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ooc: Roheryn-Rerise, I didn't mean it was bad. I just meant not to doubt that it wouldn't work, becuase anything works around here.

ic: Dearandir stood motionless, listening. Please, don't let it be them...don't let it be them, he whispered to himself.
ooc: that works! people can make a RPG out of a tomato around here!

Daerandir sat in the shadows, also. His sword sat in its sheath, momentarily, as did his daggers. If he had been known, he would have been accounted one of the greatest swordsmiths among men. But he was not known, and had no desire to be.

His hooded cloak shielded his face from unfriendly eyes, and only the candle's reflection in his eyes could be seen of his face.

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The Innkeep, a short chubby fellow, stood behind the bar drying ale mugs with a grubby looking peice of rag.
His eyes darted restlessly from patron to patron, settled on the Elf a while then began their nervous dance across the room again, taking in the weapons, or, not so much the weapons as the condition of them, well cleaned and sharpened, these were no brigands or outlaws, he was sure of it.
And then there was the Elf, he had assured the innkeep that all damages would be paid for, had even given him a coin,as a deposit the elf had said, and blow me down if it wasn't good yellow gold too the innkeep thought, a good chomp with his stumpy teeth had proved that.
And now the waiting......all hell was about to break loose, and the innkeep intended to get the hell out of the way when it happened.........
A tomato, Beleg? was it that bad?

Hadmir observed the scene somewhat disgustedly. The thick smell of tobacco and human sweat spiralled emptily up to the wooden rafters of the Silversword. Such scents there never were in the purities of dark Mirkwood.

Tension was amongst the Rangers, and Hadmir could sense it. He fingered his shining bow, wondering why he had agreed to help the Men in their struggle. And the Innkeep kept peering at him, somewhat suspiscious. Hadmir watched him with his rag, slowly dirtying what was clean cutlery, engaged in the doings of himself and the leader of these men, Daerandir.

Earlier, Hadmir had told the innkeep any damage was on him, but it seemed to make the innkeep more nervous. The ale tap dripped, tediously. drip- drip- drip.

Then, the floor began to shake. Hadmir did the same. Why did he let himself in for these things? They had come. he was sure of it. Taking Daerandir's lead, he rose. The ten score men also squeezed into the tiny tavern did the same, and rose as one.

Pictures flitted across Hadmir's mind, a reincarnation of Hell formed. But it was too late. He saw the Innkeep duck below the counter, and all swords, even Daerandir's mighty weapon were raised. He laid a hand to his bow, and fitted an arrow to the string. For good or for bad, it was too late to back out now...

I can't write for a bit, 'cos I'm not here for five days, so er... wait for me!!! I want to help write this battle or thing, or whatever it is outside the door!!!! Big Smile Smilie Please?...
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He was woken by a riot at the inn.....
"Samething every week when will these idoits learn..."
He stood and began to dress himself...his body was covered in scars from battles long forgotten...his bones ached but this is what he did and he was the best at it...keepin' the law.
He went to the armoury and armoured up he grabbed his broad sword and his hand cannon...."Might as well try this contraption out."
He left the small room and went out into the night. The rain beat upon his face and wind chilled him to the bones..."No other feelin' like this"
As he approached the inn a body came crashin' through the window and lay at his feet...the stranger drew his sword and blindly waved it in the air...
"You only get one chance" he said griitin' his teeth as he pointed the hand cannon " and you wasted it" a thunderous bang erupted and the body fell to the ground.."well it ta sort out this crowd."

He walked up to the inn door and kicked it in all he saw was a heaving sea of bodys intertwined.
"That is enough" he bellowed...a elf came running at him but didn't make it. He then saw Dearandir..."always them godd*mn rangers well not tonight." and he walked through the crowd slashing at anything that looked sideways at him and there was quite a few who didn't live to see the end of that night.
Dearandir glanced over and saw a stranger fighting with anyone and everyone. What the h*ll? What does he think he's doing?

He got Dearandir staring at him....."Is this yer idea of a joke or sumthin'" he grabbed his sword and went straight for Dearandir a ranger lunged at him but he got a quick elbow in what was left of his face....
"Now you Dearandir yer comin' with me and so is the rest of these yahoos if they dont stop this. Now I'm givin' you a stop this or I stop this...if its yer way way there be less bodies and crying wives to worry about...yer choice 2 minutes or the the bodies start droppin'"
The bar tendress walks up aside the fewding two, and screams"No, I'm ending this!" she roles up her sleaves to show off her massive forearms, Then tosses them out the window, and into the pub next door, The Rotten Veggie
He picks himself up and dust of his gear......"Someone forgot who the law is in this place and I aint impressed."
As he moves to the he feels a hand on his leg...."I'll be back for you in a minute"

In corner, not far away, stood a long mysterious person. The dark shadows kept her identity safe’ for now. She knew that this wasn’t a good idea, she did not belong in this quarter and she took many risks to make it here. If there were enough light somebody might have seen a little smile upon her face when she watched the spectacle.
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You can but it seems the majority of players have disappeared so you may find nothing happens.
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