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Hey everyone!! Okay, this is my own version of roleplaying - tell me what you think or go ahead and join on! The way you play this one is more challenging, from my view. Animated Wink Smilie

1. Your post has to be a direct lead off the last post
2. Your post can only be 5 lines or sentences long (not including outside comments on the thread)
3. You must end with a hanging line for somone to pick up (whether that be you later on or someone else)
4. All characters and their actions must fit together at least somewhat (like no making a character a drunk if he or she is against it above)

Pretty self-explanatory. This is just random fantasy, not based off of any Tolkien characters, though it can become that. Ready?? I'll begin it....

The woods...why did the woods frighten her? Emnia had no clue and was not about to halt her horse's frantic galloping for curiosity's sake. She had a mission to fulfill - nothing would stop that. Nothing that is, except for the hiendish thing leaping into her path. Emnia pulled on the reins and the horse wildly......

There it is - who's next?? Very Big Grin Smilie

~ Nilgaerien ~ Pixie Smilie
One more thing - let's forget the five lines...that's putting too much on everyone (myself included Angel Smilie ) so how about eight sentences? Gives some more playing room.

~ Nilgaerien ~ Pixie Smilie
...fell face-first onto the unyielding ground. The thing was still behind her, slavering in its wild dash to enclose her into its jaws. She would have to make a stand, but not here...not near the woods. She dashed after her runaway horse but it's quivering flesh was already growing farther distant. Suddenly she remembered! She turned just as...

~ Nilgaerien ~ Pixie Smilie arrow flew past his head. "Come!"
She had no choice as he pulled her closer to the trees. Fear clutched at her throat, paralyzing her legs and voice.
"...then I had a brush with those foul humans on the east bank..." the elf said, recounting the adventures that led him to rescuing her.
The fear was too much - she screeched and pulled away from him.
"Emnia! Stop: we need to get away!"
But her terror was too great and it was getting stronger as another arrow...

~ Shieldmaiden ~ Pixie Smilie
...the fear that had paralyzed her waking dreams. A troll the width of the nearby river was trundling out, followed by hundreds of screeching Mandai, the woodland creatures that had cursed her from birth as the Ill-bearer.
She remembered! The dreadful amnesia to have followed her for two years was gone! But she had to lay aside this new wonder, for the Mandai and their slave were drawing closer...

~ Nilgaerien~ Pixie Smilie
The vile Mandia swarmed the forest seraching for Emnia when suddenley.....
"Vile creatures of doom. You dare enter my lands; it shall be a short lived mistake."
Thunder shook the heavens and from the shadows a great figure emerged. A blinding light surrounded him and a mighty axe lay at his side.
"You shall dwell no longer in this land beasts" and lighting struck the axe as it swung at the Mandia and there they lay and never did they move. The figure walked towards Emnia..."what is your business in my land? speak now or face my wrath.
Emnia looked upon the face of her would be saviour..." I am Emnia and I...........
(Thank you for joining in, Dauros! It was beginning to bore me with just two of us here.)

"...come with ill news. I am to seek the Lord of this wood. Do you know where - " she gulped, for his eyes had lit with fire. "Uh, where I shall find him?" The elf beside her made no move and her rescuer barely glanced at him.
"Well you our lucky little one.I am know of the Lord of the wood...I am a close friend of his and if you wish it I shall guide you to his court.."
"I would wish it glady" replied Emnia. And so Emnia was led into the forest by the stranger.
"So tell me little one what would bring one such as you here....and those Mandia as well. it has been long since any such creatures entered here. Since I chased the shadow from these woods."
"I cannot say good sir..these words our for the King only."
"I understand." smiled the giant of a man. "Then tell me of yourself I must know who I bring into the Lords home?"
"Alright I am Emnia and.....
...I need to ask for his wise advice on something...It is really quite urgent..."
WIthout a word, he quickened his pace. Soon, they began to draw near to huge "house" set in a ring of trees. As Emnia looked around, she ran smack into a young copper-headed elf.
"Excuse you! And just where do you think you're headed with her?
Emina's rescuer began, "To your father, miss, and hold your toungue, really that is no way to treat a visitor. Don't you think it's time....
"... to let down your gard, can’t you forget the past?"
She looked at him without breathing, his words had strucked her like a slap in the face. She opened her mouth to reply, closed it and then she turned her back on him and walked away muttering. Emnia stood still, the tension in the air was thick. Her rescuer looked at Emnia and said: