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In A world of peace and harmony known as Desnainia, a cruel, heartless murderer will try and enslave and kill all lifeforms in this land. But a group of Mages,Knights,Beasts,and others will try and stop them.

Race:Hasakai Black Mage
Weapons:Black Magic and Fire Magic, Kaki(Staff with a blade on the bottem and a Losotha stone on top to summon magic), and daggers.
Appearance:White Bloodstained hooded robe,Long White hair,spiked skull pendant symbolizing that he is a master of black magic and fire magic.
Backround:After his homeland was destroyed by the Yazakoga tribe Zumai swore that he would kill every last one of them and that is why he came to this land. But when this murderer threatens his new home he and his friends will save it.
Personality:Mysterious yet powerful, very trustworthy,very dark,very powerful and has uncontrollable fits of rage.
Zumai raced through the woods dodging the Elite Guard's Arrows.He muttered something under his breath and vanished into a treetop. Then he made multiples of himself to corner the guards.He cast a final spell by shouting'"ZAKARAD!!!!"and the guards were teleported tohis hideout where they were bound and gagged by Zumai's magic.He was about to hang them upside down and let the blood rush to their heads until they passed out when he heard a voice say,"WAIT!"
Zephrah sat in an old Elm tree, silentely, and listened to the sounds of the forest. She could her the crackel of a nearby brook, and the scurry of a mouse as it hurried about on it's business. She listened as the wind sweaped throu the trees, and the bird that had been serenading his mate sudenly took flight. Zephrah listened more intentely trying to decipher what had caused the wind to stirr. She thought she heard the swoosh of an arow, when suddenly a strange man apeared in a nearby tree. Zephrah quickely wraped herself in her cloke, and watched as the man magically captured his attackers. When Zephrah realized what was goin on, she knew that there was much more to the situation that was unfolding before her. She eyed the creatures that had been aparentely hunting the man, and was reminded of an old song her grand-father had sung to her when she was but an infant. He had spoken of creatures that had been locked in a magical dungeon by an evil sorcerer, and the pain that they had suffered, though they were not evil at heart. "Wait!" cried Zephrah, as she stood up and revieled herself to the man in the tree nearby. "There is another way."

Name: Zephrah
Gender: F
Race: Elf
Appearence: Slender, but strong. her hair is black sith an ocasional silver streak, and her eyes are a solid ebony that seem to reflect the ages she has seen through a mysterious light. Her gown is a long Elven robe of elegent Jade, with a Silver snack worn as a broch on her right shoulder securing her cloack. She speaks with the soft accent of a Tree Elf.

Hight: 5Ft. 6in.

Weapons: Silver bow, of the Tree Elf fashion, and a misterious dagger, fashioned durign the Old Age of the Elfes. the dagger is called Vishrow

Powers: She is versed in the old magic of the Elves.
"WAIT!?"ARE YOU CRAZY?!?"Yelled Zumai.He calmed himself down a bit then said ,"They are bad people.They work for Gaazak the cruel murderer who is trying to enslave the village.And just who are you anyway?"
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i will try myself, but i get confused with all the characters, make them simple!!! ill think of one
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Name: Kaon Fryndi
Race: human (female)
Age: 17
Appearance: 5'5" with black hair and purple eyes. She is slender, but very muscular. She is dressed in thigh-high boots, worn cloak and a gold embroidered corset over a tunic, all in black and shades of grey. She looks very innocent and fragile.
Weapons: twin scimitars at her waist, a katana on her back and various knives hidden about her person.
(she's the main character in the novel i'm writing atm...)
u guys ready to start this?
Name: Garnet (last name unknown)
Age: 19 (been 19 for many, many years... Big Smile Smilie)
Race: Human (female)
Subrace: Sun-shielded Vampire
Weapons: Two elbow blades (Think Talim from Soul Caliber II). One has the head of dragon carved into the bottom of the hilt, and the other a black panther. The blade of the dragon sword is a dark, crimson red, that seems to pulse with fire when it draws blood, while the panther sword is a midnight blue, that glows a dark blue when it is used. She calls her weapons Deiblade and Naigtblade.
Appearance: Her hair is a crimson red, and is tied up into two ponytails, one on each side of her head (pigtails!!! YAY!!!! Big Smile Smilie). She wears an auburn bandana tied around her as a top, and a very short, black skirt, under which is a pair of cutoff trousers. Her boots are kneehigh, and the trousers just barely cover the tops of them, and are a leathery, dark brown. She's about 5'6 and is...well-filled out...not Dolly Parton well...but she's not lacking, heh heh.
The item that protects her from sunlight is a teardrop-shaped ruby on a golden chain that she wears around her neck.
Info: Garnet was bitten a few hundred years ago, though by who, and when exactly, she is not that time she had just been in a massive fire, that killed most of her family, and was in the care of healers far from her old home. Thanks to a head injury, she remembers nothing of her past, at least before she became a vampire. She is an exceptional thief, she managed to steal her blades from an unfit to rule, cruel, king, after which he set her home and family afire. Years later she got her revenge on the king, once he was an old and dying man...she slaughtered his entire household, and left him for last, when she stole the ruby amulet from him then, as well.
She's got a biting attitude, and while she seems to care for none but herself, she really is not that self-centered, though she fronts that aspect quite often. She seems innocent and naive at times, though she always knows more than she reveals...

I made her for a RP on the Adventure Quest forums a LOOOOONG time ago...and I thought I'd dig her up for this one...Big Smile Smilie
alright lets start it up well it already has but whatever
Garnet sighed and watched with sudden interest as the elf girl spoke out to the mage. Though she wasn't sure whether or not she should intervene...there was a new trinket she'd like to try out...

Placing the onyx ring on her finger, she pictured a spot on the ground a few feet below her perch in the tree, and nearer the tree the elf girl was in. Whispering, "Mehtalion," she was enveloped in darkness from the ring and disappeared...

Suddenly a dark shadow rose from the ground and seemed to solidify into a young women. She grinned to herself; the dark teleportation ring did work... "Indeed there is another way. There is always another way...but are you willing to take it?" Garnet asked, resting her hands on her belt.