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Acheron started this thread with the following post. The thread has been retitled which meant creating a new thread, copying over and deleting the original. I have not included the posts by Rednell or Acheron discussing the title etc. If anyone needs any amendments in the first few posts they will have to ask a Council Member to do it for them. Sorry for any inconvenience but the title was misleading. - Vee, Council Member

Acheron Posted Wednesday 4th August 2004 (09:45pm)

Before there was the asteroid belt, there was a planet made up of those asteroid.....uh......chunks(i guess). It was given the name Quarantine, and on Quarantine was a master magician by the name of Illiaster. Quarantine was much like Earth with fertile plains and oceans as vast as those that dominate our Earth. It was known for its wonderful economy and for a long time it was said to be an even more spectacular place than Earth. An Atlantis they said. But then the magician Illiaster created the relics. The relics were used to increase the properity of the planets (sound familar anyone? Like maybe RINGS? ) But Illiaster puposefully made these relics worthlesss and while everyone believed that they held some allmighty power the real power was actually contained in the relic of Quarantine. His own relic would dominate the other planets and they would all be under his command. But the lead magicians of each planet realized he was up to something, and they decided to wage a war on the planet of tear it apart if they had to.....Soon the master magicians of planets realized that they could not defeat Illiaster alone. They would need all the greatest warrior magicians of the planets to lead the allied troops of Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus (note: Pluto is allied with Qurantine. Earth and Mars are nuetral for an odd reason they don't seem to want to explain....hmm.....).
Characters needed:
Illiaster: the master magician of Quarantine and maker of the master relic, Mirzam.
Tinuviel: master magician of Earth; Earth is neutral because Tinuviel secretly married Illiaster allthough an alliance of this kind was forbidden. She talks occasionally to him through interplanetary communication devices but she hasn't seen him in the last 4 years.
Kazuki: master magician of Mars; Kazuki is the son of Tinuviel and Illiaster. No one knows this except for the previous ruler of Mars who was a good friend of Tinuviel's house. He took care of him and Kazuki was considered his son and the next master magician of Mars. The old ruler recently died and Kazuki is the new master magician of Mars.
Anesthesia: master magician of Venus; Anesthesia also loved Illiaster but he did not return her affection due to her vain and cruel nature. As payback to Illiaster and Tinuviel, Anesthesia has sent the deadliest forces in her army to attack Earth and Quarantine.
Master magician of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto( people who choose these any of these chracters have a free reign as to what they look like, act like, gender, name and so on)
We need some warrior magicians as well and once again you have free reign over these characters. You could also choose to be a peasant, soldier,general, etc. in any of the planets' troops.

Celebistar Posted Wednesday 4th August 2004 (09:25pm)

Illiaster sat quietly and looked through his telescope. Through it, he could see every planet and a significant amount of stars. Quarantine had the good luck of being the only planet smack dab in the middle of the rest. It gave him a good view of the galaxy, something that would help him in his conquest of the rest of the petty planets who (he hoped) still believed that in the making of his relics, they had finally achieved galactic peace. Something seemed amiss though; the sulfur atmosphere of Venus seemed to puff out furiously, a sign that it's leader, Anesthesia, was in a towering temper, and Jupiter's tornado whirled larger and larger as though in a frenzy. Maybe they have caught on to me, he thought,maybe they have realized that their relics were fakes, and that the only real power rested in mine, Mirzam. While he had been thinking, Illiaster had absentmindedly swiveled the telescope over to Earth. He had looked at the swirling green,white and blue of that planet for many a year, gazing at its beauty and hoping that the magician of that planet, Tinuviel, was watching him as well. Those were foolish thoughts though, seeing as he hadn't had contact with her for four years. Illiaster sighed and walked over to the door that lead to the secret chamber which housed his relic. Checking and double-checking that his relic was safe had almost become a pastime of his, an obsession, if you will. Now, staring into its chrystalline blue depths, he thought about Tinuviel's eyes, the same deep blue as that of the planet she ruled...
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Arwen evenstar Posted Saturday 14th August 2004 (05:42am)

Meanwhile, on Uranus, Master Magician Meraena was seeing to the training of the newest recruits to her army. Her flaming copper hair fell down her hair in a thick braid. Her blue-gray cloak swirled around her worn leather boots. Her gold-flecked green eyes glinted as she examined the young men who were swearing and toiling around her. They still needed a lot more work, but they had improved much since their arrival.She ran her hand down the worn wood of her quarterstaff.

Hey, Acheron, this is an awesome RPG! I like how you thought out the plot and what characters were neeeded.
Great idea Acheron ! I can't write anything until this evening but I'd like to nab Anesthesia as my character. Big Smile Smilie
Anesthesia was indeed in a towering temper, though not for the reasons Illiaster feared.

"What do you mean the newest troops are not ready?!" The scream echoed throughout the vast hall and the Master of Arms trembled like a leaf on the wind.

"I...I mean just that, m-m-m...m'lady. They c-cannot possibly be expected to f-fight in their current...current c-condition."

"So you are now doubting my judgement of them?" Her violet eyes snapped fire and her husky voice was lower than usual, deceptively calm.

The Master of Arms recognized this as a very dangerous sign and tried one hesitant step back. "No! N-no, of course n-not, m'lady, b-but - "

"Stuttering, incompetent fool!" Anesthesia screamed, losing her famed temper once again. Purple, lightening-like magic was coursing from her hands into the stumbling man before she had time to collect her thoughts. By then, it was too late and a smoking, lifeless heap lay at the foot of the raised dias she stood on. She stomped one foot and threw her body into the massive throne she pampered herself with. Slender hands gripped the arms of the throne, her long, glittering nails threatening to scratch the ebony surface. She stared at the corpse below in anger. It wasn't that she regretted killing the man - it was the fact that now she would have to put in so much work to find another Master of Arms that possessed even half of the skill this one had.

With a sigh for the headaches of life, she slouched back against the tall seat, thinking of the troops the former Master had brought to her attention. She knew they were not ready but it was her mind to decide that, not an underling. He was to act with total obedience, never once questioning her intentions. Ah, it was probably good she rid herself of him. He had been getitng on her nerves lately, anyway.

Her thoughts drifted to what those troops were for. The smooth skin of her face wrinkled as she frowned and she could feel hot anger building inside again. She stood and turned to the window behind her throne. The poisonous clouds that normally rolled in and out of themselves were writhing and swirling in response to her mood but beyond those was the cold blackness of space and in that space was Quarantine and its master, Illiaster. Her mouth curved into a pout. "If only you had accepted me, Illiaster. You should not have dared the might of Venus and her magician." The pout turned into an evil smile. "Now you will feel the consequences." Above, lightening etched its way through the clouds.

Are the magicians also rulers of their planets? Thought that would be really cool.
Yeah Nilgaerien the Master Magicians are the rulers of the planets. And I'd like to compliment you on your depiction of Anesthesia! Its so realistic! Big Smile Smilie
Thanks, Acheron! Sometimes assigned characters are hard to force to life but I think Anesthesia will be one the few who will come life on her own! Big Smile Smilie
Kazuki had lived on Mars for as long as he could remember. As he looked up into the bloody sky, he could only think of this red, desert planet as his home. The distant orange mountains, the gigantic sandstone valleys, the floating landing docks that cruised the thick atmosphere; all of it was his now. His 'father,' the Master Magician Katsuhito, had died a couple of months before this accursed war and now it was on his Kazuki's hands. Not that he blamed his 'father' though. After all how could you stop yourself from dieing? It was the last thing that Katsuhito told him that was really bothering him......He Kazuki of Mars was actually from Earth. To top that all off he was the son of the Master Magician of Earth and the son of the stupid Magician who made the relic and started this war. Kazuki sat down on the railing of the balconey that spun the whole way up the Royal Tower. His black and red hair rustled in the humid breeze Supposedly the reason he had those fire streaks in his hair was because just a year after he was sent to live on Mars with Katsuhito, the heat of the planet had changed some of the lighter parts of his black hair(what was lighter than black? grey? He wasn't that old) to a fire red. That was rubbish of course. Katsuhito always told him that the real reason he had bits of red in his hair was because he was a true son of Mars. He was meant to be the its Master Magician. Kazuki sighed. If only he had the old man's wisdom now. Half of his people wanted him to declare war on Qurantine and save themselves from the wrath of the other planets. But none of them could he declare war on his own father? As much as he didn't really approve of the way his real father did things, he didn't hate him either. He put his thin angular face into his spidery, pale hands.
"Sir?" a younger Royal tower guard walked over to him. He looked to be about 16, possibly 18. Kazuki turned to face him.
"Are you allright?" the guard inquired. Kazuki liked the younger guards, seeing as he was only 20 himself. They didn't mind joking around with him and treated him like any other 18 or 20 year old. And they had no trouble expressing their opinions with him. They wouln't beat around the bush if they thought something needed to be fixed. In some ways he valued their opinions more than the Council members and senators that he often had to reason with.
"Yeah. I'm allright." Kazuki hopped down from the rail with the grace of a cat. "What's your name? You don't look too familiar." Kazuki made it a point to know most of his guards and soldier's names.
"Ruecian, sir," the guard replied. Kazuki smiled. He looked like a headstrong fellow but that was how he likedhis guards. If they could't figureout things without being told a thousand times they weren't worth his trouble.
"The Council members are ready to start the meeting sir. They told me to come get you."
"Now that would make sense. They can't seem to do anything themselves can they?" Ruecian smiled at the joke. "How about escoting me there?" Kazuki asked. "You can tell me a bit about yourself on the way."
Ruecian nodded and the two made their way to the top of the Royal Tower where the meeting was being held.

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Meanwhile, on the first planet from the sun, the armies of Mercury were rising. Everybody on the small planet of Mercury lived a very isolated life. The city of Lorkei was the only gathering places of Mercucians, but even in Lorkei, it was rare to see many roaming the streets. One Mercucian in particular, named Luthank, had never been to Lorkei, nor ever even seen another Mercucian. One would think he would have seen his parents, but all Mercucians spend their first couple of years with their eyes closed, slowly adjusting to the brightness of the sun, and by the time his eyes were open, he had already abandoned his family. Luthank reached about nine feet tall, a bit taller than most Mercucians, and had the darkest black as a coat that the sun had burnt upon all of his type. Luthank is one of a very rare breed, for the population of Mercury a minute fraction of that of Earth, mostly due to it's harsh conditions and blistering sun. Mercury has no system of government, and has no need for one, because Mercucians very seldomely enjoy company of fellow Mercucians. Every Mercucian for themsleves.

One morning, Luthank was waken by the call of a Torleyon. A Torleyon is the only known animal on Mercury, and they're purpose is to serve the Mercucians, and in one way by bringing news to all of the Mercucians. A Torleyon much resembles an Earthly panther, except taller, because of the little gravity on Mercury. On Mercury, there are almost as many Torleyon as there are Mercucians. As this Torleyon approached the home of Luthank, Luthank was watching carefully through a tiny hole in the wall, with his knife tightly grasped in his hand. Luthank realized that this Torleyon was Zork, the only creature on Mercury he didn't mind, and the only creature on mercury who knew his whereabouts. Zork immediately told Luthank news of an evil magician, beyond the warm air of Mercury, on a distant planet, and how this magician was a threat to every creature in the galaxy's safety, including his own. Zork knew not to stay too long to chat, so he immediately ran off across the desert plains of Mercury. Luthank went back sleeping on his bed of rocks, and he thought about the news. He knew he might have to fight, if this crisis was serious to his well being. He shut his heavy black eyes, and dreamed.
(Is that ok? Along the right lines?)
I think u did great i-aran! however, i can't tell if any1 wants to continue the story or what, no one else appears to be posting.
I aran that's actually really creative! I like how all these races and ppl are turning out!
And to everyone else out there, feel free to join in on the story! The more the merrier!

Ruecian had just finished his training on Mars and was already one of the Master Magician's favorite guards. After talking with Kazuki for awhile he realized that the Master Magicain, more than anything, wanted people to understand him. That was one thing that Ruecian did well: listen. But when someone needed an opinion, he gave it. And he didn't back down on his views either. So now, being one of the best listeners Kazuki knew, Ruecian was being sent to Uranus as an ambassador for Mars. His job was to listen to what the Master Magician of Uranus wanted and to see if she would lay off on this whole bloody war. It certainly was dumb, Ruecian thought. All this over some sort of mistake about some sort of relice this guy had given the other planet's leaders. Well, maybe it was more important than that, he thought, as the Fall of Phaethon eased its way into the Uranus landing dock. After that thought though, Rucian didn't think about Mars anymore. He was swept away by the beautiful scenery of Uranus. The sky was a shimmer of blues and greens that rippled like the water beneath it. The ocean was the clearest color he had ever seen. In fact, it wasn't even a color. It was like glass: sparkling in the cool purple sun. PURPLE SUN?!?! He looked up to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him. No, it was definately purple. And there was only strange.......
They finally landed and the craft stopped to let them out. One of his fellow ambassadors grabbed his arm before he went out. "You might want to get a warm cloak on before you head out. This isn't Mars you know." Ruecian gave him a look. A cloak? Why would he even think of packing one? He looked down at his red silk pants and black silk vest with nothing underneath it. Maybe they were self-concious on Uranus. He shrugged and slid on a warm orange cloak that someone haneded him. As he walked down the landing ramp that connected the Fall of Phaethon to the shore of Uranus, he heard a voice say, "Welcome to Uranus, Master Ruecian. We've been expecting you. I hope you are ready for something just a little bit different than what you're used to."
Illiaster was pacing in his room, one of the things he'd taken to doing a lot of lately.
He also had a pounding headache, just one of the symptoms of being a Master Magician and Seer.
Rubbing his eyes, he took a peek out the window to the fertile plains of Quarantine. It was hard to think that beneath such a beautiful, tranquil facade, was the very esscence of power. The planet itself was hollow, and in the hollow where a mantle should have been was a source of unimaginable power, a power that, if unchecked, had the potential to destroy the universe. It also had the power to enslave the universe, which was all that Illiaster needed to make his Relic. Unfortunately, the power beneath the surface was something that also needed to be controlled, and he was the one who had to do it. Hence the headaches.
Sighing, Illiaster went over to a wall of pictures, and touching one, was instantly transported to his study and observatory. There were actually some perks to being a Magician after all.
As soon as Illiaster got there though, he knew something was wrong. He stood still for a moment, then slowly turned around to see.... nothing. Illiaster frowned. Something was definately amiss, but he just couldn't place it. All of a sudden, a noise sounded. A simple footstep. But it was enough to make Illiaster jump and ready his magic for an attack at whatever it was that was hiding in his study. Again, nothing. He was just being silly, there was absoulutely no one who could get in here without his knowing it..... Suddenly, with a speed that nearly blew Illiaster away, a blast of magic came from the right, sizzling Illiaster clothes, but just barely missing the skin underneath. Illiaster quickly put up a magic shield and the next attack from the unseen enemy ricocheted and hit his foe. Whoever, actually whatever, had attacked him was now lying on the floor and Illiaster took that chance to jam his staff on the assailant's chest. He looked down and saw... Antares.
" Antares?!? Just what do you think your'e doing here? I could have killed you.... or worse, you could have killed me. What is your problem?!?"
Antares stood up, grinning like he had just made Illiaster look like a fool. Which, in fact, he had.
Antares was one of the fabled star beings that had agreed to help Illiaster in his war with the rest of the universe. Most of the star beings had chosen not to partake in the fight at all, leaving the "petty" humans to deal with their own problems. Antares however, sensing a power struggle, decided to join in. Antares was from the constellation Scorpio and, being the biggest star there, had an incredible power. He always seemed to glow with a red aura, and, when in full fury, his eyes pulsed like the center of a fire. This often unnerved people, and actually made Illiaster a bit anxious too. Antares was tall, nearly seven feet, of a muscaular build and had dark as pitch black hair that shone like a raven's wing when in the light. His face was thin and showed high cheekbones; he was handsome to be sure, but that perfection also seemed to come hand in hand with a cruelty no on could love him for. It was mostly the eyes that gave it away; they were gold, but shone with malice and, where pupils should have been, there were red pits. His smile also revealed unnaturally pointy teeth, something that put Illiaster on edge.
Antares smiled now and said, " So Illiaster, how's this plan of our's going?"
"Not badly," Illiaster said. " The forces of Mercury, Venus and Mars are moving, but I'm not sure whether this bodes good or ill."
Antares nodded and began to ask another question when a whistling noise filled Illiaster's ears. The pain of an oncoming Vision pulsed at Illiaster's temples, but, not wanting to be seen in a weakened state in front of Antares, he tried forcing the Vision back, only to have the pain increase. Illiaster put his hands on the sides of his head and waited for the pain to pass, but it wouldn't go away, and finally, screaming from the agony in his head, Illiaster let the blackness of an impending Vision take over.
Antares stood over him and smiled.
Sorry for my HUGE thread! I'm just so long winded! Also, I haven't been able to use the computer in a long time, so I had a lot of thoughts that just needed to be put down all at once. I hope that helps some other people with continuing the story! Pary Smilie Also, all this creativity in one place is awesome! I can't wait for the next part of the story!
Meraena stood waiting for the visitor, an eyebrow arched at his peculiar clothing....such bright colors were rarely if ever seen on Uranus. His darker skin was rather unusual as well. People on Uranus had such pale skin due to the low intensity of the sunlight. In her attempt to hold back her impatience, she focused on her army. Meraena knew they were better than most other planets armies, but she knew what it was going to take for them to help her defeat Illiaster. Training was up to 16 hours a day, most of it exhausting, challenging work...but it was necessary. Out of habit she stroked the worn wood of her staff...sometimes diplomacy could be incredibly boring, however what needs to be done must be done. She couldn't understand why Kazuki was so eager to stop the fight against Illiaster. Illiaster was pure evil and must be stopped at all costs. A cool slight breeze ruffled her cloak as it blew past. From her extensive library, Meraena knew Mars was hotter than this, she wondered how the ambassador from Mars would stand Uranus' rather cold weather during his stay.

Shifting back to the present Meraena noticed that the ambassador was almost in front of her. Sighing she waited until he had arrived.

"Welcome to Uranus Amabassador. I am Master Magician Meraena. If you will follow me, we will go to my study where you may present you and your Master's case to me."

Meraena let her eyes travel slowly down him, soaking in all she could about him, then looked him straight in the eye. Maybe this warm-planet stranger would be interesting to talk to after all. He looked strong and stubborn, maybe he might have something interesting to might break the monotony of the constant complaints and whinings of her commanders and counsel.
Ruecien felt a cold blast of air as he stepped off the spaceship. " is cold." He finally made it to where Master Magician Meraena was standing. Wow.....that's some pale skin there, was his first thought. He shook the other thoughts about her strange appearance out of his head and tried to focus on why he was here. Speak well, don't stutter, don't be rude.......what else had the elders told him? Don't be too casual.... don't get into any personal relationships with people from other planets....nope....don't think that was gonna be a problem. One look at the people of Uranus told him that they weren't type. He bowed to the Master Magician. "Thank you for recieving me, Lady Meraena. I'm glad that you were willing enough to let me come here and speak to you on behalf Lord Kazuki of Mars. There were a couple things I needed to discuss with you about the war in which Uranus has taken a part in. But first, I should think that it would be necessary for us to go indoors. It is awfully cold and from where I come from it is most unusual to have this kind of chilly weather." He gave her a slight smile. The way she stared straight through him made him a little anxious but the thing that bothered him most was the rigidness of her stance, the coldness in her eyes. Oh well. He could worry about that later. Right now, he was actually doing pretty well. Now that wasn't so hard was it Ruecian? At least you didn't make a fool of yourself. This should go quite well.
Anesthesia's eyes glinted with purple fire. "Again."

"But my lady! If we - " the new Master of Arms swallowed his protest at her sidelong glance and rapidly bobbed his head. "I-I mean, as you command, my lady!" He scurried down the stairs of the observation balcony. The Magician watched him yell at an officer, who turned and forced the troops to again go through the obstacle course. One fine black eyebrow arched as she stared at the men below her. With a slight gesture, she brought one to attention and with a puff of purple magic, he was beside her. Those whom he had been standing beside shuddered and hurried to their labors.

"Your name and rank," Anesthesia ordered.

The man, broad of shoulders and heavily muscled, glowered. "Mitthias, 2nd lieutenant." Both eyebrows rose this time. "Ma'am," he added with a grunt.

"And why are you showing disrespect for me in front of the men you command?"

"I did not intend any disrespect - "

"Fool!" Her screech brought fear to Mitthias' face and caused her officers below to cower. "Do not attempt to lie to a Magician!" The clouds churned, thunder rolled, and even the ground the soldiers walked on trembled. A wave of her long hand and Mitthias was bowing before her, gasping for breath. Her eyes raged. Purple lightening jumped and pranced over the nearest hills, the same lightening that lit her fingertips.

"My...lady!" Mitthias gasped. Anesthesia's hand clenched and he wheezed, grabbing for his throat. " not - please! Don'!"

"Kill? Oh no, Mitthias," her whisper was too silent, too deadly. Now Mitthias wheezed as much out of fear as lost breath. She leaned towards him. "Death is too good for the likes of you."

His eyes widened in terror as both of her hands balled into tight fists and purple smoke engulfed him. The soldiers below trembled in awe and dread; the officers gaped with open mouths. A scream punctured the air, then another, then a mournful howl filled the landscape, causing each man to fall to his knees, holding his ears. Suddenly it was over. No one wanted to look up, but almost as one man, they did.

Mitthias was still there but what horrid things she ahd done to him! His proud back was bent and disfigured, his legs bent in odd angles. His mouth drooped, one eye lower than the other.

Anesthesia turned and all below fell on their knees. "Let this be lesson to all of you!" she called, needlessly. She turned to Gaidon, her Master of Arms. "Take him to the mines. He is of no further use here."

Gaidon did not hesitate and kept his eyes averted as his mistress swept by. He looked at Mitthias and shook his head. Another promising soldier gone. She had drained this one's mind, too. He would be good only for brute strength now. His sane mind was gone. Gaidon gestured and two men led the former lieutenant away.
Laughing inwardly at the ambassador's unusual reaction to the climate, she lead the way to the strange looking transports. When they arrived at the palace, she took him directly to her private council chambers. Motioning to a servant, cowering nearby, she quietly ordered him to go find some decent and more appropriate clothing for the guest as well as refreshments.

"Welcome to Uranus amabassador. I'm afraid you have yet to tell your name. I hope your stay here will be pleasant. After we have finished discussing today, I will have someone lead you to your quarters. Supper will be served exactly as the sun sets so make sure you are on time. Now, what do you wish to discuss with me?"

Meraena's eyes softened slightly, then hardened again. She tapped her staff impatiently on the floor as the amassador began to speak.
"As you have heard, milady, Lord Kazuki of Mars has no intention of joining in the war against Lord Illiaster of Quarantine." He paused to look for some sort of reaction but there was none. He began again, "He believes that the rest of the planets should follow his example because nothing will be achieved by bloodshed. He believes that there is a peaceful way to solve this dispute. Besides," he added, "the forces of Quarantine are stonger than you expect. It will not be and easy batle if you choose to undertake it," he warned. "Lord Illiaster's relic is not a toy that can be meddled with. It has already begun to destroy the bonds that tie Quarantine to the rest of the solar system. If we further open these wounds, what will be doing to ourselves, our people, our allies? This entire galaxy and all that we hold dear here will be ruined if we keep up this war. Do you really want to do that to all the people of Uranus that have such great faith in their leader?" He looked deeply into her eyes. Please let it get through to her,he thought. If she fights Illiaster, Mars might have to join forces with Quarantine and if that happens, we'll be ripped to shreds by the planets and their allies. And if Anesthesia found out about Illiaster, Tinuviel and Lord Kazuki....... He pushed these thoughts out of his head and tried to concentrate on what Master Magician Mareanea would say next.
"I have discussed this issue with my advisors, soliders and many civilians. My people are willing to risk it, if it means a chance that we might survive and be able to destroy this. I consult my people before making any decisions that might dramatically affect their lives. In this case, I believe bloodshed might be the best route, I have no desire to make any sort of treaty with Illiaster that might force my people to captivity, destruction or worse. It is as simple as that. "

"Illiaster and his "relic" must be destroyed, for the good of Uranus and others. My army is almost ready, we will soon join with the other allies, I still see no reason to abandon this fight, I cannot allow my people to fall under his hands, I will die fighting if I must. Here are some more appropriate clothes, I will leave you to change and explore now, but remember to be on time for supper, I hate it when people aren't prompt. This servant will direct you to your quarters now."

Meraena turned to the servant.
"See to it that the ambassador is put into the best guest room we have available, give him anything he wants. Any complaints or mistakes I hear about there will be consequences for."

Meraena strolled out of the room, pulling the heavy wooden door behind her, eyes dancing with glee at the servant's fear. She didn't stop until she reached her private chambers. She sat down on the bed, thinking about what the ambassador had said. Like everyone else around here, he had seemed nervous, uptight and frightened when he'd spoken with her.

Something about that ambassador's behaviour hints that there might be more behind Kazuki's reason for not fighting than meets the eye...

She lay down, suddenly lost in thought and concentration. After a while, Meraena stood up. Deciding she needed to relieve some stress, she went down to the training grounds and stood next to her trusted friend, Commander Aladiam Vardamid, observing her army.

As one body, her men froze, jumped up and saluted her, which she returned. As the soliders resumed their activities, Meraena drew the commander a distance away from them.

"Your men have improved considerably. Good work Commander Vardamid. However, they will need to be even better than we thought, I fear that Lord Kazuki might very well join Illiaster in this war. His ambassador is here, as you know, and I believe he is hiding something. See if there is anything you can find out, I want to know what it is, and as soon as possible."

She turned around, and strolled back inside, saluting her men before leaving.
When Illiaster thought he came to, he was in the dream-like state that was so familiar to him: the world of his Visions. A fuzziness was around the edges of his vision, confirming the fact that he was not truly seeing what was before him. Turning 360 degrees, he saw nothing for a minute. Then, slowly, the darkness was replaced by an unfolding scene.
The first thing he saw was himself. It was always strange when that happened. Most ppl only ever saw themselves in mirrors; Illiaster could actually see himself in action. He saw himself standing out at the air station, as though waiting for a ship to come in. But that was absurd, he thought, no ships came in after he had started the war... only could he every once in a while expect a shipment of war supplies from another planet....
The ship was blue, like the ocean and glowed as if with an inner life. The prow had a figure of a woman on it, a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and white as porcelain skin. Illiaster would recognize that figure anywhere; it was the very likeness of the Master Magician of Earth, Tinuviel. His stomach immediately did a flip. what was Tinuviel doing, risking her life by coming here, to the very place she should be keeping away from most? What had inclined her to do it? The ship meanwhile continued to sink lower and lower, until its base finally touched the ground of his planet. Illiater waited a minute in nervous tension as the ship's engines began the painstaking process of shutting off all of the engines. Earth continued to stay rooted in its past and insisted on the older style engines rather than the more advanced technology offered by pretty much every other planet, which made the ships a little slower and less easy to maneuver than the new models. The ship had finished, and a ramp began to descend, with a woman and her train following. Here we go Illiaster thought, and began to walk toward the ship.
It was indeed Tinuviel, although Illiaster had been fervently wishing she was smart enough to simply send an ambassador. She was wearing the flowing robes of a traditional Magician of Earth and her head was crowned by the laurel leaves of her home. Although Illiaster always told himself to be careful about what he said and did around her, that nevertheless didn't stop his thoughts, and he found himself wanting to rush up to her and embrace her. Knowing it wouldn't be proper, he waited until she approached him. Tinuviel simply stood there for a minute, smiling at Illiaster. She had a smile that made any person want to like her, and it didn't help that Illiaster already liked her quite a lot.
"It's been a while hasn't it, Illiaster?" she asked in her soft, quiet voice.
He nodded, trying to keep a straight face.
" You look older, my friend," she said while walking beside him toward his tower.
Illiaster sighed, " Yes, well I've been having a lot on my mind lately."
She nodded, then began again. "That's exactly the reason why I'm here Illiaster. You need to stop this fighting. Please, if not for the sake of the other planet's, do it for me."
"I know what you think Tinuviel and I respect your opinion, but I must do this..."
"No," she said softly, "you just think you do-"
Illiaster stopped her. "I need to do this. Maybe you don't understand all the reasons, but I do, and I need to keep this fight going. I must keep the relic."
Tinuviel turned away. "If that's the case my friend, than I have no choice but to fight against you........
The image warped, and with that, Illiaster's Vision ended.

(p.s. this was actually Celebistar, but I borrowed Acheron's account to write it. I was just to lazy to change it! Sorry!)
((This is REALLY Acheron by the way. Just to clear things up Big Smile Smilie ))
Ruecian was frustrated.
No frustrated wasn't even a strong enough word to describe what he was feeling. Angry? No, more like so ticked off that he was afraid he bust the pillow he kept throwing against the wall. Why do all these leaders have to be so freakin independant! he thought to himself as he hurled the pillow against the wall again. "She can't just see that Lord Kazuki is trying to achieve some good around here?!? Instead of everyone else who specializes in CHAOS!?!" He trew himself onto the bed. Well a tiny voice said in his mind, let's just go check out what's so great about this Master Magicain anyway. See what she has to hide..... "Heck no!" he said aloud. Realizing he was talking to himself he said to the voice, No. Geez what kind of a jerk would that make me? Using blackmail to make her see my point?But then again he thought. How else can I make her see that this is no way to slove our problems? "Alright," he thought aloud. "One quick look around the palace then I'm out of here." He only hoped it would be worthwhile.
You idoit! Why are you doing this?! Just go back and pretend it never happened! "Can't now......" he mumbled. "You're in deep enough dung as it is...." He kept searching around her living quarters, hoping he might find some type of clue as to how she could be this stiff. He looked at some of her books that lined the entire building. Geez she could be a librarian if she wanted to.... He stopped as he heard a slight noise from the back of the room. "Oh I always have to have this kind of luck?" He darted to another corner of the room to hide form whoever had just come into the room.
Meraena hurried back from the training ground, hoping that Vardamid would be able to find something. Not wanting to talk with anyone, she hurried to a nearby tapestry, and after looking around pushed it aside to reveal a cleverly hidden door, which she stepped into, letting the tapestry fall behind her. She walked through dusty corridors, then up a flight of stairs til she came to her quarters. Not really caring about who may see her, Meraena pressed a hidden latch and the wall swung open, creaking slightly.

Looking in anger and dismayat her now dusty clothes, Meraena decided to bathe and then change her clothes. After she filled the bath, Meraena grabbed a pale yellow blouse, and breeches and robe the colour of her eyes and hopped in... hoping to soak away some of her stress and anger before supper and talking speaking once again with the secretive ambassador.

Feeling refreshed temporarily, Meraena dressed and made her way to a small wooden box, standing locked next to her bed, muttered a few words and the box opened. She reached in and pulled out a worn leather book and pen, then began to write in careful, and unhurried strokes.
Ruecian was pressed rith up against the Master Magician's wall with only one thought in his head, I'm screwed.
He always wondered what people meant when they said that their heart stopped in fear. Well now he knew. Too well actually he thought to himself. She was writing in a dairy that she had brought out of what looked to be a secret box that required some magic to open. It may not have any real information in it but he migh be able to blackmail her with some of the info that was written in there. You know Ruecian, Lord Kazuki would not approve. "I have to bring some hope back to Lord Kazuki and the people of people," he muttered. He quickly shut his mouth. Please, please,please DON"T TURN AROUND!!!! his voice screamed in his head. He glanced at her one more time before receeding farther back in the corner. The people of Uranus really are very unique. Under different circumstance they could have even been close friends. Given the times however, he doubted that, and silently slid into his corner.
Hearing something that sounded like someone talking, Meraena's head snapped around as she tossed the book back into the box and sealed it, then stood up to investigate. Looking around she couldn't see anyone, and began to look closer, especially in the shadows, she made her way around the room cautiously, finally coming to Ruecian's corner and smiled.

"Ah, I might have known. Welcome to my private chambers. I expected something like this to happen. Exactly what are you planning on finding here? That book? It contains nothing of use to you...just my thoughts, which contain nothing suitable for blackmail, that is your intention, is it not? Please, make yourself comfortable, it's been a long time since I've had someone to talk to."

As Ruecian sat on the bed, a look of confusement and terror on his face, Meraena walked over to the box, opened it, removed the book and handed it to Ruecian.

"You can read that later, but right now, I would like you to tell me about your planet, and yourself until supper."
Ruecian just sat there.
He knew she was trying to come up with some vile plot to hurt him. He just could feel it. But when she handed him the journal, an obvious sign of trust, all he could do was gape. After all he was in her chambers, looking through her stuff. Why did she want to talk to him, the lying, scandalous dog? "Myself?" he squeaked. "Why?" he said a little louder and with more authority. When she just stared at him he said, "Uh I dunno.....I'm 21 years old, live in my own home.....its more like a military bunker but it's comfty.....I can cook, take care of myself and my 10 year-old brother and still manage to help Lord Kazuki with his affairs." Why am I telling her this? Maybe beacuse you trust her Ruecian his inner voice piped up. After all, she trusts you. Why shouldn't you trust her? He continued: "I've lived on Mars most of my life. I was born on Earth then was sent to live with my aunt and uncle when I was 4. Suppossedly I have no parents. My 10 year old brother is actually my cousin but we're so close I call him my brother. My aunt and uncle raised me up until I was 15, my cousin was only 3. Then they left on a trip to Earth to visit some friends and a month later I learned they were killed for being part of a revolutiionary band that wanted Mars to have its own identity, seperate from that of our founders, men and women from Earth. I managed to enlist in the army to get myself a job and some food to support the 2 of us. It was hard at first but I learned quickly that those who pity themselves never get very far. I moved quickly through the military ranks. Soon I was an East Temple Guard, a rare achievement for someone of my age and personality. Then I became good friends with Lord Kazuki and became an ambassador. I'm stubborn, hard-willed, and sometimes unpitying. I pride myself on my maturity and ease to adapt. I've always wanted to visit my homeland, Earth, and see the place of my birth. Perhaps even find out the true identity of my parents. But I doubt that will happen," he mentioned quietly. " With the war this bad, no one on Earth has anytime to help a long-lost orphan find a little something from their parents. I don't mind though. And I definately DO NOT want your pity. Pity always bothers me." After that long speech he sat quietly, waiting for a response or trying to figure out what else to say.
Meraena listened to Ruecian's tale, amazed at how easily he had opened up. So he was an Earthling, interesting... She waited a few seconds after he finished, collecting her thoughts and then spoke.

"I give you none of my pity, whatever small portion I have left. Pity will accomplish nothing, and I have found that very few people desire to be pitied. I hope you will find something of use in my book, for whatever purpose you may have in mind. Though before you leave, allow me to ask you a few questions. Tell me, how old do you think I am?
"You?" he blinked at her. " really want me to guess? I always thought that was kind of rude but after my past behavior I guess....why not?" He turned her jounal over in his hands as he thought. "I dunno...." he glance at her. "25? or maybe 28?" He looked at her face again. "You couldn't possibly be something like 50 could you?"
Laughing, Meraena smiled.

"Of course I'm not fifty. That's ridiculous. I'm actually tnear the same age as you, but I've ruled for so long, and I've apparently grown so much I look older, which is always a good thing, at least right now. I became a master magician and ruler of this planet at a young age. Since my first day, no one has ever questioned me, or talked to me like this before. I must admit, I like having someone to talk to, who isn't constantly cowering in fear, stuttering or acting like a fool just because they're talking to the "master magician." But we had better go, it's almost supper time and I'm starving, how about you?"

Without waiting for an answer, Meraena grabbed her staff, pulled open the door and began making her way down to the dining hall.
Ruecian hurried after her. Well at least this woman knows she's in charge.... he thought to himself. After all, if she's been ruling since about the age I joined in the military, she's got to be used to taking charge. But how could she enjoy talking to me? Of all people? I'm opiniated and I never get along with women....But I guess it's got to be a refreshing change not to have "friends" that just talk to you because you're the most powerful person in the entire planet. He smiled as he jogged after her. This trip isn't half as bad as I thought it would be.....
do the soldiers use guns or medieval weapons? and do the soldiers fight from the ships or are the soldiers transported to the planet and then ordered to attack?
Sorry for being gone so long! To answer you're question: it depends. Some planets are more advanced than others and have use guns. Others use swords. Generally though they travel in ships. There is no "quantum teleportation" and whatnot. Sorry! I like my stories a bit simpler. Smile Smilie
welcome back Achneron, it's good to have u back. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
welcome back Achneron, it's good to have u back. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Early the next morning, Meraena pounded on Ruecian's door irritably.

"Time to wake up sleepy head, that is if u want breakfast. If not then continue sleeping by all means."
With that said, she turned and headed off towards the kitchens.