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Setting: Far to the north of the area of Middle-Earth where LOTR happened In a country called Nouth. The Cities of Nouth are in Peril. The evles have been attacked by massive numbers of orcs and goblins. They have called to the Men and Dwarves for help. But no one knows what is going to happen. The elves have made plans to leave to the undying lands but they have not yet been able to fulfill them. Take the responsiblities in your hands. And fight for the Elves of Blorain’ Forest And their king: Arf’ar fendol. To fend off the Orcs and Goblins.

Quest: Your quest is to find- through team work- the famed Elven Smith: Arthosl’ and his companion the Dwarven Smith: Korigol. Travel through the countries of the north: Nouth, Com’andor, F’alenca and Beleglor’ to find these 2 Smiths. After you meet these smiths it will be the task of your team to have them make a 3 rings. One for Men, One for the Elves and One for the Dwarves.

1. Keep to the Story
2. All posts at the most must be 20 lines as not to stretch pages
3. You May be an Elf, Man (Woman), Dwarf or Half Elf*
4. You May be an Axman (Dwarf and Men), Swordsman or Archer (all races) or in some cases a combination of 2 such as swords man and archer etc.
5. You may not leave the countries of the north the farthest south you may travel is to the south border of Beleglor’ and the farthest north is the norht border of Com’andor.

Starting Location and Details: You star in the Capital city of the elves in Blorain’ forest and you set out on you quest with an Archer named Arf’a F’ar (Elf)

Name: Arf’a F’ar
Race: Elf
Age: 24,345
Sex: Male
Apearance: Long Blond Hair, Deep Dark Grey eyes, Fair skin and is pretty tall (about 6' 6")
Clothes: Typical Forest Elven garb
Weapons: Bow named F’an’.And Sword Called E’nold’
Items: Staff of F’a (Spirits) Which gives some summoning powers but not much.

**Player List:
(Format Character Name - Players Name)
Arf’a - Arf’a
Brin - Rue Auburn
Adreia - Adreia
Etharion - Etharion
Rumil - Haldir Lorienwarrior
Robin - Robbin Wood
Ithilmir - Gwaihir

*Revised 04/20/05
** Revised 04/28/05
Are my eyes deceiving me? An RPG which doesn't follow the formula:
characters name shoots/kills high number of enemies with one shot/swing of sword/axe/bow/other weapon !
I wish you the best of luck! Big Smile Smilie
Wicked, this thread seems to have been thought out before hand, for once.

Name- Brin
Age- in human years, 21
Race- Elf
Appearance- Knee lenght, dark brown hair, tied in a tight braid, bright green eyes, tanned/ worn skin
Skill- Archer/Swordsman
Weapons-knives, sword ( A Jivatma), bow
Clothing- Dressed completly in black, face covered by cloth
what a great idea for an RPG! it's good to see one thought out and well put-together like this. and welcome to PT!

Name: Adreia
Race: Half-elven (if that's not allowed, then a Man [or rather a woman])
Age: about 25
Sex: Female
Appearence: Black hair that goes to the middle of her back, grey eyes like steel, fair skin, a bit tall for a woman-6'2"
Clothes: that of a Ranger
Weapons: a Ranger's sword and a bow
Alignment: good
Occupation: Swordsman and Archer
Name: Etharion
Race: elf
Age: 35.473
Sex: male
Apearance: Long light brown hair, fair elf features, brown eyes
Clothes: elven traveling outfit, with elven wrought chainmail underneath
Weapons: bastard sword named Frostmourne, and a elven longbow named TundraStreaker
Items: some elven way bread (lembas), provisions, arrows and such (ill add a few things later when i come up with them)
Class: swordsman, archer (more of a swordsman really)

There. Is that good enough?
Is it too late to join?

Name: Rumil
Race: elf
Age: really old
Sex: male
Apearance: Long dark brown hair, brown eyes
Clothes: elven traveling outfit, with elven wrought chainmail underneath
Weapons: twin swords, bows and arrows, all elven made
Thank You all and welcome
Is it to late to join?

no it's not
Any way we should probably wait for one more person then we can start! Hopefully a Dwarf *hint hint*
I got the hint even thoyugh I want to be an elf I am fine with playing a dwarf.

Name-Robin (what he goes by you may find out why later)
Height-Tall enough that he looks like a small human (5' 2" is that too tall???)
Appearence- looks like a small human because he keeps his cloaks hood up all the time and makes it look like he is small to decieve people of his real power and proficiency with weapons
Clothes- Dark cloak and dark clothes that are more meant for the tunnels of dwarves than the forest and plains above ground.
Armour-Mithril Chainmail
Weapons-Greataxe and a crossbow with a couple knives around
Great Now all set
No Robin Thats not to tall
And This is my First RPG here So could you help me for a little bit Haldir Lorienwarrior
Oy!! Why didnt you ask me to help you?? Im expirienced with RPG's as well you know!! You can see that by my number of posts.
Hehe, just kiding. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie But if you need any help dont hesitate to ask. I can tell you that your doing a fine job as GameMaster so far.
So come on! I cant wait to start!
I"d love to be of any assistance also, if you ever need it. Don't hesitate to ask! I
I'd love it if we started.
Yes so whenever you want to start we all are ready.
Then lets start

Arf’a walked out of the throne room after talking to the king to see people assembled outside.
"Are you here to help find Arthosi’ and Korigol?" he asked them. "Because if you are you might want to eat a good meal and sharpen your swords and refill your arrows it will be a while untill we are able to." He walks off towards the armory.

Note: Arf’a is not a big amin chracter (such as Tidus in FFX) but he is the voice of direction.
Robin dissapears for a little while and then comes back with an extra bag which he will not allow people to look inside of. Then he sits down and sharpens his axe while he waits for the elves to finish with their tasks.
Brin nodded to the elfs words and unsheathed her daggers, sharpening them quickly, her Jivatma could wait until they started out. "So, does anyone know how long this little journey will take?" She asked from behind her veils.
Etharion nodded as well. He got ready in a second and returned to wait for further commands. He looked at the fellow elfs, and dwarf, that had gathered here on this occasion. "Well..." he said looking around. "This is a nice group we have here. My name is Etharion. It would be nice to know what weapons you wield." he said noting their weapons. "I myself use Frostmourne here, a fine blade, from the frozen North. Ah, it is a pleasure to meet you, may i know your name?" he said turning to Brin.
Arf’a: I really think that Etharian and Adreia can help you better, tthey have more experiance than I do, and I'm ont really good at it.

Rumil stands by, watching, sharpenning one of his twin swords. Finally he speaks out, "Though no one ask, I am Rumil of Lorien, and I go as embassader of Lorien on this Quest. I have heard of you" nodding to Etharianand Arf’a, "however, I know none of you others and I would like to know."
Haldir_lorienwarrior: OK thanks

Arf’a stands and addresses Rumil (he slipped back in while no one was watching). "If you would like to ask such questions, surely you should have an answer. Come comrades tell him of who you are. For after this night we shall all be too busy on our quest to talk of such things." He then pulls out his sword and starts sparring the air.
Brin turned to Rumil, "It's a pleasure to travel in your company". She turned again, responding to Etharion, " Pleasure to be traveling with you as well, my name is Brin, and I'd rather not reveal all my weapons right now. But from what you can see, I have daggers, bow, and Jivatma". She removed the cloth hidding her face and set it in her lap, then taking out a bota, began sipping amnit. "You all seem like fine company, I look forward to our little journey together".
Can I join?
You should ask Arfea.

"As do i." said Etharion to Brin.
He also said hello to Rumil and Arfea when they spoke. "So, i wanted to ask what this quest would be about, where are we headed and how long will we be on the road? The basics if you please." he said with a smile.
Adreia had been keeping ehrself secluded a bit away from the others, only listening. When she felt it was the right time, she slipped out of the shadows and greeted everyone with a nod.
Robin pulls down his hood and says.I am robin and that is all you need to know about me right now. Then he pulls up his hood again oulls out a flute from his bag and starts playing a little meody on it.
Can I join?

well You will be the last one to join you a little late but ok please make you character

Arf’a walked over a wall, "We should begin to leave now if we want to go silently but if you all would like to stick around for the parade you can stay here over night." He then pushes on a brick in the wall and the wall melts away. He then walks through it.
"I prefer to leave unnoticed, but that is just me," Rumil shrugged, "I am fine with whatever everyone else wants."
Name: Ithilmir
Gender: Male
Age: 89
Race: Man (Dunadan)
Appearance: Mid-length black hair, grey eyes, almond skin and 6'3"
Clothes: A long greenish grey cloak clasped with a silver hawk brooch. Browns and greens on rest of body.
Weapons: Longish sword, crossbow and bladed quarterstaff
Skill: 80% swordsman 20% bowman (if thats allowed)

(Please tolerate me! Its my first RPG)

Ithilmir ran to catch up with the rest of the group.
"Let's follow Arfea"
robin puts away his flute and gets up and follows Arfea. We are not going to get anywhere just standing around.

dont worry about percentages or much of that really fancy shmancy stuff. and an 89 year old human?!?!?!?!? does he have some other type of blood in him or something. if not then you may want to bring the age down 50-60 years... oh well it is your character and I wont worry about it.
an 89 year old human????
Well if your a Dunedain then you have elfish blood for the dunedain were Aragon's race (no he wasn't special) and he was 84 during LOTR
sorry I am getting confused especially with my AP Exam next Friday... I am getting forgetful so please excuse me. I am not able to remember things as well but in three weeks I should be back to normal.
Gwaihir's character is a Dunedain, so that means he has a much longer life span than ordinary humans Robbin. But never mind, lets get on with the story.

Etharion followed Arfea through the passage. "Where are we going, if i might know? This whole time you'v been rather silent about our mission and quest." he said.
Brin nodded as she returned to her feet, "Yes, it would be nice to know what we're doing". She sheathed her knives and unstraped her quarter staff as a precaution.
Rumil just silently contued to toy with his twin swords, watching the others nad listening in, to know when to go.
Ithilmir watched Rumil's swords and waited for the others to decide what to do next.
"Well see thats the thing if you know where exactly Arthosl’ is then let me know but first we have to start by trying to find him" He kept walking then took another passage way to the left.

P.S. sorry i've been gone so long i was gone all weekend.
Robin races up to Arfea. Well I may not know where they are but If we know what they are most known for smithing and we know the quality of the work or even their smiths mark then all we have to do is follow the trail of their stuff that they sold and we shiuld be able to track them that way. When I forged I had to catch up to a caravan and no one knew the route so I just foolowed the trail of sold wares.
"That sounds logical, lets do it. Will we be allowed to buy some of their wares?"
Arf’a looks down at Robin "That is a great idea we should start looking in the city for wares. and if we find known then we should move on." He then looks at Ithilmir not when we speak to them for we have the great charge of asking them to creatiang new rings... Though it is my hope that none of you will be going to one Sauron's Leautenants to tell them for we have no need for a recount of the second and third ages." he walked to a door and walked into the night.
"Shall we follow him or let him do his work and have a decent night's sleep?"
Adreia had kept quiet, just listening to the others talk. She kept a hand on the hilt of her sword.
Sorry I haven't posted...schoolwork
"I agree." says Etharion. "Let us start looking in the city then. Shall we go together, or should we divide ourselves into groups?" he asked as he walked by Arfea.
"I say split up, we'd get too much attention as a big group." Rumil said, following the group, and keeping his swords out.
"Rumil you should put your sword away in the city it if anything would draw attention to us but you are right we should split up not only less attention in smaller groups but also we could cover more ground that way!" he walked on. "though in the city stay together it is vast going into the giant Camin’a trees as it does!"
I agree we should split up. now all we ned to know is how many groups who is in the groups and when and where do we meet? I dont care which group i am in. and i do agree with putting the weapons away but just because we follow the rule doesnt mean everyone will so watch out for danger.
Ithimir touched the butt of his crossbow and decided to follow Arfe’'s group, as he seemed to know his way around. He pulled up his hood and masked his face with a strip of grey-green cloth so that only his eyes were showing.

[edited on 14/5/05 whoops!]
Robin decided to go in a different group than Afea but does not know who he will be with
Brin frowned, "I'm keeping my cwellen out, as for group, I'm fine with either". She tightened her veils and cocked her cwellen in wait.
Adreia glanced towards Ithimir and Arfea for a moment, then stepped forward towards them.
"My name is Adreia, and I wish to join your group."
She looked up at both of them quietly, waiting for approval.
"I'll just join the group with less people." Rumil shrugged and sheathed his swords, "Thanks for reminding me, I'm just used to going through dangerous territory, so I keep my swords out usually."
Ithilmir showed his approval to Adreia with a friendly twinkle in his eye, but aside from that, remained motionless.
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