanick were the first up. Aidan was followed by the rest of the group. Um'Ger stood, axe ready. The others had swords drawn. As they prepared to fight, Mariesthrill and Aidan held up their hands. "Stop, you can't fight it with physical weapons. This is up to us to stop it," As they spoke the Balrog's flames intensified. He cracked his whip and drew his fiery sword. Aidan and Mariesthrill looked at each other and closed their eyes, chanting something inaudible. Rawien joined them and their power increased. Soon, a bright light sprang forth from the joined hands of the Elven Maidens. It shot towards the Balrog and penetrated its chest. The creature bellowed in pain and surprise....It fell, its flames doused and its spirit gone.....

From within the shadows, Lothirtan had been watching. He sprang from the covert and grabbed Mariesthrill and before anyone had noticed, he vanished....Mariesthrill had been captured.....To where, they knew not...But now the Enemy was one step closer to having the 9 gate keys...
Then from the shadows came forth Gurak with ahost of orcs.
"Spare no one...let them feel our masters will, and show that no one can oppose him."
The companies were overwhelmed by this onslaught.
They fought bravely but there numbers were to small to hold out to this vast host....but then the orcs stopped and a great shadow fell upon the ground.
He had come
Mariesthrill was out for what seemed days. As she ardously opened her eyes, the darkness clouded her vision. There was little or no light in the cavern in which she had been thrown. She stood and arched her back, trying to awaken all of her body so that she would not be vulnerable to an attack. As she soon realized, her weapons were gone. The Ring, however, was still on the chain 'round her neck....She reached up to touch it...."What the? Where am I?" she whispered softly. "You are in my lair and are now my prisoner," a familliar voice cooed from the shadows. His voice was soft and calm. "Lothirtan..." Mariesthrill said with hatred. "Yes, my young learner....It is I, your teacher. And I am here to give you your final test," he said. Test? How can that be? Why would he be giving me a test? she thought. "Test?" She asked. "Yes, I have given you a choice: Join me in my quest and live and rule beside me, or choose to side with your pathetic little group and die amongst the rest. The choice is yours," he said. She opened her mouth to refuse, but he held up his hand, silencing her. "Think it over. You have 3 days," he said. And so, Mariesthrill was left alone. Alone, to think about this final decision....Would she stand true to her people and friends? Or give it all up for her own life.....?

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She spent the next few days pondering Lothirtan's offer. As she did, she remembered all her friends. All of her family and everyone she ever cared for. She knew she couldn't let them down. Especially not....her. As Lothirtan approached her upon the day of the her decision, he was smiling. He had figured she would gladly forfeit the lives of her friends for her own. He was gravely mistaken....
"So, you have decided to die for what you are fighting for? So be it! Die with the rest of them if you want to! It is your choice. Your own. Not mine. You have brought this upon yourself!" he yelled as he opened her cell. As he did, Mariesthrill heard a soft pitter-patter not far off. However, because Lothirtan was also an Elf, he heard it, too. The Company of Companions sprang forth, ready to fight to the death. Mariesthrill raced passed Lothirtan and joined her friends. Aidan threw Mariesthrill her sword and bow. She drew her own and the rest of the group followed. "Sorry we're late, Sister. Are we in time to save the day?" she asked. Mariesthrill laughed slightly. "Of course. Always glad for the help," she said. "Well, enough chit-chat. We've got a big problem on our hands, and it's about to attack," Um-Ger said from behind. Mariesthrill smiled to herself at the sound of Um-Ger's voice. She nodded quickly. Lothirtan was ready for battle. Sword in one hand and his other hand free. He drew energy towards his hand and shot it at the group. They all gaped in silent horror. Oh, no! I forgot he had powers. What do we do now? Mariesthrill thought....Indeed, what could the Company of Companions do now????
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Seems the story has ended, but I'll try and keep it up. Big Smile Smilie

Narin Graniteanvil raised her short sword, watching as the might of Lothirtan came upon they pitiful party. How could they possibly win this?
Mariesthrill struck first, lashing with all her anger and hate towards Lothirtan, she cut deep into his side. The others soon followed, all attacking at once. But it seemed as if every blow upon him was weak, he laughed nefariously.
Raising his hands into the air, he began to mumble "Yala rauko".
Suddenly Mariesthrill yelled, "Run! He's summoning a daemon!"

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Mariesthrill, the Spirit of the Grey Flame flew back, her sword ready for whatever he conjured. "I can take it! I know what he's got up his sleeve, he can't surprise me!" she yelled. Lothirtan laughed. "I've got a few new surprises, my dear Mariesthrill. You should rethink my offer if you want to save your friends!" he called. Mariesthrill narrowed her eyes. "Never! You'll kill them anyway! You can't fool me, Lothirtan!" she growled. Lothirtan shrugged. "Have it your way! Prepare to face the greatest evil you've ever seen!" he closed his eyes and continued to chant. Marieshtrill raised her sword and lunged at him. She struck at him, her blow landing in his chest. Lothirtan stepped back, unable to finish his spell. He looked down at the weapon that protruded from his chest. He looked up at Mariesthrill and grinned evilly. He took the sword from his chest, throwing her to the ground and threw it down upon her, catching her in the left shoulder. "Now you shall bare witness to the destruction of your pitiful life!" he bellowed. Mariesthrill could not move...What was she to do now??? again....OH well....