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Note: Okay, I'm the noobie here, and I've been sort of taken aback by the incredible amounts of posts that will likely never be read. But I'd like to make this RPG, for memory's sake of another forum RPG that I miss... And please, if you have a sort of character that's totally stupid and doesn't do anything but pick his nose or tries to make the story sound stupid itself, I will file a complaint. Okay? And please, if you have no skill of writing, try not to take a big part of this, even though you may want to be a little bit involved, and I'm not the bully to tell you to buzz off ^_^.

IC (In character):
Eaoden, Royal Guard of the King of Rohan, who was now Eomer, nephew of Theoden, stood on the left side of the door to Meduseld, the Golden Hall in the center of Edoras, upon the mighty hill where it was built hundreds of years ago. Opposite him from the door was another guard, his leather Rohirrim mail a shaded brown like bark and, like his own armor, had the Rohan Symbol upon his chest. But the cool shade under the entrance of the Golden Hall only made the knowledge of danger worse. He wondered why Edoras was where Helm Hammerhand himself decided to stay even after the dwarves finished Helm's Deep. Perhaps, he thought grudgedly, there was still some slight dislike between the two. His friendship with Hadhod was one that caused him to scorn such a thought... But Edoras was a wooden fortress, flammable for any sensible enemy... They would always stand a better chance there... perhaps it was the pride of the Golden Hall... even he could not deny that. The bright noon's sun shining off of the star over the entrance. Bold banners of steads blowing in the wind like dust. He loved the sight. He looked on it hard and well, because this may be the last time he will see it ere further harm to it is done. It is no unknown thing to Men nowadays. The Haradrim and Umbarians still linger, and Eru knows what else. The fall of Barad-dur caused little to the entire war and for absolute peace, even if it cost the dear dwarf's life as it exploded and crumbled the land to the very Black Gates themselves. Elves were gone. And no dwarf with such quality as Hadhod still roamed, save for Gimli, who sits likely in the halls of Minas Tirith with King Aragorn and Legolas of Mirkwood.

The beacons were lit, but there would be no chance. The scouts Eomer sent never came back as they did every other day at evening. His Majesty was just glad that there were no attacks while they were unprepared.

Motion to Eaoden's right crushed his train of thought. He was wise enough to know it was no enemy coming out of the Golden Hall. It was only Eomer and Gamling. Numerous Riders of Rohan galloped in his timing from the stairs below, from where they dismounted and made large steps and skipping the golden stone steps to spare time. The stood before Eomer, bowed, and spoke quickly. "My Lord, they're coming! Since the early hours we have tried dearly to save as many people as we could, and we have. They are safe now in Edoras... as long as we are indeed safe. But they are no more than 10 leagues away! Lo! lord, we must hasten!"

"We shall, Greydon! Come! Summon as many riders as you can muster! Send whoever you can spare to ride with all haste to other areas; Aldburg, Underharrow... Anywhere. Nomadic Riders of the East Emnet also! Some may still survive from the Uruk-hai where King Aragorn said the Halflings were taken years ago. The outpost is some years old."

"Yes Lord!"


He stood at attention, ready for any order, be it flee or meet the Enemy head on! "Aye Your Majesty!"

"Bring your men to the Gate. We will hold them back at all costs from there!"

"I shall!" And so he ran, running down the stairs, passing Graydon and his men. He would do whatever it takes to protect Edoras and his people... He heard a loud blow of a golden horn, letting all know what is happening. He hastened to the North-eastern Horse Yard, calling his soldiers by name. They were to meet at the gate or not at all in vain to the King.

Before any time at all passed, women and children were barricaded into the Golden Hall. Eomer hastened with his men to meet the enemy.

And behold... they charged... Nazgul and Easterling, Corsairs of Umbar on foot and - how...? Orcs?! Had they not fallen with Barad-dur?

He had fought enough Nazgul in the War of the Ring to know that he could defeat perhaps one if one of the others was with them.


They had lit the beacons back to Gondor yesterday evening when they had discovered of the failed return of the scouts. It may be days before they arrive... Oh gods forbid! Eowyn would come with Faramir of Ithilien, doubtless, and with Morwen and Berethor... please, he prayed for them to come.

For now, he had but to fight nearly alone...

OOC (Out of Character): Okay, this is how it goes; if you are from Rohan, please, post here for the defense of Edoras. If you are an evil monster like a Nazgul, Orc, Easterling, or Umbarian, then you are the attackers. Don't worry about how you survived; I'll take care of that, if that's alright with you all... Now remember, don't control other characters, except for perhaps peasants when you know they're around, or Knights. But don't do stuff like say you kill Eomer in one blow, or took care of Gondor before they could come, or that you batter the gate. I'll tell you when that all happens, if it does at all. Now, just find a map of Edoras on Google or something so you can get a better understanding of the scenario. And good luck ^_^. Oh, and remember; you will end up fighting Heroes like Eomer, Eowyn, Faramir, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Eoaden, Berethor, Morwen, and perhaps others if i think they should come in... Good luck, and keep in mind that there is actual 'battle' as far as winning or loosing goes... we all know that Edoras succeeds and that the Antagonists retreat or die. Thank you, and have fun ^_^.

U know that with the fall of Barad-dur, the Nazgul were all destroyed, right? What's more, legolas and gimli left middle earth after the war of the ring.
OOC: Well, perhaps to the first, and no to the second.

a) The Nazgul. They said various times that they can never die... maybe I should read that over again, maybe they lived because of Barad-dur, and when it fell they all died because... "The power of the rings is failing." -- Galadriel O_O... Wow...

b) Legolas and Gimli. Read again, my friend. Legolas and Gimli didn't leave Middle-earth UNTIL Aragorn had died, and a little before Arwen left for Lothlorien alone to die of grief. Those were the last noted things of Middle-earth. And consider this; Aragorn was a Dunedain, of Numenor, blessed with long life. Rohan wasn't. I'm writing this as though it were still the same generation of Man as the War of the Ring. That's right, I'm a nerd too 8).

And wow, 130 people online... That's a bit of a large number ^_^". Not really used to that big from where I come from.

Additionally, sorry people. We need more in character posts, obviously, before we commence...
They said various times that they can never die

Try telling that to a bloodthirsty Shieldmaiden

The Nazg’l's fate was bound to the Ring, as was Sauron's... Plus, you know the old Egyptian rule: If the Master dies, the servants must die Teacher Smilie
OOC: Oh, it's just roleplaying, lighten up. It's like in Hollywood where something was certainly dead, and then somehow, it survived.

In character: Anwyn sat in the midst of the camp, hidden under her grandfather’s helmet. Her heart pounded in her chest, and her fingers tingled as they played with the helm of her grandfather’s sword. She yearned for the heat of battle, but was frightened of it as well. She was fairly certain the men around her didn’t know who she was or that she was even a woman for that matter, for she knew they would take her directly to her father and brothers who were also in the camp. Although the stories of Eowyn reverberated throughout the Rohirrhim, it still was not generally accepted for a woman to commence into the heat of battle. However, it was Eowyn who had inspired Anwyn to sneak out of their home with her grandfather’s heirlooms and head into the camp rather than to relative safety with her mother and sisters.

She knew her mother would not seek her out, for her mother had the same independent spirit and understood her, but she was now tied to her family. Anwyn also knew that she may not be as physically strong as her male counterparts, but she was aware, from the legend of Eowyn, that it was possible for a woman to have the skill to defeat the enemy. She never saw herself taking care of a home and children; she wanted to gallop across the landscape and become one with it.

She may not have had the courage to leave her mother and sisters behind if it wasn’t for Eowyn; she now felt she could pursue what she felt to be her destiny.
OOC: I'm not posting anything in character since we don't have any evil playable characters.

Okay, Loss. The reason the Nazguls are named there is the same reason you had the option of being one when you made your account. I wrote that there so you could be in the topic >_<. Sheesh! And thanks, Eruwen, for your optimism and in character post!
OOC: Well, I could resurrect an old character that I liked -- an evil she-elf, who was only that way by parental default. She did actually have somewhat of a heart though. Hmmm...come to think of it, she was probably a bit like Sorsha in Willow. However, if she is the only evil character, then we probably still don't have much of an RPG.
K, srry ur right about Gimli leaving after aragorn died. K if u want the nazgul to assist the attack on edoras, then I don't have any problem with it, it's just an rp.

Name: Aethar Elendil (given to me by
Race: Dunedain (a distant relative of Aragorn)
Occupation: Ranger/historian (seeking to recover the greatness of Numenor)
Physical Appearance: Dark Brown hair, green eyes, travel worn clothes and tattered cloak and hood, sword at his side.
Equipment: sword named Morfaroth (longsword with a dark red blade and a sunstone inset into the pommel) with a simple yet effective sheath, typical bow and quiver of arrows of a ranger, a war-horn.
Skills/Abilities: skilled swordsman, blacksmith, bowman, stealth, wilderness lore.
Magical Abilities: Morfaroth (because it is crafted in the fasion of Westernesse) is extremely fatal to all things tainted by Mordor, can speak with animals and plants.

Aethar had almost reached edoras and had begun wondering how he was going to break the siege all alone. He dismounted his horse and shooed it away, it would come when he called, and began to blend in with the hordes of evil men assembled, He would reach the stokade when they did, and join the battle from there...
I was originally an elf from Lorien, not so long ago... But thanks for the thought...

It was obvious though that someone was going to send some facts in, we wouldn't be here if we didn't know them Orc Smiling Smilie I was half expecting Vir to be the first but he seems to have dissapeared... I think that bucket of paint from Clover finally got him Orc Smiling Smilie