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Role Playing Games on Planet-Tolkien are popular with many members and these rules have been devised with that in mind ’ to encourage team work, effort and thought within the games and also to provide an environment where people are able to join in and enjoy and also to differentiate between the different types of RPGs. These guidelines are intended to assist not only those members familiar with general RPGs but also those who would like to join but are unsure of what is expected.

Guidelines for playing in a role-playing thread

This applies to ALL role-playing games from now on:

1. Obey the website rules!

2. It's a game. Have fun!

3. Be observant of what others are doing around you when playing. This is teamwork, not a solo mission for your ego.

4. No killing other characters unless you are allowed to do so by the character’s creator or the Game Master (GM).
(About GMs: Read Creating an RP thread. )

5. No god mode. Do not talk or act on any other characters behalf unless that character’s creator has agreed to the action. Be concerned with how your character thinks, acts and moves and allow others to respond. Listen to the Game Master.

6. Try to keep things realistic. No one is invincible. If your character attempts dangerous actions then expect some repercussions. Game Master decides.

7. Remember that characters should be appropriate to any world determined by the GM and to any rules of that world. Try for a different character with each RPG ’ no one wants to read the same character in every RPG doing the same things and with the same goals. Variety is the spice of life!

8. Listen to the Game Master. In worst cases he/she can call for the Council Members to edit or delete unwanted posts.

9. Remember ’ other players and those reading the threads are from all over the world and our common language on Planet-Tolkien is English. Avoid careless spelling mistakes and typing errors so that others may understand and follow the plot and characters.

10. Comments should be in italics to separate them from the story or in a separate thread created for that purpose.

11. When you join an RPG halfway through a story or part way through: please know that you need a reason or explanation as to why you are joining the storyline. For example: you are lost and ran into the forest, you were summoned by some mysterious letter, or come seeking help. Please read the thread from the beginning or ask the Game Master for a summary to get a feel what has been going on.

12. Be reasonable with other players. Please give other characters a chance to respond to your posts before moving on.

13. Please play actively and excuse yourself when you are away for long periods of time. When absent, you may give another player permission to control your character.

14. The thread is not a chat room. Take non-game related talk elsewhere.

15. When joining, give a brief description and biography of your character.
For example:
Physical Appearance:
Special Items/Weapons:

Have fun, and remember: It is just a game! Smile Smilie
-The Planet Tolkien Council-