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Umm this is my first rpg at pt so u can be anything you want. we're after a sixth istari that came to middle-earth. he's evil and we got to hunt him down and kill him. we start in rivendell where a council has been called to deal with this threat.

name:Valin Talonarmor
race: dwarf
age: around 85
sex: male
items: axe named Durin's wrath and set of mithril armor
history: led expedition into moria left because of the balrog
residence: Lonely Mountain
skills: master craftsman and master fighter
appreance: brown beard and hair mithril suit always carries and axe with him
Cool, I'll join, just give me a bit to post a bio.
I'll join too. I will have bio up soon
Name-Rhoen Lee
Appearance-Dark brown hair, dark eyes,pale skin
Clothing-Just black forest garb
Weapons-Quarter staff, Cwellen, Sword
This does sound interesting...I'll get up a bio very soon
ok so how expierenced are you guys?
also have an elf

name: Farusil Mithrandir
age: 3,000
items: white blades of lothlorien and bow of galidiriel
history: born and raised in lothlorien. mighty elven ranger
skills: those of a ranger
appearance: elven cloak and mithril armor.bow on his back w/ quiver blades by his sides
allegiance: good and nature
Name: Artemesia (Art for short)
Gender: Female
Age: about 15
Appearence: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, dark leather boots, tan pants, off-white shirt
Race: Human
Weapon: Pirate's cutlass
Appearance-blonde hair, Green eyes, pale skin with a tan from being on the guard for a while
Clothing-Dark Green and brown forest garb with a green cloak
Weapons-longsword, long bow and arrows, and a couple hunting knifes
Armour-prefers not to wear any because it is noisy and cumbersome
Skills-excellent tracker, hunter and archer and decent with a sword. (basically a ranger but not considered one)
ill be either of the characters above take your pick
lets begin

This odd fellowship has travelled from their respected residences to travel to Rivendell. There is trouble afoot. A sixth Istari has come to middle-earth under the influence of morgoth.
I think you should be the dwarf because we will have many elves and it might be nice to have a dwarf along. A human would be good also but i think we should take what we can get.
I have rped before but this will be my first time on the computer.

I think you being the GM should make the first move
i can make a dunedain if u want
we are at the council of elrond . we represnt our races. elrond tells us of a sixth istari named Haravast that has arrived on middle- earth corrupted by morgoth. he ( the wizard) wishes to raise an army greater than any other and take over the world. then he plans to go to the undying lands and eventually become more powerful than the valar. we are to leave from rivendall and travel to northern mordor where he is in control. we then take his fortress and kill him
I am definitely going even if the rest of you aren't. I can't wait to have a shot at Haravast so when do we leave?
through the misty mountains, mirkwood in or around, dale, gondor, mordor, the fortress, then haravast's doom
My person is a human

Art was just listening, waiting for any information she might find useful. She ran a hand through her hair, glancing around.
Rhoen impatiently began throwing bits of magic into the air, keeping entertianed by puffs of color."Hmmm...Well we're all here, what now?"
Calin takes up some wood and a knife and starts making more arrows to pass the time. You never know when you will need them...
we leave towards the misty mountains said valin smoking his pipe Smoke Smilie and making magnificent smoke circles
the companions leave rivendell and are traveling down the path to the misty mountains
yay it is begining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz.... ok enough of my singing. i wil post in the morning. to tired right now
a group of goblins attack and their leader is a huge uruk with 2 hammers
Valin swings Durin's Bane and decapitates one goblin
Calin pulls out his bow and starts firing into the fray to take down as many as possible before they get too close.
A godlike creature, often referred to as a council member, named Amari’ whacks everybody ever so gently over the head with the Book of Rules and reminds them (especially the Game Master who is responsible for this thread) that one line posts are against the rules. (And she adds for her own account: they are also slightly boring for us who don’t play but still has to read.) Be creative people! You can do it! Then she leaves as suddenly as she arrived. Poof! Invisible again! Smile Smilie
We must becareful do not invoke the godlike thing called a council member's wrath. They are almighty.