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Hi I'm new here and i wanted to start a thread for new people ONLY so if you're all pro at these rpg things please either stay our or act new and dumb.
so i'm not sure how to start so anybody can start this thing if they want.
there are no rules.
be anyone, anything, MAKE THIS FUN
Name- Haden
Race- Elf
Homeland- Nomad
Gender- Male
Age- 21
Physical appearance- Long-ish brown hair that falls into his eyes and he flicks out with a casual flick. Black cloak over a blood red tunic. Black pants and worn brown boots. Bright blue eyes. Tall, about 6'1.
Skills- Extremely talented with a bow and arrow.
Background- Nomad_no relatives known
Other- Always drinks from a silver flask that hangs across his shoulders.
Hey Smile Smilie I'm also new here and this is actually my first post. I'm new to these rpg things but it seems like fun so here goes:
Name: Azrael
Race: Elf
Homeland: Rivendell
Gender: Female
Age: 75
Appearance: Very long, wavy, reddish hair, green eyes, skinny and not very tall (167 cm). Wears a swamp green cloak over a dark green tunic. Also, black pants and dark green boots.
Skills - Not very skilled with weapons except small knives, but very good at martial arts. Also skilled with herbs.
Background - Born to anonymous parents in Rivendell, then taken away and raised by a human couple in Minas Tirith. Later, at the age of 45, was returned to Rivendell.
Personality: Not too social and perhaps a bit withdrawn, but always willing to help others. Tries to remain calm at all situations, but has occasional outbursts of wrath when seriously angered by something. Good at thinking and solving problems.

Okay, so who's going to start the story? I suggest the next person makes something up....
hello im new but know a lil about rpg play iv played a lot of d&d so i hope to bring color to this one so here gos.

name corgon swiftblade

race elf

homeland unknown

gender male

age 154

apperance-- long black hair that covers eyes well black lether armor studed with mythril spikes black cloke with a sky blue crest on its back. deep green eyes and a long scar acrost his face standing at 6 foot even

skills i am unmached with a sword and my aim is deadly with a bow as well as magic.

back ground--- he knows littel of his past being unabel to recall even his mothers voise or face. he travels mostly alone seeking answers. he tends to keep things inside and prefers to kill first and ask questions later. the only good in his life was a elven woman who was killed by a drunkin man whom corgon latter slauterd. he keeps his face coverd most of the time by his hood and speeks littel but is in all of his misery a wise and kind man.
i can do that. ok lets see we'er all three in a pub in rivendel im over in a darker cornor puffing on my pipe waching you two and seem to be in a deep deep chain of thoughts.
i would like to make a side note if we do start this id rather not have to just kill it because someone desides to not come for a week or so we need to be on every day if we can.

corgon swiftblade
Name: Fjorgyn
Race: Dwarf
Gander: Female
Appearence: long, dark brown hair usually tied back in a messy bun, warm brown eyes, weathered face from years of travel, early middle-age
Armour: heavy travel clothes and light mail
Weapons: short staff, battle axe, manriki
Personality: diplomatic, steady and grounded, very wise and often mysterious, maternal and protective of friends, easy going and often sarcastic, tends to act as mediator between conflicting parties
Skills: very diplomatic, can often diffuse tense situations, highly skilled in earth magic, proficient fighter with her short staff, battle axe, and manriki

Backstory: Little is known about Fjorgyn's past except that she has been traveling since she was very young. She is often seen as a 'walking contradiction' because, although she generally tries to find diplomatic solutions to problems, she never runs from battle and is an unequaled fighter. It has often been speculated that she was once a soldier, no one is sure.
She came to Rivendell with the intention of meeting an old friend, only to learn that he has died of snake bite. She enters the tavern where you three are to have a drink in his honour, but the barkeep won't accept her payment.
I'm going to say right now that my internet can be unreliable at times. If I disappear for a few days, one of you can pick up Fjorgyn's thread if she is needed so long as you don't do anything too drastic with her character. Otherwise, her disappearances can be easily explained by her penchant for leaving abruplty in the night to collect ingredients for her magics.
There is already a thread for this. The New members thread, and this thread.