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jus for laughs, lets have some fun!

do wotever. be whoever. be yourself, be a donkey.

*puts on Superman costume*
to infiniti, and beyond!

I walk in the thread dressed as a court jester, and promptly begin digging a hole in the floor with my three-pointed hat.
Rane walks into the thread wearing her neighbors curtain as the outcome of a horrible cheese melting accident. She swiftly walks over to the bowl filled with hawaiian punch, takes a cup, and spikes it with some bottle pulled out of some makeshift convenient pocket in the curtain.
So where exactly is the fun?
Laure putters through the thread as a pink penguin. 'Rrrrrrrrawk' *flap*
Rane , After taking a very large gulp of her punch, Walks over to Icey, grabs her head from the ground, and says to her, "WATCH THIS!" She then snaps her fingers and the curtain transforms into a beautiful white dress with silver embelishments, and The red hooded cloak that Rane received from Icey as a birthday present appears on her shoulders. Her Hair was instantly untangled and her hair was in its natural state."How as that??"
Hearing the commotion, Lord Loss (that's me) stops his Minstrel (will someone be my minstrel???) from clacking two coconuts together (to make a horsey sound) and slows his trotting and dismounting of his 'horse' he bursts into the thread with an unmentionable word, which is unmentionable so i cant say it he said 'NEH!!!' and removed the black cloak form his head and taps Rane on the shoulder and says' What on Middle-Earth is going on here? a ball perhaps?'
D-Rob checks for onlookers, and upon seeing none, begins to brake out beautiful ballerina moves while listening to Wolfgang. This particular post, however, escaped his gaze...
Laure makes another cameo, this time as a green stork. *Kakakrrrrr*
but, oop! and she tumbles noisily into the punch bowl, and stilts off pink and wetly.
we need some music!
*puts on bob dylann*
hmmm...we could use some water to. like a water fight....
*starts filling up water baloons*
'my word!!! it's a mad house!!!!' exclaimed Lord Loss, and finally decided to stop being all proper and taken the water balloon from the suerman costume man guy and slammed it right into his face and ran away!!! well to hide on the floor next to the odd looking green stork and said to her 'dont move, im hiding!!'
The green and pinkly stork croaks aggreement and decides to fly off with, Lord Loss hanging on to her feet. She looks down, realizing he is still there, and promptly shakes him off in the direction of the bottomless hawaiian punch bowl. The green and pinkly stork lands on a safely distant curtain rod and watches with greatest interest.
hey! get out of my punch! that comesa all the way from hawwai!!!
aww wot the heck, that looks tastey
*jumps into punch bowl*
"Hey I think I will join you!!!" Rane snaps her fingers and a yellow floaty with the head of a duck appears around her waste. "Bombs away!!!!!"Rane jumps in and the skirt on her dress poofs out like in Alice in Wonderland and she slows temendously." Oh dear, I believe I might be here a while!"
D-Rob snaps out of his ballerina trance and decides to yell at everyone in the punch bowl

Hey, I've got the biggest and probably only gun here and I want you all out this moment.

He doesn't seem to realize that before he started his ballerina dancing he was getting ready to get in the shower and only has a towel wrapped around him. This is pertinent because he also took off his gun.
In a desparate attempt to join the punch bowl without getting shot, Lord Loss galliantly jumped and withdrawing his sword from his sheath, he cut off D-Rob's arm (the one that was holding the gun) holding the sword tightly he looked at D-Rob and said 'What the....' at the fact that D-Rob had grown another arm!!! 'well nows my chance' and with a skipety skip skip, (yes you got it) he skipped into the bowl, which was kinda tight and stood and declared 'i declare the people here forth in the bowl 'The Knights of the Punch Bowl'' and smiled and jumped back in.

666th Post Moderator Smilie
Icey sighed and stared as though she, Icelia Cimber Fandorien, were above those who were currently amusing themselves in the punch bowl. She removed her three-cornered hat, reached inside and jumped as a large white rabbit's head popped out and bit her hand. She snarled at the rabbit; it dove down deeper into the hat. Dear Ice, not willing to give up a fight, shoved her hand into the hat again, and was promptly sucked inside. The hat bounced and jounced about the room, noises reminiscent of cat fights between lions and tigers coming from its insides. Little tufts of white began flying out the open end of the hat and suddenly a loud, mewling cry sounded from within its depths. Abruptly the hat stopped stopped bouncing, and no other noise was heard...
The green stork finishes preening, and now is completely orange. She looks around, and notices Icey's hat. Not having seen the recent events, as her head was deep in greening feathers, Laure swoops and stutters down to hide the hat, when suddenly the hat comes to life and swallows her whole, too! The hat settles quietly to the floor, after making certain no one else had seen, and is now awaiting its next victim...
"Oh my word!" Rane says as she noticed the hat that was sucking everyone up." Well lets just see what we can do about that." She jumps out of the punch bowl, which I might add was much easier than getting in for the fact that her skirt was now damp, and runs over and grabs the hat in her hand. The hat instantly starts trying to suck her up to, but Rane, with an irritated look on her face, started to spat the hat much like a mother would do when scolding her child. " How about a taste of your own medicine!" She then takes a vaccum out of her pocket and sticks the hose into the open end of the hat. She turns on the vaccum and starts to laugh much like Dr. Evil, but over does it a little like Scotty, Dr. Evil's son. All of the sudden two large, moving lumps appear in the hose. She then pulls the hose from the hat, hits the reverse switch, and out pops two of the party goers, as well as a very small but cute rabbit with a stopwatch and a vest. The rabbit then ran away looking at the watch and mumbling something about a very important date. " Very strange. . . . . . . Are you guys ok? What happened in there???"
No, really : where's the fun?
D-Rob checks to make sure no other CMs are watching and wacks Virumor up the side of the head using the butt of his gun.

That ought to shut 'im up for a while. By the way everyone, the arm works just fine except it has 6 fingers...

D-Rob wiggles his extra finger then sneaks away...
You want to get banned? Or rather, be court marshalled for assaulting a superior officer?

And answer my question : WHERE the heck is the fuN?
Laure, after being vaccumed so unceremoniously out of the hat, ruffles her remaining feather in a huff, and stalks off to pluck a bystander's feather boa. Returning, now purple and silver, with her last orangeing feather flittering straight up from her head, she *krawks* at Virumor for the preposterous insolence and disrespect dealt all in the thread by attempting to take them all seriously. The purple, silver, and oranging stork flaps gawkily out of the thread to avoid any furtherly ensuing chaos for the night. No more hats for this stork.
And answer my question : WHERE the heck is the fuN?

You sound like Jack Sparrow. "Where's the gin? But where's the gin?"
Jack who?
Capp'm Jack Sparrow, Vir, the legendary pirate, ggeeaaaarrrrrrrrrggg!!!

Seeing that Vir is interupting the randoness, Lord Loss dives down into the depths of the punch bowl, which apparently has no bottom, in an attempt to hid from the partypooper (sorry Vir) and staring up through the pink shine from the lighting he gurgles to the rest of the people in the punch bowl, 'come down here, underwater party woooo, Free Gills for everyone!!!!!!!!'
Some CM might randomly lock/delete this thread once, ye know.
You do realise that you are threatening to abuse your power as CM just because you dont understand what we say??? Orc Going Huh Smilie
Do you realise that threatening a CM is a very stupid thing to do, and that we can lock any thread when we want to? Personal attacks are not allowed on this website. D-rob has been warned, and you Elessar should watch your step. So either you all play nice or you won't play at all. And do you realise that I always misspell realise?

Just ignore Vir and move on. No wonder he is grumpy when you all refuse to tell him where the fun is. Kids...
You do realise that you are threatening to abuse your power as CM just because you dont understand what we say???

I was just pointing out what is likely to happen if this thread continues to evolve in its current direction.

And now, to the Tolkien threads.
And do you realise that I always misspell realise?

oh yeah its spelt realize

If it came across as a threat, i did not mean so, i purely said that he would lock a thread because he holds a grudge against it, and because he sees no point, it does kinda look like using his power for the wrong reasons, but..........
On behalf of the group who dwell in the 'Let's Play' thread, sorry Vir, if you want an answer to your question, So, Where's the fun?, ill tell you, the fun is really not that fun-like, its just randomness collected in a hat and a punch bowl, look at it as Alice In Wonderland, randomness collected in a little rabbit hole, and that is even inside Alice's Dream, inside her head! It's Alice In Wonderland 3!!! Go On Vir add something mad!!!

It was Elrose's fault; He made up the thread hehe
So whats happening??? Are we to continue??
The recently orange stork putters back in as a large, disgruntled macaroni penguin with very large yellow ear tufts. Waggling her eyebrows in a most displeased manner, she crawks- Of course we continue!
Everyone say a nice sorry to Virumor-
and then I'm back in the punch bowl!!
Laure dives back in and promptly discovers a whole 'nother world in the bottom of the bottomless punch bowl...
Ice looks on sadly at her destroyed hat; it never hurt her; that darned rabbit did. She shoves her hand into her pocket, which is also a black hole to another universe, and pulls out a similar hat, though this time colored black and green. She places the hat on her head; it goes strikingly well with her similarly colored hair. Grinning from her ear, which, in her case, was quite strange because her ears were on top of her head, Ice walked up to the punch bowl, took a glass, glanced down in the bowl, saw the penguin, and instead pulled a light blue, iced-over bottle of something out of the above mentioned pocket. She popped the cap off this thing and poured the shimmering liquid into her glass.
After finally realizing how small the glass was, Ice handed it to someone standing near her, took the bottle in both hands, shivered slightly, and downed half the thing in one long gulp. Suddenly her eyes twinkled, darn near glowed and she swayed back and forth. The blueish bottle started to slide from her fingers, or would have, had it not been frozen to them. Ice's grin seemed to widen somehow, and she continued to sway.
It was Elrose's fault; He made up the thread hehe

sure, blame the percon whos gone!

hey cms....uhhh id just like to do this. *gets out pies and starts throwing them at the party poopers*
hmm no personal attacks? fine. they're impersonal. makes a little pie throwing machine, puts an automatic helicopter on it runs away and hides and makes it launch pies at cms.*

then starts throwing them at everyone so the cms dont have all the fun. :P
then hugs the cms for not locking the thread.

"Finally some food!!!" Rane runs and leaps into the air grabbing a pie right before it could smack one of the party goers in the face. She sat down in middle of the floor and snaped her fingers. A fork appeared in her hand a very large bib with a picture of a lobster on it lay on her chest. "OOO lemon!"
Pie?!!! YAY! Laure flips over, turns into a teal otter, and leaps out of the punch bowl. She leaps on a blueberry pie zipping past, realizes how much fun just catching them is, and runs around crazily attacking the flying pies!
Bobbing up to the top of the Punch Bowl, Lord Loss grabbed a pie that lay floating on the thin glass of water in the Bowl and threw it at the newly changed Otter in an attempt to get her attention?? and slowly slid out of the bowl and was dry almost instantly and hid behind to hide from the Otter
The pie (pecan Orc Grinning Smilie ) describes a graceful arc through the air, catching Laure in the face, midair, and sending her into a spinning flip and the most ungraceful landing possible. She gets up, stickily, and looks around in time to see Lord Loss duck behind the bottomless punch bowl. "Yaeg, not that easily will you hide from me!!" The very sticky otter launches herself at Lord Loss, bowling over and stickifying nearlyeveryone else in the room in her mad scramble. She leaps over the punchbowl and is midair above the bowl when... Shocked Smilie
(This is all done in slow motion Elf With a Big Grin Smilie )

when.......suddenly Lord Loss saw the Sucking Top Hat appeared right next to him, he reached into it and nearly getting sucked in himself, he felt what felt like fabric with holes in them, 'my gosh' he said 'it's a huge net!!!' Taking it out he leaped up from behind the punch bowl and caught the flying Otter before sinking its sticky teeth into the Noble Man's neck, then, laughing at the top of his voice...... well he laughed, and then looked around for the most humiliating thing imaginable (coz he was nice like that Orc Grinning Smilie )

(This part isnt in slow motion Orc Grinning Smilie )

Still looking around he found, a little way off, what looked like a giant white and red target, chuckling to himself he taken some rope that he always kept handy (like good ole Samwise) and tied her to the target and conveeeeeeeniently little dolls clothes that fit her perfectly lay next to the target, well guess what he put the clothes on her and once again tied her to the target and shouted at the top of his voice 'hey everyone a free target that wont run away'. He was beginning to wonder why karma wasnt getting him, he was having one of his evil days......
oh, karma is coming... It just hasn't thought of anything good enough yet... Very Evil Smilie
Is karma going to get any input??? Look Around Smilie
well you cant do karma, coz your tied up mwahahahahaha I (this is Lord Loss's smilie)
Don't worry, I've got your karma Wink Smilie

Rane, seeing the humiliation that the man was putting the otter through, started to remember an incident a lot like this that happened to her in high school. *shudders* " I have a very good idea of how to make the target even better!!!" Rane reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small, baby blue bag. She reaches in and pulls out a sort of shimmering dust. She moves her hand up to her mouth and blows the dust in the mans direction. As soon as the dust hits him, it transforms into a very bright neon green ballet outfit (complete with le tutu). He was then taken back by the wind created by Rane and was straped next to the otter by a type of silverish gray sticky strip. " I think I could make alot of money for that sticky strip, if I could just think of a name!" Just then she looks to her right to see a duck waddle past her with what looks like the word 'tape' marked on its behind. She nods her head up like she were thinking and says, "That was a rather cute duck!"
As this made no sense whatsoever (by the way how can you nod upwards???) I Lord Loss I started a chuckling laugh as if he were mad and turned to the now grinning Otter and said 'ooooooooooo good karma eh? but wait a minute if this is the 'bad thing' that happens to I Lord Loss I then why am i laughing?? and another thing, your still here!!! hehe so what have you done to make Crazy Dusty Duck Lady not untie you???' He chuckled abit more then came to his senses and muttered 'hehe only one person has noticed, what an amazing karma display, one person blew dust on me' Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
*someone's got their tutu in a knot* lol
well laa dee daa, your just jealous because i look better than you do in a tutu!!!!!!! Orc Grinning Smilie
lol ok, I admit it! I am now going to therapy on tuesdays and thursdays because of it! Ok, so hows about we move on with the story?
carrying on.....

Looking over to the Otter (also on the target) Loss smiled and asked her 'soooooooooo, you like morphing huh???'
As Lord Loss’ looks over, he realizes that the Otter has been gon for quite some time... She has in fact, morphed into a yellow lemur and has spent the time between her escape to set up a giant whipped cream catapult. She is now in the process of setting up a ticket stand for all those who would like to set off the catapult... Karma strikes!
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