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I'd like to make a confession... I am compleatly insain:however, I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minout of it. If anyone else (plastic squirel, Halo_Black) has a confession, I would be glad so see that i'm not the only one.
Well, I'm not black halo or plastic squirrel, but I will gladly confess: I revel in being the most insane weirdo you'll want to meet. And I don't regret a nanosecond of it!!! I LOVE being physco!!!!!!!!!! Cyclops Smilie My duty in life is to infect people, as long as none turn out to be as weird as me. Very Big Grin Smilie

Nilgaerien Pixie Smilie
I actually have a quota. I have to scare( or scar, whichever comes first) a sertain number of people, or my day has been compleatly waisted. I have actually made grown men( besides my daddy) cry in the middle of a public place, and this is a guy who knew me when I was still in dypers."You're like a compleatly different person EVERY DAY! I don't even want to know what your friends have to do to keep themselves SANE around you!" Clay can get a little emotional at times, and I had cought him on a bad day. Wiggle Smilie
Wow -you too?! People have learned to take me in stride. They just accept it or use me as entertainment or join me. Say, you're American, right?? Must be our mixed blood... Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie Anyway, why is no one joining us?! C'mon, we know you're out there!!!! Admit your weirdness and join the club!!! Halo-Black?? Plastic Squirrel, Erbalwen?? You're killing us here. The weirdos desperately need attention before they lose all pretense of having functional brains.
Loni wrote me a message, and sent it via methril wasting messanger. MADD MADD HEIDI! Where are, you? I can smell abnormalty in the wind, and I know it's not mine! It smells like freedos and hard boild egges, accompanied by fresh cut spring flowers spewed across a babbling brook, with a hint of lemon. (sniff)Nilgaerien smells like Herbal Essence shampoo and some sort of...(sniff, sniff) Peaches and creme body lotion. Yummy!
Yes, All American girl, a golden Callifornian with plenty of pride in my stride. Hey it rhymes! Tee-hee! Where is eveybody? I know were not the only unstable ones in the midst....
I'm here, I'm here I'm HERE!!!! I'm MAdd! MADD! MADD! MADD! MADD! MADD! Very Mad Smilie Very Mad Smilie And I'm with you! Yes, I am! I enjoy insanity as well! Do you know what I did at school today? I saw my friend coming along, so i decided to scare her, because she's not insane. I went up to a random person near her, and said "Excuse me. I love England." and she looked at me weird and ran off. I cackled an evil cackle and went back to my black cat.
Ooooo...and another one.....okay, Crystle, besides Loni and Erbalwen, do you have the queerest feeling that everyone is just letting us on??? Letting us beleive we're taking over for their personal amusement??? Very Big Grin Smilie
Nice - a California girl. You have a red-blooded, no-sweatin' Coloradan here with an air to match her flare (another rhyme and another?? Animated Wink Smilie ), though Erbalwen will disagree, you watch. Big Smile Smilie Wow - you got the Herbal Essence right and even fruit, but I'm more an apple and kiwi girl than peaches...though I loooooove peaches and cream oatmeal.
I do have a real confession... I don't know how much of what i told the person i thought I loved is true, right now I find myself in a dark dark corner... I've fallen as low as ever... i can't get up, and I don't know if I really love him. But since this is a happy and funny topic... I think I am not insane, but i think I suffer of multiple personality disorder.... I think I'm an elf... but for some reason.. people around me think I am not....

Maybe they just don't notice how elflike you are.
Who stared this wacko thread anywhay?! What ludicrace American could have dremped this? Oh yeah, that was me.... Oh well! Gabby isn't afraid of cows anymore, so I'm working on opposums. I love the spelling. It's so out there! If that doesn't work, I've still got emus, badgers, peacocks, aneminys and a varitable menagery of aminals.( note: thats aminal, not animal!) Sorry bout your boy troubles, lady Arwen( and sory about my impulse, nothing personal!) but a lot of boi's out there aren't evactly good pet material, just animals.(note: animal, not aminal!)Wew! sorry I missed your smell. I must have gotten a whiff of your breath. I love to analyse people's smells from their aditude, and I'km pretty good at it, no I'm not stocking you. Big Laugh Smilie
Hey, no biggie. Hmmm...I'm not sure I could do your smells, but I could probably tell you your hair and eye color. It's weird, I know, but I can do it - right Erb? Oh man, Arwen, I'm sorry. I've got guy problems too so no worries in this corner of the woods. My friend has that...not Erb, but another friend, so I'm used to it at least!!!! Wiggle Smilie
Guys don't like me, and that's the extent of my boy problems.
Must be nice - I've got guys eyeing me everywhere I go. Arrggghh!!! American boys!!! Or at least the ones here in Colorado.
Colorodo? I thought you said Canada! Luck you. If a guy likes me one day, the next he's found something better. Sad Smilie I wonder if this will ever change?
How did psycos anonymous turn into a guy thread? I'm creating a new one for all this.
hey the way im AMINAL, not Animal...... Wink Smilie was that comment intended for me, or were you just talking about AMINALs in general.....anyway...this isn't a "whinge about men" thread, there's already one of them i got told off for usingSad Smilie , i dont even remember what this thread is about now, so im gonna stop typing...... Dunce Smilie
oh yeah, i remember now, it's psycho's...well im too drunk to be a psycho...... all the falling over and stumbling around makes it difficult to sneak up on ppl in the shower and stab them....they tend to hear me and then i get all wet and it ruins the effect... Very Big Grin Smilie
Still, if you can mannage to get into their bathroom, you can flush the toilet on them!
Oh my gosh - I leave for a few hours and the whole place turns upside down!!! Okay, CC, what did you do to Erb??? She doesn't normally act like this....
She says it's something about a job interview. Aminal said he cant be psyco and slash people in showers, because he's drunk, and I said he can still flush the toilet on them. I've been flushed before. It wasn't pleasant. It was steaming HOTT!!!
Ah, yes, I see. The interview I never heard another word on until now. Ow ow ow - I hate it when people flush the toilet on me!!!
I think The Insane Thread would be a better title here. Very Big Grin Smilie
hey crystal, when did you have a toilet flushed on you....was it like a high school thing with the upside down and the pulling the chain,, or was it a really really big toilet that you fell into and got flushed down the pipes, or were you really tiny like a mouse and got flushed down a normal sized toilet???

oh and i just read one of your posts, where you said ur birthday is april 3rd, well that's the same day as our cleaner (im in university not posh or anythin) and mine is april 10th.... how CRAZY is that? (you know crazy like strange coincidence, but also crazy like the insane thread) aren't i witty Rolling Eyes Smilie go on then .....laugh Boring Smilie
I wear black because I mourn my sanity. Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
I never mourn my sanity - I rejoice that it's gone. Animated Wink Smilie
Yep - you told me.
My sanity always held me down.
To earth or your own brain? Cause mine never did do justice to either.
Held me back. I never think in a straight line, and it's sort of fun to confuse people with my slightly tweeked lodgic. Like in math class, I can understand everything, but we have to show work. Ms Haven LOVES me! Big Smile Smilie
Oooo, nice. I do well on paper but my words come out weird.
I have to write everything out twice at school. One so I can understand it, and one for everybody elce.
Wow - tough luck for those who have to read it. Animated Wink Smilie
Which coppy?
Tired of this??? Man, you are phsycho.
In response to your journal entries, ladies.
We prefer to use the chatroom for chatting. That would probably be the reason you are not getting many people responding to your posts. Try posting something related to Tolkien or his books or even the movies and people are likely to get involved in your conversation. Read Smilie
Thanks for reminding us, Rednell. I have no problems with people responding right now - I really have no clue whether it's b/c people can't wait to see what I'm up to or they can't wait to see how many times I'm gonna slip up. Is this thread okay? I mean, it's just the crazy, phsycho thread after all.
Well, I'm not black halo or plastic squirrel, but I will gladly confess: I revel in being the most insane weirdo you'll want to meet.

*gasps* Got The Blues Smilie Shame on you Nil! I'm a hundred times more psychotic than that 'lil squirrel! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Forgive her, Halo! She is new to this world and have a lot to learn! Your avatar is brilliant btw, fits you perfectly! Well except for the non-uruk hai part but still. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Yes, wise master, this one has much to learn, and in the learning, she will teach the masters. Very Big Grin Smilie Animated Wink Smilie

Right guys, some news here. IF you've sent some messages to H.R.Boulter or something like that, and are wondering where the heck she is, I'm her, and I had two accounts, but the Council got wind of it, and deleted my H.R.Boulter account. ANd I feel stink because it had around about 74 posts!! Got The Blues Smilie
He he he some thing just happened to me only I asked because I didn't want to keep track of two accounts. So.........
But then all your posts disappeared as well, leaving a lot of dialogue looking like strange (very strange) monologues.. Very Mad Smilie
Hee hee yeah and its going to get even more strange cause Nil will be leaving and then her's will dissapear!!!!!
Oh no! I was hoping she only was making a temporary "vacation" from P-T, and was to suddenly return with a vengeance! Sad Smilie Can't her accont just stay open? If not, Ama will need to do a lot of cut-and-pasting in the story-thread..
Shocked Smilie Oh dear no!
But only council members can delete an account, so her posts will stay. Erbies account got deleted so all her post went byebye, but for Nil (and us) it will just be like she is offline.... I hope!!
Who is "Erbies"????? Did I miss something????
Lol LadyErb,I do believe that is your new nickname (its kinda cute,actually)..Elf Winking Smilie I am curious...Why did you change to Lady Erbalwen? Smile Smilie
Not too long ago by the looks of things....
Cause I'm a Lady (not really but what the hay!)
I bet you could be a lady if you wanted to.
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