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* alright guys here we go this is my first rpg on here so i hope it runs fair*

storys this: *im going to bace this of my cariter on here so bear with me*

I'v been wandering for many years not knowing who I am or where I came from. One day I meet some one who seems to know who I am but can not place who she is but i know I'v met her before this meeting sets into play the rest of the story.
* sits in the prancing pony in siping on a large glass of red elvish wine and reading a small book. He turns the page and becomes aware of a figure standing next to his table when he looks up he see's a elven woman cloked in emrald green staning befor him he moves his hand toward the chair across from him but she just stands and stares at his face. at this point corgon swiftblade got an odd feeling he had met her befor but could not rember where or when. for that matter he couldnt rember anything from 25 years or back. blast that mage when I find him he will regret the day he crost me he thought. " do I know you lady elf?" he asked her

"how could you not know me alcron?" she said in bearly more than a wisper.

" Im sorry mlady you must have me confused with another of our kin I am corgon." he said.
* corgon saw a tear fall from her eyes to her chin her bright green eyes turnd to a dark green.*
* then it is true you truely do not rember who you are or even me many of our houses though you dead and thus beleved my strugle to find you a task invain and i find you here nothing more than your former body remains of you." said the woman
corgon looked at the woman for a long moment then turned away from her.

" Ido not know of what you speek m'lady but agian I say you mistake me for another."

" come to rivendel if you truely want to find yourself and the mage who made you this way come and you will find what you have been looking for and maybe even more." she said and placed a small wood box on the table and walked out of the bar. by the time corgon was abel to stand and pockit the box and get out the door the elf was gone. corgon returns to the bar but go's up to his room and begins to pack his few things and sits to think the door slightly open.
OOC:Is this before or after the 'Meeting in Rivendale' thread? Just so I know how to bring my character in.
(ooc) after if it would be ezer for you.)
The door opened slightly, then wider as Fionw’ walked in the room. "Ah, Corgan, I was told I would find you here," he said, holding out his hand in a gesture of friendship.

OOC:I'll try to keep going with this thread, but as I'm also writing in three others, I won't be able to participate every time I get on. Number 500
* looks up and smiles and takes his hand." greetings friend how may i help you?
"I was told you were here, so I came to stop by for the sake of an old friendship," Fionw’ replied. "What's wrong?"
you came at a good time my old friend I seem to have meet some one from my past and she has requested that I come to rivendel and I am makeing ready to go the compainionship would be appreceated if you can I would like you to come.
"I will come. I'll be outside waiting for you," he said.
*nods to him and finishes packing his things gos to his horse the leads her to where floien stands * " shale we?" he asked and mounts his horse.