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A wizard walks by singing sweetly. The sun shines down the road after him. If you can politely catch up to him he might tell you where to go next. Where would you like to go in this adventure?
" hail good friend i see by your robes you are a wizard i pray you could you heal a wond for me my sholder was injured a forthnight back my a orc arrow." corgon said as he passed by the tall man.
The wizard makes a quick somantic gesture and says " Wizard light heal this knight!". your wound is instantly healed.
thank you my friend i pray you where are you going? i am in a bit of a jam and if it is not an inconvenionce of you maybe you can help me.
I'm on my way to Xan. Maybe we can discuss your problem there? I's not to far from here, if you care to accompany me your welcome to do so.
I'm looking for the Eye of the Serpent, a most valuable gem, maybe you can help me discover it's location.
Ah, Yes. The Eye of Set. I need it to perform a magical transformation. My only clue is that Moses may have worn it upon his staff or " Rod to rule over scorpions."
If I can find no evedence of it in Xan, I am headed for Arvenaithe.
You know what Arvenaithe is corgon?
Thorin who was passing by overheard the words of the Wizard.

"Mind if i join your adventure?"

"I'm in search of some adventure to make things more interesting"
Sure, while we are on our way to Xan I'll tell you what arvenaithe is. Arvenaithe is Elven heaven. If we make it there I'll introduce you to the king of heaven, Sleep the dreamer lord of Shamin rool. What sayest thou to our adventure?

"Sure sounds interesting but will the King of the Elven haven receive a Dwarf?"
All are welcome in Arvenaithe. Ah, I see the entrance to Xan now!
"YES! I see it too. Let us hurry to it unless sometimes bad happened."

The Dwarf looked around as he said that.
We are headed for the Black Dragon Taverne. I hope to meet someone there. As they enter the Main Gates of Xan they become part of the throng of merchants and patrons. Soon they reach the Taverne. The wizard opens the door. " Why, after you Thorin."

’Thank you,’ Thorin replied.

’Are you looking for someone in particular, or is it a wizard's chance meeting?’
They make their way to a table occupied by a troll and an elf. The wizard asks if they found what he was looking for. The elf replies, " Here is the Rod of Scorpius." He then hands it to the wizard. The Wizard stands up and with a motion of his hand disappears.

Hello Thorin! I am sleep the dreamer lord of shamin rool and this is my friend Gorgon the paladin troll. If you have nothing else to do maybe you would like join us in Arvenaithe for the evening. What sayest thou my good Dwarf?

Sleep the dwimirlord
That sounds fair enough as long as i get a free meal and some beer!
"You'll need a horse. We have several at the livery stable." Sleep and the troll stand up and make for the taverne door. "Let's go" says sleep.

"Me ride a horse? I can't ride a horse! Who has ever heard of a Dwarf ridding a horse? I'm afraid you'll have to carry me!"
Allright then you can ride with me. Or we can get you a pony. You decide. Sleep opens the door to the taverne and starts into the street. if you would prefer walking that would be fine as well.
are you still afraid of horses thorin even after all we've be through " laughs a bit and steps out into the sun light " let us be off then "

it's only a few hours ride down memory lane and the trail of memories to the entrance to Arvenaithe.