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Mwhehehe....everyone can now attend a fancy dress party.... for an explanation go to
so dress however and describe whatever food you want....
Oh, so this is the fancy dress party? You directed me to the riders of the riddermark thing for some reason, Elrose... Very Evil Smilie

But anyways, here I am. I'm now dressed in bark and have bristly root things as my beard, along with some leaves as decoration for my hair... you can guess what I am! Also, I'll be needing lots of earth to eat, and ten gallons of nice fresh spring water, if you please... thanks to whoever's holding this big party!! You'll run out of water soon, and I don't fancy being your housekeeper after this either...
I came as Spock, I got the wrong invitation.
a dark shadow falls upon the party....Its Elrose dressed as Morgoth in his "batlle-siut" (picture the cover of the lays of Beleriand with Morgoth fighting Fingolfin" "here's youre water Ent!!!"
From in a corner of the party room, a blue flash of light emanates, followed by a a black shadow resembling some type of bird. Within the shadow, the blue light pulses and then Icefangs steps forth. Her dark blue hair is cut short and her bangs are hanging with it, coming to point on either side of her face.

A dark blue hood and cape adorn her shoulders, the cape hanging to her ankles. It is clasped off-center, to the right, with a red, circular stone. The hood is pulled back and a red, diamond-shaped stone is embedded in the middle of her forehead, just above her eyes. Her face is pale and she wears a black tunic-like thing, showing her bare, also pale, legs. Her boots are the same shade as the cloak.

The belt of the outfit is a bunch of the red stones attached together and strung around her waist.

Her gauntlets are the dark blue of the cape and boots, and are set with another circular red stone on the back of each.

Icefangs grinned at the others of the party and walked up behind Elrose, tapping him on the shoulder.

(It shouldn't be too hard to guess who I is......)

The large, ornate, hall doors open. A tall fair haired lady dances, barefoot, into the hall and smiles at the people gathered. Her dress is white and reaches the floor and as she walks the white seems to shimmer with silver. Around her waist a thin silver belt shaped like vines, hangs loosley. Lots of small flowers are dotted among the lady's long hair.

Who am I, asks Maydmarion
OOC: I cannot guess who Icey is, unless it's Thuringethwil, and Maymarion, are you Galadriel??

Cloveress turned to see a big Morgoth offering her water. She walked over slowly to him and bent down, careful not to hurt her creaking joints... then she sniffed it suspiciously. "Hoom-hroom, are you sure you cleaned all the poison from it, Angband filth?"
Gibbon quickly went to change. He then burst in through the doors in his new Thranduil costume. He walked over to the table of food and poured himself a large glass of wine. "Let us begin the merry-making!" Birthday Smile Smilie
A woman stepped in, with long, fair hair, and dressed in the garb of a rider of rohan.
"Good day everyone, my name is Eyara. I have come from Rohan to announce that King Eomer will be arriving soon. I don't know when. Do I smell buscuits?"
Eyara promptly helped herself to some biscuits and waves to Icefangs.
Morgoth collapses in laghfter and pops of his head....then Turin Turambar jumps out in his dico suit slides ten feet on his knees and pops up behind (presumably) Goldberry??? or someone...
Goldberry (Maydmarion) turns to see a man in a disco suit on his knees at her feet.

That's where I like all my men, at my feet, she says in a Humphrey Bogart voice and starts laughing so much that her food falls from her plate...
....right into Turins mouth! hmmmm i can see our cooks really giving it his all says Turin as he gets up
"Ha!" Cloveress tried to laugh and hoom and the same time but it was not working, and she spilt water all over the tables as a branch from her giant ent suit brushed over the cups and jugs. "Oh stupid costume, "she muttered," I'm going to need to use the changing room here, guys..." She lumbered off, not noticing that her very very long hat (which was in the shape of a trunk) was about to hit the door.
aww man! i just had some dwarfs from the Iron hills come to fix that door! do you know how much they charged me?
No idea, replied Cloveress cheekily. But you'd better hide, cause those dwarves are on really friendly terms with the dragons, y'know...
alright....wanna move this party to the Khazud Dumish?
Sure. We're gonna crash the Khazad dumish! Grondy and Eva are going to have quite a handful...Eva's already in some soup trouble or something, and Maydmarion's giving free drinks out there!
Oh I think I've either drunk too much or had an outer body experience coz I zoomed off for a while and saw myself floating in an Inn - I think I'll have a lemonde next time round. Maybe my suger count has dropped - can I have a biscuit please.....

Goldberry starts whirling round the room in time with the muzak (music) not caring who was watching.
*Halo sneaks in to pillage the party food* Mmmmmmmmm...cheese and pinapple on sticks. Are those sausage rolls?
The Cloveress changed into a more comfy costume of a fat (but rather tall) Hobbit. "Hello, chaps!" she said brightly. "Back again!"