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Ok, I was just challenged by someone that they were going to kick my *** O_o, and said he was bringing his group of RPers, we made a site just for this RP war, there's going to be many RPers in this, so this is just for fun. The RP group of mine is called the raiders, and it's led by Caesar Augustus, and it's his site...

If anyone would care to help, and join in this RP, we need all the help we can get!
Wicked! I'll help.
same here if i could find where it is listed...
Awesome! Thanks a bunch guys! When you get there can you sign in? I'm gong to make a topic now.

Anyone else care to be in this RP?
Adreia.... would you be interested in joining this RP? My fellow Lothlorien Elf!
Dude, what's with that Spiny guy? We're getting a new opponant? It hasn't even begun yet.
Hehehe, guess I could go for it
Yea Adreia! It's wicked!
It is confusing is what it is, but I am still in. only the whole bio thingie is confusing me... but oh well
(I have been to addicted to sites though. 141 posts here in 8/9 days)
Congrats! (Took me longer...)
Do they really need that much info in the bio though
War is upon us! We have 2 allied grous joining this war! You can stll join this RP war ya know? We could use the help!
Ask if they do robbin.
I'm at school, be on later...
Hey Rue you might want to make your character have a little bit of magic or something above normal.
the only reason i say this is I think that opponets will love to have magical things that help them win.
Check my "Best RPer in Pt topic" This has become bigger than we imagined it would be.
Ok, if you have seen my topic on the RPwar, it has gotten much worse, I am looking for some great, or the best RPers in PT for this one... My RP group "the Raiders" have challenged MEO's best, and we're going to need all the help we can! So we can have any RPer, whether it be a newb or best in PT, we could use it! Thanks.
I'll get some of my guy friends interested.
I may be able to get three more people. I can at least get one.
Sweet, and thanks. We've also challenged CoE, and some other huge rP site.
Yes! Practice threads are now open!
Back! Sorry guys, been busy.
greetings m'lord is the war still afoot i would offer my swords and bow to you if it is i am haveing some trouble finding the listing that its under on the other sight if you can tell me that would me a big help for me.