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Thread: The Quest for the Mithril Cup

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A short while ago, a thief broke into the Khazad-dumish Inn of a dwarf named Grondmaster. This thief attempted to rob a patron of the Inn, and when caught and detained in a cupboard, he made off with Grondy's favorite Mithril Milk Cup. The questing hero Aethar Elendil (a distant relative of King Elessar) now calls upon all heroes to help scour the countryside to apprehend this thief, and to recover the prized Mithril Milk Cup and return it to Grondy.

Here are the playable characters:
Aethar Elendil- smaugwillfall
The Dwarven Thief-
Hero 1-
Hero 2-
Hero 3-
Hero 4-
This is probably another of those unanswered threads whose initial date didn't show up on the main menu until someone accidentally finds and posts to it. It showed up today because someone finally made a post to it; and then seeing how old it was, changed their mind and deleted their post. Too bad, because it could have been a fun quest when we had more active role playing members. Stupid forum engine! Orc Sad Smilie
Orc Sad Smilie I never saw this thread. And the storyline seemed fun. If anyone wants to play drop a word.I'm always in for a RPG
( walks into the inn and waves to grondy and thorin ) hale friends i heard the news and have come to offer my bow and blade to you if we can get enough people to go i will help you recover your cup master dwarf.

how do you play games?