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Probably going to need some editing of it...

BTW: Can anyone sorta teach me? I haen't RPed in forever, like tell me how I can RP, and give me some examples, etc. Thanks in advance.

Name: Giltheng

Race: Dark Elf of the Sindar

Age: Unknown

History: Very unknown history, many travelers find him hunting and wandering the forests of Middle Earth. He's known to have incredible speed to hunt down something, and catch his enemy. He has extremely good shot, never misses. And very strong. He was wandering the forests of Nan Elmoth and he met with Eol, they became great friends, and it was there that Eol gave him his history and his tips for fighting enemys. Eol then gave him a Grey Cloak, and he said that it was precious to him. Eol tought him many things about combat, and everything to know about sword fighting. He then journeyed thru the forests of Middle Earth slaying orcs and evil creatures that he found. After hearing of Eol's death he then was very angered, and was mad at the Noldor. He then became allys with the Ents and it was in Fangorn forest where an Ent gives him the strongest wood in Fangorn to make a bow. It was on the way to Mirkwood Forest where he found his lightning fast, very strong, and trusty horse.

Appearance: A tall Dark Elf about 6,7 with a Grey Cloak given to him by Eol when he was wandering the forests of Nan Elmoth, He almost always has his hood on, so nobody has ever seen his face. He has black pants, with his dark brown boots. Always wears his bow on his back.

Weapons: He has a bow made from the toughest wood in Fangorn Forest by an Ent, his arrows were made in the forests of Mirkwood that are very sharp and poisonous. His sword which he found in Forest of Brethil which was strangely the sword that Eol made.The black sword Anglachel.

Armor: He rarely wears armor. When he does wear his armor he has an old Elvish helmet he found in Beleriand and Extremely strong golden chest plate that Eol made for him. Doesn't need shield because of his incredible speed.

Spells: He learned most of his spells by Eol... unknown spells.
Has the spell of disarming someone with a special powder that was given to him by a Dwarf

Special Abilities:

He has incredible strengths in the forest uses that to his advantage, and uses the forests soroundings making him nearly untouchable in the forests.
He can shoot well while riding his horse
And Is incredible in dark places.
BTW: Can anyone sorta teach me? I haen't RPed in forever, like tell me how I can RP, and give me some examples, etc. Thanks in advance.

Check out the two help threads in the Role Play Guild for help and advice. As you started this game you are the Game Master and your word is law! Good Luck.
Alright. Tahnk you vee. By 2 help threads... do you mean creating and plaing in a RP thread?
Yep. Hope they help. If not, just ask.

Is this actually going to be an RP, or was it just a question? Regardless, I would suggest stopping by the Khazad-dumish Inn if you want examples (although most of the other threads want things to be a little more coherent...) or practice (it is a very relaxed and friendly thread, and you don't need a reason to get in (just a song Big Smile Smilie). Read the previous pages too, or at least some of them... they're hilarious! Good Luck in the RPG world!
Ah, yes, The Khazad-dumish Inn...what a grand thread! And post if you've decided to make this an RPG thread. I'd love to join; help you even! If you need help, anyway Smile Smilie
But can anyone teach me, or give me a practice RP?
good luck on this rp.... and i would also like to participate on it... but it would help if it is defined what we are gonna get into.. if you know what i mean..what exactly is it gonna be about? And btw, i tell you.. you really should participate in The Khazad.dumish inn... it is quite funny, and also you can get a nice example on how to rp

PS Just another thing, if you do not share this, it is ok, and i apollogize if it sounds way too rude.. hope no indeed. Your character.. seems to be.. at least for me...I mean.. there were very powerfull elves.. but none unbeatable.. i respect that if you choose to do so... But check this out.. on comics, like superman, and stuff.. the hero is always a nice guy.. with lots of weekness, and almost every Bad Guy is stronger than the hero.. and then there remains the secret of a true hero, that despite the fact of being weeker than the bad guys, the hero gives more than he is able to, and defeats the bad guy...the stronger the Bad guy is, the most difficult and heroic is to defeat him... EX: Frodo was merely a hobbit, and defeated Sauron, i know it was not a man to man fight, but still he did it.. just think about it, it could help to make your hero less strong and more heroic... tee hee or make him fight morgoth,, that way i think it could work....
Or not. just have fun and create your own world...
I wish you many luck in your future RPG's, and maybe even i might join them if they look promising. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
If you really need help, ask me, and ill try and help, if i can.
Thanks! Yeah, I guess I should edit some of it out kinda.
Yes, maybe some of the stuff isn't right for even an elf....but this sounds fun! I hope to get a post up soon with my character's information on it. I hope this gets started soon!
Ok, I'm gonna check out the other RPs, I know well about RPing, and so what do you do? Just make it up, just use your imagination? hehehe. I can't wait to start rping
You do mostly make it up. It's fun though...teaches about teamwork, friendship, all that somewhat cheesy but important stuff for life. Working together and interacting with other people is the best part of it.
Basically you just tell everyone what you're doing, for example: "Makaveli swings his sword in a giant arc and lops of a dozen orc heads."

It isn't a true rpg with hit point or anything like that, it's all for fun, and fun it is. Remember you cannot control other characters without their permission!

ughhh i ate too much, i think i'm going to burst!
LOL, well alright then, I'm going to use my friends if that's alright, he's not on these boards or anything. I really need to get some RPing practice in, anyone want to have a RP just for fun?
Ooooooooooooooooooo! I will!!! I mean...sounds like fun Wink Smilie I look forward to helping you practice
Yup! So do you want to start up a topic?
Hm....that is your choice. This is your thread, so whatever you see fit will be done.
Awesome, so we be 2 Lothlorien Elves locked up in an epic battle, until Judgement Day, and trumpets sound, hmm?

You want the RP to happen here?
Hm...sounds good
Here, a new thread...where you feel most comfortable is good
Ok, I guess we can try it here... did you want me to use that bio? Or my friend's?
Yet again...your choice. You choose your character ^_^ and be creative!!! That's always good
Well ok then, I guess I'll just try my name, without editing, that is if you decide to edit it a bit...
Okay then:

Name: Syeria
Race: Elf
Homeland: Lothlorien
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, looks to be in early twenties
Physical Appearence: A black-haired elf, with a few silver streaks, violet eyes, slightly tanned skin
Skills: A dark magic pupil, she is coming along well in the dark arts, and is also an excellent huntress
Special Items/Weapons: A rapier, several knives and daggers, a black stallion named Phoenix
Background/History: Unknown
Awesome1 Well I say when I'm ready for you fellow Lothlorien!
Okay, I'll start for you

Syeria glanced around, her sword tight in her hand. She was basically swing all around at the mass of orcs surrounding her and her comrade, pressing them tight together, back to back.
"Careful, they've got pikes!"
Her voice came more as a squeak.
OOC: Ok, guess it's ok to use this one! I'll post a bit later today if you don't mind? Kind of busy...
w00t! I'm back, with my edit'D version of the bio.