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If you do a google search, you'll find loads of Tolkien websites, and some of them have really good role playing things on 'em. Now if only I could remember the ones I saw... Wink Smilie I'll let you know if I've remembered... Tigger Smilie
Yay, thanx Tom *Breaks into a spontanious Happy Dance

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You seem to do that dance of yours quite often! Animated Wink Smilie
Still can't remember. I've been looking around for a bit, but I can't find the site I used for my essay. It was on there... Big Smile Smilie
Good news Halo: I found some! I just went to Google search, searched for JRR Tolkien role playing, and found these: (about ME role plays)

If you search that way yourself, I'm sure you'll find some more interesting sites.
Good luck! Duck Smilie
Aw, brilliant! Big Smile Smilie Many thanx Tom...ya know I might just have to break into another spontanious happy dance...
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*breaks into a spontanious happy dance and falls overDisturbed Smilie*

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Let's all dance and help Halo out! Dunce Smilie
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Whatever happened to the roll playing game that Taz was working on last autum/winter?
You'll have a great time, Halo. I must have lost at least seven or eight years playing Middle Earth and Rolemaster. It can be a little confusing at first, but given time you can totally lose yourself in it. The maps are great but you need to buy a lot of modules to cover Middle Earth
Valedhelgwath: Welcome to the forum. Smile Smilie

Tell us about your nickname. It is almost long enough to be Welsh and I'm having a hard time getting my tongue around it so maybe it is from one of the subterranean races? Smile Smilie
Eeeeee! Hi Valedhelgwath *waves*
I'm not that worried about Middle Earth being confusing at first, I spend most of my time confused anyway. Are you limited to what types of charicters you can play?

Hi there, Grondmaster

The name comes from an old elven character I used to play in MERP. It comes from the Sindarin derivitives:- Val (power), edhel (elf), gwath (shadow). He was originally (or unoriginally) Glorfindel, but one particularly nasty encounter with Khamul the Easterling (one of the Nazgul) left him bitter and twisted.

By the way, I'll apologize now in case at any time I mention names not mentioned by the great man himself. After roleplaying in Middle Earth for so long, I sometimes forget which bits were written by Tolkien, and which bits were created by ICE for the game.
Hi Halo.

Where do I begin?
I'm afraid Middle Earth was a game we played a long time ago before changing to Rolemaster (basically Advanced M.E) so I'm a bit rusty on the system.
Characters can be chosen from any of the Middle Earth races and can then choose to be one of about six professions (Warrior, Mage, Ranger etc). In Rolemaster there are about fifty professions.
Each race has different racial abilities (eg. an elf has agility bonuses, see in the dark etc)
Different professions then get so many boxes to fill in (ie. a warrior might get 3 in armour, 5 in weapons, 2 in general skills etc) This gives scope for each character to advance in the direction you want him to go (although warriors will be severely limited in magic, and conversely Mages will be poor fighters.) Rolemaster is slightly more complicated. Each character has so many development points that he can spend on skills. Although magic will still cost a warrior dearly, it is not as limiting as M.E
Once you've filled in your boxes you calculate your characters skill bonuses by giving him 5pts for every box, and then adding on any Stat (ie strength, agility) bonuses, and racial bonuses relevent to whatever skill.

I'm afraid that all sounds a little confusing, but it's difficult trying to condence entire modules into a few paragraphs. Hopefully that's some help though. If you need any more help let us know.
At the end of the day, like any roleplaying, you have to try and forget you are running a piece of paper. Use your imagination, and with the help of a good gamesmaster, your character will come alive (.... until he's butchered)

Just one word of advice.... Until you're used to the game, I wouldn't recommend being a Mage. There are three times as many rules to learn.

Have fun
Well...we've (me 'n' my friends) have played Middle Earth. My charicter is the second most useless, the first mostuseless being the bard. re my charicter's an elf, sure she/he/it (preferably she) can comunicate with orks and other nasty stuff, sure its good at stealing things... but its smeggin' useless with a bow and arrow! That Orc was two feet away from me and I still managed to miss the damn thing!So Angry Smilie

Heh, Middle Earths first dyslexic Elf Dunce Smilie
There's nothing worse than imagining your character shooting an orc through the forehead at 200 paces, and then when it comes to your turn, just seeing the arrow bounce harmlessly off a rock. Hang in there, Halo... Try to make advantage of surprise and rear attacks. They can give you quite a big bonus.
Actually, Halo, thinking about the problem a little longer the answer to your problems is easy... Elf Scout/Thief??? Surely you are going a bit against the grain. Wouldn't you feel more at ease playing some Uruk warrior (even though they're stinking toilets!)?
Ha Ha Ha Smilie If not an Uruk warrior, at least a half-orc scout/thief would be more in keeping with the image which Halo Black has presented to us. Big Smile Smilie
Waaa! Sad Smilie The gamesmaster wouldn't let me be an Uruk or a half-orc
Unfortunatly for him I know where he lives. Very Evil Smilie Bwahahahaha! *Goes to find a burning torch and a pitchfork* Very Big Grin Smilie
As far as I can remember, Halo, there are no alignments in MERP. Your GM might not want you playing orcs, uruks etc, but it is down to you how you eventually play your character. If you want to commit chaotic, deplorable acts then your GM should allow you to do so and be flexible enough to cope with the situation that arises (as a former GM, I know the actions of a party could never be anticipated).
Your only problem might come from other party members who perhaps won't take kindly to you slaughtering the fair maiden whom they have just rescued.
Although I don't advise you to do so, I always used to find in-party fighting most gratifying (but then, being an evil GM, I would wouldn't I)
Aren't they awful, those moderators? Moderator Smilie Animated Wink Smilie

Where can you join those role playing things, anyway? And what's it about? Disturbed Smilie
Hi Tommy.
Roleplaying's a type of game where you actively take the part of one of the characters in a given quest. The types of game that I used to play, involved a group of players pitting their wits against a Gamesmaster who controlled all aspects of the game other than the player's own characters. In effect the Gamesmaster creates a world in which the characters live, interact, and strive to survive. While making the quests challenging for the players, it should not be the Gamesmaster's intent to kill the characters. He/she is there to referee and keep the plot flowing thus bringing the world to life.
There are many forms of roleplaying, but the ones that I used to play involved no more than maps drawn on scraps of paper, characters similarly scribbled down and a few dice. The world, in effect, existed mainly in the players imaginations. There are many game systems on the market that are of this type, but the ones that I used were initially Dungeons and Dragons, and later Middle-Earth Roleplaying and Rolemaster. Middle Earth Roleplaying, as the name suggests, is set in Middle Earth giving the player the opportunity to meet or even play the role of their favourite characters.
For those who want something more physical, Roleplaying can be played for real. I've never been to one, but there are meetings where dozens of people turn up in costume and actually physically play the game. These meetings are probably advertised on the net or in gaming magazines.
With the advent of the computer age, and the net, there are now numerous online games too, some of them with thousands of people participating. Again this is an area that I have not explored so you will maybe have to seek advice elsewhere about joining such games.
Most schools, collages etc have games clubs where these games will probably be played. Failing that, do what I did, and start your own game with your friends. Just don't be surprised when you get strange looks from people down the pub when you begin enthusing about some orc whose head you've recently smashed in with your +5 Mace of Smiting.

Hope this is of some help to you.
Hey great! Must be cool! Must get some of my friends excited about this! Very Big Grin Smilie Thanks Val!
Just be careful if you play the game for real. One night myself and a couple of mates were stalking each other through some woods when a case of mistaken identity almost got us into trouble. If I hadn't dragged one of them to the ground he would have attacked a couple of policemen who were investigating our campfire. Considering he was wielding a homemade sword at the time, I think they might have thrown the book at him.
Considering he was wielding a homemade sword at the time,

Has anyone been hurt playing this? It sounds pretty dangerous........
Has anyone been hurt playing this? It sounds pretty dangerous........
Probably depends on whether the swords were made out of paper, rubber, pine, ice, aluminum, or steel, don't it; of course you can get a bad cut from paper, one that burns like hell, sometimes for hours. Very Big Grin Smilie
Considering he was wielding a homemade sword at the time.....Has anyone been hurt playing this? It sounds pretty dangerous........

The swords we used were made of soft steel. They were pretty sharp, but being mild steel, tended to nick pretty badly. Because they were pretty dangerous we tended to be fairly careful with them (as careful as you can when running around in dark woods while drunk), so nobody actually got hurt much.
The worst accident we had was when I tried smashing a branch out of the way using a fence post. My mate was using it as cover, and I figured if I smashed it out of the way, I could then lightly jab him with the post (my improvised 2-handed sword). Unfortunately, the branch was actually 2 branches with a leafy gap between them. I didn't notice this until the post met with no resistance other than my mate's collar bone, and he crumpled under the impact. A second mate seeing this, looked down at the mere twig he was wielding, back at me, figured I'd gone mad and leapt into a huge clump of nettles to avoid the same treatment.
They still remind me of it to this day...
Me thinks thou hast passed the bounds of normal gameplay and are lucky no one was maimed. I have many swords in my collection but would never think about using one on another living thing, except maybe in my dreams on the side of goodness, and even there I don't actually recall any actual mayhem.

If you drink, don't drive, handle firearms, or play with fire, knives, or swords! The life you save may be mine.
Very Big Grin Smilie

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:0: Remind me to watch out for insane sword carrying tolkienites when walking through bushes!

Was your mate okay Val? And does he still talk to you....?

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If you drink, don't drive, handle firearms, or play with fire, knives, or swords! The life you save may be mine.

Wize words Grondmaster. Looking back, we were lucky nobody got seriously hurt. Sharp, pointy weapons plus alcohol are a dangerous combination in the hands of a twenty-something.
Anyone interested in trying real life roleplaying, I suggest you buy some of the weapons that are now available through specialist suppliers. They appear very realistic, but are made of some sort of foam rubber. If that's too tame, try paintballing. They sting but are not as dangerous as crossbows etc.
I've never tried my hand at paintball, but I guess it would be fun. Big Smile Smilie It's not half as dangerous as your role-playing thing. Wary Smilie
I've never tried my hand at paintball, but I guess it would be fun. It's not half as dangerous as your role-playing thing
I wouldn't be so sure, Tommy. I've never been hurt with a sword, but I did last time I went paintballing. Because someone told them it was my birthday (even though it wasn't) I was given the task of defending a little hut against all of my mates, with just a marshal helping me. Because I was on my own, I was given unlimited lives, and was able to continue until I wanted to surrender. Trouble is, male pride wouldn't let me surrender and by the end of it I looked as though I'd been beaten with a big stick. In the end I gave in when my goggles were covered with so much paint that I couldn't see, and I had someone firing pointblank at my leg and someone else at my shoulder. The paintballs sting enough at twenty yards, but when someone's pumping repeated shots onto the same spot from less than a foot away, it begins to hurt quite a bit. The paintballs, by the way, are like a 70mph maltesa hitting you.
Make sure you're well padded and wear a hat. A couple of hits on my head did draw blood.
Thinking about it, the very first time I went paintballing I got hit in the cheek. Unfortunately, I had a boiled sweet in my mouth at the time and when the paintball hit against it, it smashed one of my teeth.
The same game, one of my mates got hit in the face and it broke his nose. Now days though, they use full face helmets so it's a lot safer.
Ouch? I think I'll reconsider it... Disturbed Smilie
Now we have a Roleplaying Guild, I have moved this thread here from General Discussion.

Going back to Roleplaying games.
Do any of you play games such as Middle Earth Roleplaying, Rolemaster or Dungeons and Dragons? Or any other genre for that matter, there are a lot out there.
This guild could be used for newcomers to find out more about the various systems, and more experienced players to share their experiences or problems.
It'll be interesting to see whether the Computer Age has killed off the dice and paper variety.
I've only played the computer ones, and never online.
I just cant get into them.. Ive played VTM Redemption on the computer.. but got bored quickly.... Games in general dont keep my interest very much... I dont know why...
I never came across one, so I've never played one either. And I don't think I'll go and look for one. Too lazy. Tongue Smilie
Do any of you play games such as Middle Earth Roleplaying, Rolemaster or Dungeons and Dragons?

Yes, Matthew started a campagne for Robbie about 3 weeks ago. Robbie had seen all of Mathew's Dungeons and Dragons books and kept asking questions about it. So Matthew decided to teach him. It is just the 3 of us and a friend of mine. We have had a great time with it.

This is my 200th posts. yippeeeee! Pary Smilie
Congrats Mellie! Me is reaching 1800! Dunce Smilie
I started a game of Rolemaster with my lad a few weeks ago. It's been several years now since I last played, and I was a little rusty on the rules etc, but he had a great time. Every time he comes to see me, it's what he wants to play now. It'll be great for these coming cold wet Winter days.
I LOVE roleplaying! Can i join? Big Smile Smilie

I have learned, you don't ask to join in here. Just do it. and have lots of fun.
Thumbs Up Smilie
I used to play Middle Earth a few years ago.Can't quite remember much about the rules though.
It was quite difficult at first,but you'll get used to it.Also it was my favourite roleplaying game obviously being a fan.
The first adventure i played in Middle Earth was "Shelob's Lair",very hard!But good.
I wonder if you can still get it?
I've got about thirty modules covering most of Middle Earth, but have never seen one for Shelob's Lair. I had to travel about thirty five miles to find a shop that sold them, and then about five years ago it stopped too. It's been a long while since I've seen anywhere selling them.

I used to buy them mainly for the maps (excellant detail) and the background. I very rarely ran the adventures though. I always found it easier to design my own, because MERP adventures often rely heavily on the party doing certain things, meeting certain people etc. My players were always far too chaotic for any of that, leaving me to improvise plots as I went along. After a while I had such a detailed alternative Middle Earth in my head, they could go virtually anywhere and I'd have the area already developed for them to save/destroy.

The other reason I used my own modules was because I used the Rolemaster system rather than MERP. Rolemaster is kind of like what AD&D is to MERP's D&D. Basically it is the same, but there are enough differences to make a straight conversion tricky.
I've played AD&D, and made MERP characters with a friend (but never actually got around to playing) and played a sort of small-force battle game that we adapted to use tolkien characters in (harnmaster maybe? something dark/middle ages based, and that each figure had individual stats, but not as extensive as a real rpg character). Anyway, I was wondering what people knew about the new LotR RPG from decipher. Reviews I've read said it simpified things (in a good way) so that it wasn't so number-crunching as AD&D and a bit more free-flowing, I guess. And that it had a good Tolkien feel to it, in the application of magic, for example. Has anyone played it, or had a look through the book, at least?
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Well im just a little AD&D player whos been playing for a year or two . We have a lott of excellent adventures thanks to our DM . I went crazy for AD&D the first time i saw it and im not going to stop very soon . Orc Grinning Smilie
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