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*Elizabeth lied down on the bed (look up profile for description) thinking about things that were, things that was and things that will be, time had a tale to tell and a quest to start, all Elizabeth could think about was being apart of a quest travelling around middle earth, her parents would normally forbid her to go on a quest but fate had other plans, Elizabeth was summoned to travel to rivendell though she does not know what lies ahead of her but she feels that her life was about to change when she got to rivendell*
*Elizabeth rode to Rivendell, she lived close to rivendell and they class her as a resident of rivendell as she goes there alot to see Arwen. She was also very close to Elrond, she looked up to him as a fatherly figure, but he always told her that her life will change in bad ways and good ways. She rode to the stables putting her horse away and walked to the main hall waiting for Elrond*
(Is this going to be right before the council of Elrond??? If not, we can always make this character work in whatever time period we choose)

Elladan stood in the shadows one of the cliffs cast beneath the waterfall. He loved this was his secret place, just as Elrohir, his identical twin brother, and Arwen, their sister, had their own private places to go and think.
It was said that the twin brothers were replicas of their father but a hint of their beautiful mother, Celebrian, daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn, crept in across their high cheekbones and straight slender noses. Their slender, veined hands were also reminiscent of hers.
Elladan's jaw tightened at the thought of his mother. Elrond had called her his Morning Star - for she was more beautiful even than Galadriel - and Arwen his Evening and Celebrian had held most of his heart. But then the orcs had waylaid her on her way back from Lorien and only by some miracle from the Valar had Arwen not been seen. As soon as they had found out, the twins and their father rode to the site, where they found a distraught and hungry Arwen. Elrond had taken her back to Rivendell while Elladan and Elrohir had ridden on. They soon found Celebrian in a labrynth of caves. The orcs were slaughtered and Celebrian was rushed back to Rivendell but it was already too late. She had been poisened and the light of the Valar was leaving her now frail body. Elrond tried everyhting within his powers, to no avail.
Finally, before all the light left her, they took her to the Gray Havens, where she was sent Over Sea. Elrond had changed slightly, putting all of his love into his daughter, who spent greater amounts of time with Galadriel. The twins had never fully recovered.
Elladan heard the whinny of a horse and looked down to see a white horse charge into Rivendell's outer courts. The beautiful elf sliding from its back seemed familiar, though he didn't know where he would have seen her.
She turned and glanced across the hills and suddenly he knew. This was Elizabeth! Elladan quickly made his way back down to the house as she made her way to where Elrond was waiting.

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Elladan was almost to the stables when a flying bundle hit him in the head. Grabbing the offended member, he glanced around but saw nothing...wait, was that a giggle? Reaching into a bush, he grabbed a handful of cloth and pulled. Out came a being half his size, curls blooming on the head, and an apple cocked back, ready to fly.
"Wait!" the elf said, laying hold of the apple. "Just who are you and why are you throwing things at me?"
The hobbit now looked sheepish and glanced about nervously. "Sorry...I thought you were someone else..."
Elladan raised his eyebrows.
"Say - have you seen Merry? He was supposed to meet me an hour ago."
"Wait - you are one of the hobbits that came in with Aragorn...Pippin?"
Pippin grinned and nodded. Elladan gently placed him on his feet. "Don't throw any more apples," he admonished then set out again. He turned when hurried footsteps came from behind.
"Pippin, please. I need to see Elrond, my father. fruit or something." A few more steps and again he turned, telling the hobbit to leave. This happened quite a few times before Elladan gave up and continued. Either he would lose the hobbit in his long strides or Elrond would make him leave.

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Pippin rattled as they waited outside Elrond's receiving chamber. Elladan tried to curb his rising anger, the one thing that seperated he and Elrohir. His twin could be ready to tear an orc's head off but to look at him, one would never know. Elladan, on the other hand, displayed his temper readily, as he did now.
"Stop!" he shouted to the cheerful hobbit. Pippin, wide-eyed, stared at him. "Just...look, I'll tell you where Merry is if you leave me be." There were too many concerns plagueing him to make room for the nonsense of a hobbit, who now nodded eagerly.
It is said that elves have a sense beyond the reckoning of mortals, a light from Valinor itself that cannot be quenched, save by death. This light was no less bright in the sons of Elrond.
A quiver awoke in Elladan's mind as he bent his thoughts to the task, guiding him through the pathways of mysteries and darkness, finally landing upon a familiar sense every bit as attuned as his. It was waiting for him, greeting and beckoning him. He looked at Pippin with sudden clarity.
"You will find a tall elf in the kitchens. Fair of face, strengthened hands, golden-haired, in the raiment of Mirkwood..." he trailed off, seeing Pippin's confused face. "Raiment of green and brown," he amended. "He is waiting for you to arrive to escort you to your friend." Pippin jumped up gleefully, thoughts of Elladan already thrown to the wind.
Elladan sighed and leaned his head back against the wall just as the door to his father's chamber opened and Elizabeth stood before him.

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*Elizabeth looked at Elladan and smiled "Your father wished too see me" she says. They stood and waited. Elizabeth looked up at him, he reminded her of her uncle before he died at the great battle long ago. She sat down and started sharping her sword she looked up at Elladan and asked if he would like to sit down. She pulled out her bow and pulled the string back she saw it was tight enough. She felt wierd that she was the only female elf here that seems to be a warrior and is the most trusted to Elrond. *
Elladan continued to sneak glances at the beautiful elf, though he wouldn't dare admit her beauty. Last time he had opened his mouth, a black right eye was sported for two weeks. True, that was two hundred years ago but he never forgot pain and that was two hundred more years of practice for that left arm of hers.
He finally decided on conversation. Opening his mouth, he quickly closed it, deciding that was a stupid topic. Another thought came to him and again his lips parted only to close again. Finally, it came to him and for the last time, he opened his mouth.
"Are you a fish?" she asked, looking at him with all too keen an eye. This time his mouth stayed open for a moment before he realized it.
"Uhh,, I...that's a nice sword." This was ridiculous! Here was Elrond's son, never at a loss for words and he couldn't even finish a sentence without stumbling! She shrugged and went back to her bow while he kicked himself. An idea came to him and he reopened his mind to the thought patterns swirling around him and found the sparkling one he remembered so well. Reaching for it, he sensed discomfort then, abruptly, anger. He came back to himself just as Elizabeth touched the tip of a hidden dagger to his throat.
"Do not do that again or I swear by all the Valar I will kill you." Her eyes snapped in that dangerously familiar way. Strange - that sentence seemed familiar, too, as if she had used it the last time he tried to touch her mind...

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*Elizabeth sat back down putting the dagger back into her arrow bag she had a few daggers and hid them well she was well prepared for battle. She looked at Elladan "why are you so interested in my thoughts?" She asked pulling out another dagger from her back and sharpening it. She didn't hate secretly she liked him but didn't want to show it. Though she did ask him if he wished to see her she looked at him again "and why didn't you come and visit me like you promised" she asked
Elladan fumbled for an answer. How to explain that he was too infatuated with her to afford a visit? Finally, he looked her directly in the eye. "Elrohir and I have been terribly busy. You know about the oath we swore after our mother was killed by orcs." He said the word "orcs" as if it were a curse. To him, it was.
Elizabeth nodded but didn't seem to accept that answer. She pulled out another dagger. How many weapons did this elf have?! He felt a tendril of thought touch his mind but couldn't quite grasp it. It had felt like the elf beside him, but her mental touch had never been that light! He didn't have time to wonder further because just then, Elrond came to the door and beckoned Elladan inside, where he could see Elrohir and Arwen waiting. He stood and looked to Elizabeth, but she seemed to have already forgotten him. He followed his father, not knowing what to make of the disappointment slanting his shoulders.

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Elladan stared moodily out the window, refusing to answer Arwen's question. Down below, in one of the gardens, a dwarf...what was his name? Elladan remembered him from - oh, yes. Gloin's son, Gimli. Gimli was dangling a plump hobbit above...well, above the grass. The dwarf wasn't that much taller than the hobbit.
"It's a simple request, Elladan," Arwen prompted.
He met her bright eyes with his stormy ones. "But to escort her all the way...Is Elrohir coming?" His twin nodded. "And we will be able to go back to the orcs as soon as we deposit her?" This was directed at Elrond.
"I would use a more delicate term than deposit but yes."
Elladan turned his eyes from his father's. Elrond had a peculiar way of seeing every thought that passed through his children's minds and Elladan guessed that he had already used the ability to see his...affection for Elizabeth. "Have a horse ready for me. I'll be back shortly with her." He stomped out of the room - well, stomp was too strong a word. Elves were too quiet to really stomp around. Now to find Elizabeth (who had disappeared from her spot outside the door) and let the fiery elf know that he was to "escort" her back to her home.
More like drag her back he thought miserably.
Elizabeth looked at Elladan and then stormed off. "He told me I was to be going, what changed his mind?" She yelled "well I am off to Lothlorien to talk to Haldir, as close as we have ever been he will let me go with Aragorn like Aragorn promised" Tears were rolling down her cheek. All her life she wanted to fight along Aragorn's side and now her hopes were dimmed.
Elizabeth growled as she bumped into the two hobbits "watch where your going" she snapped but then looked at them, she smiled "sorry. just a bad trot." The hobbits looked at her in Awe "are you the one that is after us?" one of them asked. Elizabeth shook her head "nay, i am on way home to pack my stuff and to help Aragorn with his quest whatever it is to be" she explained. The hobbits nodded and wandered off. Elizabeth rode back to her place backed her weapons then rode back and waited for Aragorn outside the gate of rivendell. She knew it would be awhile but she is going whether Elrond liked it or not.
Elladan sighed heavily as he watched Elizabeth walk away. This was not going to be fun. How was he supposed to force her back to her own country? He shadowed her back to her room and slipped inside when she left.
"There has to be something here that's important to her." He hated bribes but it had been Elrohir's suggestion. Finally, underneath a heavy bag, he found her father's sword. Grasping it, he turned and ran into someone, knocking them to the ground. Emotions exploded in his brain and he winced. Elizabeth lay sprawled on the floor, glaring at him. He smiled sheepishly then held out a hand.
Refusing it, she leapt to her feet, shouting. "What are you doing in my room with my sword?!" She made a grab for it but, being the taller of the two, he held it out of reach.
"Taking it to be cleaned!" he shouted back.
Her eyes flared. "Oh really?! What are you really up to?" She balled a fist and swung it, but this time, he was expecting it and ducked, taking hold of her arm to keep further punches from him. She twisted away. After several more minutes of ducking and punching, Elladan grabbed her shoulders in a tight grip, keeping her from any further movement.
"What's the real reason?" she demanded, trying to free herself.
He hesitated then released her. "Elrond told me to keep you from going with Aragorn."
Elizabeth glared at Elladan "Hand me that sword or I'll cut your throat. My father's sword is not to be handled by anyone but me understand" she snapped. There was pain in her eyes. Aragorn stood behind Elladan "Give her the sword, and she will be coming with me, Elrond knows he can not stop her from coming and if you deny the one you love the chance to fight then you truly do not care" he said. He looked at Elizabeth and nodded "But don't be angry with Elrond or Elladan, they fear of your safety, and Elrond fears that you may not be ready. But Galadriel has ordered me to disobey the orders of Elrond and let you come along, she feels you have a part to play in this quest even if it may lead to a worser fate than the one if you stay here. Galadriel would rather you go with bravery than go mad." Aragorn walked off, he was scared because Elizabeth was the closet thing to a daughter for him and he knew well that Elladan loved her and he knew she loved him as well and it was her chance to shine and live the dream she had always wanted. And he would be proud to have Elizabeth fighting by his side.
Not knowing how to respond to Aragorn's speech and feeling Elizabeth staring daggers into his back, Elladan left also, making his way to his private spot so that he could think w/o anyone else's thoughts intruding on his.
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Elizabeth found Elladan by the river and sat down next to him "I am sorry" she said. She put a hand on his shoulder. She looked in the water and saw her father's face in the water looking up at her with a smile. She squeezed Elladan's shoulder and a tear strolled down her cheek. Her parents were dead, the people she lived with were just like foster parents but they didn't do much at all to raise her. Arwen was the closet thing to a sister to her yet she still feels that there is a hole there in her heart.
Elladan felt her grief and put his arm around her shoulders, knowing that, for once, she would accept this. "You know I have to look after you. It's your fault, for forcing Elrohir, Arwen, and I to make that pledge so many years ago."

She smiled sadly. "And yet we did not keep it as we should have."

Elladan nodded, thinking back to so many lost years, when his mother died and he and Elrohir swore lifetime vengeance on the orcs, leaving his sister and friend behind, when both needed him so much. That was when Elizabeth's parents had died and he ahdn't stopped long enough to look beyond his own grief.
Elizabeth brushed a finger down Elladan's cheek looking into his eyes. "Don't blame yourself for the death of my parents" she said gently. She shifted a little closer to him and smiled as she looked back into his eyes seeing the man she loved. "Life has many obstacles that we all must face and now that war is brewing this is our biggest challenge yet, we may lose the loved ones along the way but we'll also gain new friendships and hope." She said and held his hand "and love will come to us unexpectedly."
Elladan couldn't help himself. He leaned down and kissed her, expecting sharp reprimand but felt her respond instead. Suddenly, a low chuckle issued from the brush beside them and Elladan jumped up. It faded away at his emotional warning. "I'll kill you Elrohir!" When he turned back, Elizabeth was gone. His shoulders slouched. Yes, he felt as if he could kill his twin at this moment.
Elizabeth snuck into Elladan's room and sat on his bed. She knew that one thing Elrond didn't like was Elizabeth in Elladan's room. She waited for Elladan. She was trying to figure out why Elrond was against Elizabeth and Elladan being together.
"Where are we Merry?" Pippin looked worriedly around, "I ..I don't know!" Then from behind them they heard the door opening slowly. "Hurry Pip under the bed over there!" Merry whispered. The two hobbits ran and slid under the bed, just as Elizabeth entered the room.