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Guidelines for creating a Role-play thread

All new RP threads must follow these rules. If what you have in mind does not fit in with the rules and guidelines then it may be that your thread would be better suited in the Writer’s Guild as a shared author story (Remember the Writer’s Guild has a function and standards ’ to promote writing skills. It is not appropriate to post RPGs in that forum to avoid the rules!)

1) Give a short synopsis or plot line in the first post so people know what to expect. "Let us see if this rpg can start" is not enough. You have to have a plot planned but this does not have to complicated or detailed. After all, you want your story to develop as the players develop. To help you a bit: The plot of the Khazad-dumish inn is to drink, meet people, sing and have fun. The plot of Treasures is to work together to find a treasure.

2) State what kind of universe the game takes place in. Is it Tolkien based?
Can all sorts of creatures from all sorts of worlds appear? Be sure you know this in advance; it will save you a lot of trouble later. Magic weapons are ok in some universes but give your players an idea of what they can and can’t do in your universe. If you want to use a Tolkien based world try and keep to Tolkiens ideas; elves in Tolkiens world are not all invincible warriors with magic powers and all-powerful weapons. Having said that be sensitive to your players own wants and needs. People join RPGs because they want to play a role. Wherever possible allow your players to choose and develop their character. If there are too many skilled warriors think about starting some characters at a more basic level and granting them better skills as the plot develops and they gain experience. This is more in keeping with real life RPGs.

3) Creating a thread in this section makes you a Game Master. This means you
are The Boss of your thread and control its general direction. The amount of involvement by a GM is determined by the GM but you must be prepared to follow the story to its conclusion and give hints and advice to keep the characters on the right path. A clever way of doing that is to add characters for your players to meet along the way. If you know you cannot fulfil your GM duties make sure you have someone who will be the Game Master for you. Don't start a RPG thread without a Game Master. Ideally a GM should not play a major character, but this is up to you.

4) No matter how much fun it is, all RPGs have to end sometime. Be prepared to sacrifice a character if the plot climax requires it. The GM will be the final judge on whether a character should die. If a character is killed then try and give the player another character to work with ’ maybe become one of the adversaries?

5) Once a game has concluded to the satisfaction of players and GM the thread will be locked.

Have fun!

-The Planet Tolkien Council-