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7 months After RotK

The Mouth of Sauron had not fully succumbed to the ring, and luckily survived the battle of the Black Gate and the Destruction of the Ring. Because the Uruk Hai were forged by Saruman, they also survived, They headed back to the Crack of Doom with the Evil Elf Mage Serpis, and Diamonds and Metals stolen from Dwarven Mines.

As soon as they arrived at Mount Doom, they ran to the crack, avoiding the lava and smoke, and began to Forge a new Ring of Power. The 40 Uruk Hai soldiers guarded the mountain while their commanders, Serpis and the Mouth of Sauron began to forge The Ring.

Aragorn ordered for this to stop Intermediately, and Sent 20 of his best Warriors to kill the Mouth of Sauron and stop the creation of the New Ring of Power.

Needs Good and Evil Players (about 5 of each, so we can have a few red shirts)

Me = Mouth of Sauron
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Feel free to play this game.
Thanks Grondy! Smile Smilie

I'm in as a soldier of Gondor! What is the story line? Is it a free for all or scripted by you?
mainly free for all. who cares as long as someone some how brings back Sauron, Moderator Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
The Mouth of Sauron, throws the hammer at Serpis, and runs to the cave entrance, 15-20 mounted eagles, 2 days away, but heading at a fast speed. Serpis begins Chanting, and the Chief of the Uruk Hai begins to tie a rope onto a nearby rock, and the other side to himself, one of his guards grabs it. He picks up a large metal bucket with a heatproof handle, and jumps off the ledge, the Magma starts to glow from Serpis's chanting, and the Mouth of Sauron finished the mold.
Anardil Captain of Gondor set out from Minas Tirith with a small company of 100 men. He was ordered to reckon the wastelands of Gondor and prevent any escape of any creatures there before he would be relieved by a stronger force. The King Elessar was taking no chances against this threat.

The Outer Walls of Minas Tirith, 3 hours after Sunrise
The soldiers who were on duty on the walls and a handful of people were waiving goodbye to the soldiers. The errand of that company was kept secret as there was no wish by the Lord and his counselors to create any panic among the people

"Company move!," Anardil shouted. "We must be within 10 miles from osgilliath by Night fall!"

The ranks of men began to move. All were on foot because it had been judged that horses would not be able to endure the eerie and hostile environment of Mordor
The Scouts on the Eagles Landed within a 100 meters of Orodruin, and their captain flew upwards with his bow, and quickly began shooting the guards of the cave, but with in seconds an arrow smashed into his eagle, he fell to his death.

The Mouth of Sauron watched Serpis pour the metal into the mold while chanting, and the Uruk Hai leader and his 3 guards heard a scream, and a arrow flew into the cave, looking like it was an accidental shot fired when they had hit the leader of the scouting group while he was reloading.
'Wazt! Take your men to Barad-D’r, Wait at the gates, we shall resurrect Sauron from his tower, Serpis, Take the mold to dry in his towers, I'll kill the soldiers.' The Mouth Ordered at the Uruk-Hai leader and his minions.
Dusk - About 7 miles away from Osgilliath
"Company Halt," Anardil shouted. "We shall camp over there by those thickets."

"Beren," he said signaling to his captain. "Take 5 men and do a reconnaissance of the area in a radius of half a mile from our camp. If you find any danger use your horn. Be back in an hour or so."

In the mean while the men were busy setting up a camp. Tents were quickly set up and sentinels were posted around the camp. Most of the men went to rest.

An hour after sunset
The scout party returned. The four soldiers went to rest while Beren headed for his Captain's tent. Entering the tent he spoke,
"We have found no living things in the vicinity Captain. Everywhere is eerily quite and it seems that Mordor is growing darker and darker."

Anardil acknowledged his second in command report's in silence.
"You did well Beren. Tell the men to be ready one hour after sunrise tomorrow. We shall depart rapidly as your tidings seem grave to me. And get some rest too. I deem that we shall soon be needing all of our strength."

Anardil laid pondering these tidings for a while and fell asleep soon after.

Sunrise Next Morning
The Camp was busy. The men were packing their belonging and getting ready to move. Suddenly a scout came running to Anardil.

"Captain, we have sighted a horsemen running hard towards this place coming from Osgilliath"
"Take two men with you and stop him as soon as you can and bring him to me," Anardil said

In a few minutes the guard came back with a men in the Livery of the Tower of Guard.
"My Lord," he said. "I bring urgent word from the King Elessar. He bids you make haste and reach within sight of the ruined Black Gates and hold it until reinforced."

"The battalion which is quartered at Cair Andros has been ordered to meet you there where you will take command of it."

"Thank you," Anardil said and calling Beren gave him the gist of the message.
Soon the company was on the march again.

Anardil who was in the rear said to himself:
"What could have happened for the Battalion of Cair Andros to be ordered to meet us. It is more than 1000 men strong. Can it be that the King has seen something through his seeing stone?"
The mouth of Sauron, shiver, shake. I have a tummy ache.
Being an elf I should be full of confidence, ready for the challenge. But for some reason I am weary of Sauron and his dirty ugly, vile MOUTH.
But Hurray for Thorin. YOu go boy!
I'm surprised you even read my long post Leelee. Orc Grinning Smilie If you dont want to participate you could always ask Aragorn to let you have a peep in his Palantir Wink Smilie
The Uruk-Hai Quickly Ran from Mount Doom, Serpis and The Mouth Of Sauron were easily bringing down the soldiers who were attacking, The Mouth muttered something, a Elf soldier flew towards him, he grabbed him by the collar and walked to the Crack of Doom. "Soldier of Gondor, prepare to die!" The Mouth Hissed, then laughed before dropping him on the ledge, kicking him into the air, stabbing him, watching the soldier scream in pain, before pushing him off the ledge, dying in the Lava. Serpis Slammed his staff into the ground, Mount Doom slowly began to Erupt. "Quickly, To our horses." The Mouth Ordered.

The Mouth Sauron Watched his Small Army walk across the large plain land of Mordor, While Him and Serpis Rode specially trained horses across the mountains, The Ring Had Been Completed, and Serpis was chanting to finish giving the ring power, They Saw Barad-Dur slightly in the distance, but a small crowd of tents closely nearby. 'Serpis, I need a thunderstorm, with lightning concentrated on that small gathering of tents.' The Mouth asked Serpis, Who pulled out His dark brown staff, with a dark green orb at the top, which glowed and had Swirling colors inside, He swung the staff, slammed the orb into the ground, the ground rumbled, their was a crack, he started chanting then slammed the opposite end into the ground, wind began to swirl around him, rocks (and rats) flew everywhere, Clouds began to gather over Mordor, the Mouth of Sauron grabbed onto a nearby tree, and lightning began to fly everywhere, he then finally pointed at the camp, 3 of the lightning bolts bent midair and flew into the camp, somehow exploding on Impact.

The Mouth clicked his fingers, the ring flew out of Serpis's bag and into his hand, "It is Finished?" The Mouth Asked; "Yes, Lord" Serpis Replied. A bolt of lightning skimmed over their shoulders and smacked the campsite, for a second you could see their shadows, large even from where they were, on the campsite. "Send the Signal for the Uruk-Hai to attack." The Mouth of Sauron said. Serpis carved a letter in Elvish onto a rock, then tapped it with the end of his staff, the orb pointing in-front of the Uruk-Hai. A Blue flash of lightning zapped from the orb into the ground, the Symbol burnt into the ground, then signaled to his Troops to Run.
2 days later, Within sight of the Ruined Black Gates
The last two days had gone rather quickly. The company had stopped at twilight and by sunrise were moving again. After two days of such rapid movement they came within sight of the Black gates and in a furlong more would leave all remaining cover behind. Anardil called his men to a halt. He stood looking at the sky weighting his options. At last he spoke:

"We'll spend the remaining of the day here and recover our forces for the open march and toil we are likely to face tomorrow in those wastelands."

Orders were quickly given to set up the camp and a ring of protection established around the camp. It was but two hours after mid-day. Most of the men were glad of the pause and went to rest in their tents.

Meanwhile Anardil and Beren and another captain held a debate about how they woul further proceed.

3 hours after sunset
The Camp was quiet and invisible in the darkness. Orders had been that no fire were to be shown at night until they were reinforced. The first watchmen had been relieved and were quietly patrolling. Anardil was resting in his tent.

Suddenly a loud explosion made the ground tremble. Anardil recovering from the initial shock ran outside to see what was happening. As soon as he stepped outside another loud explosion occured temporarily blinding him. After a few seconds he recovered his sights and lifting his eyes saw the reason for the ruckus. The sky was hdden by black clouds threatening more lighting. By that time most of his men were about and some were panicking not knowing what was happening but luckily none had been injured.

"Take all that can be saved and run for cover under those trees," Anardil shouted, pointing to a thicket of trees to the north of the camp.

His men hurriedly picked up their weapons and such thing as they could save and rushed for cover. However soon thing started to look bleaker. A scout rushed to Anardil informing him that a band of Uruk Hai had been sighted coming in this direction. In an hour or so they would be here.

Hearing the news Anardil immediately called for Beren and planned a defensive strategy.

An hour later
The band of Uruk approached the camp silently. The camp looked in good order and everthing was back to quietness and peace. The Uruk Captain laughed hoarsely to his men:

"We will surprise and make a meal of those cursed tarks. Take no prisoners! We will taste men flesh yet!"

With a shout they rushed in the camp savagely slashing at the tents. However they were foiled as after some time, when their fury had been abated, they noticed that the camp was deserted. They grew fearful and looking warily about.

At this moment a horn went up in a loud and winding note.
"Gondor! Gondor!" a loud voice shouted. Immediately a barrage of arrows hit the Uruks taking ome of them down.

"Gondor! Gondor! For the King!" the voice rose once more and Anardil and his hidden men sprang at the orcs and swept them outside with their fury and skills. The Uruks taken at unaware were swiftly defeated.

"Victory! Victory!" rose a clamour of voice but a loud blaring horn cut short all celebrations. Another band of Orcs had come up as reinforcement and had taken the men at unaware. Bows twanged and a few men fell dead.

"Shields! Shields! Take our your shields," Beren shouted to his men. The men regrouped and form a wall with their shields protecting them from the arrows.

"Fall back! Fall Back! To the trees Anardil shouted. His men rallied and keeping he shield walll formed pulled back to the Trees and regrouped. In the distance the black shapes of the orcs assembling for a charge could be seen.

"Get you Bows and arrows ready," Anardil shouted. "Take down as many as you can."

In a few moments a loud roar went up and the orcs charged. Arrows were thick in the air. The first line wavered and failed but the second line got close to the defending lines.

"Sword! Get your swords out," Anardil cried. "Beren take 20 men and keep shooting at the orcs"

The second line was now close to the trees. "Gondor! Gondor!" rose the shout from many voices and the men charged once again. However this time they were outnumbered 2 to 1.

Things were starting to look grim. The orcs were slowly but surely hemming the men back. But something unexpected happened. The dim blowing of horns were heard in the back, and the noise of hoofs beating on groud was heard. The van guard of the Cair Andros Batallion was come and were Orc band was trapped on both side and went down in ruin.
The Mouth of Sauron watched the battle from Serpis's staff, and saw Wazt flee from the battle field, and enter a sword fight with Beren, "Serpis, Zap that tree next to him, bring down the soldier of Gondor!" The Mouth Hissed, Serpis stamped the staff, and it sent a bolt of lightning into the tree near where Beren and it began to Fall, smacking Beren in the stomach, knocking him unconscious, Wazt looked up and Saw 2 men and horse on a mountain near the horizon. He could see the Glint of the Orb of Serpis, a small purple glow, they were watching him. He picked up a twig, and set the end on fire using the Campfire, he pointed towards them twice, then towards the mountains near Barad-Dur.

The 3 Surviving Uruk-Hai and 2 Surviving Orcs were surrounded, but then a burning log flew through the air, Wazt had uprooted a small tree and set the leafy end on fire, one of the Uruk-Hai caught it and jabbed the end at 3 Knights of Gondor, their Tunics under their robes set
alight, and they then got another burning twig hit them in the toes, they slipped setting 2 more people on fire, one of the Orcs Got shot down, but an Uruk-Hai Archer shot the Human Archer down and they quickly jumped on some of the Horses from Gondor, Wazt leaped onto another and they sped the mountains near Barad-Dur. Wazt grinned and lobbed the tree into a crowd of following soldiers. Serpis Quickly chanted a spell under his voice, the tree exploded. An arrow smacked into Wazt, getting through a crack in his Armour, he collapsed off his horse, Serpis slammed his staff into the ground, their was a large rumble, and 5 simultaneous blasts of lightning were concentrated on the crowd of soldiers. The Orc slipped when they were blasted, tripped, and the Explosion got him, the 3 Surviving Uruk-Hai ran, but slipped, and were caught up by surviving soldiers.

Serpis and The Mouth of Sauron leapt onto their horses, and the Mouth hissed a spell under his voice, the Eruption at Mount Doom got worse, rocks began to fly everywhere, Serpis grinned and swung his staff from the Volcano to the Ruins of the campsite, rocks and blobs of lava began to fly towards the ruins. They then began to speed away from the ledge they were stood, and headed to Barad-Dur.
Since no one has posted for 2 days, ill bump and double post.

Wazt groaned, and slowly crawled to a tree, and slowly stood, up, he saw his forces get defeated, the final couple of Orcs began to sprint to Barad-Dur, but they were shot down in the legs by archers in nearby trees. His burning trees exploding had took down a few of the men of Gondor, but the Orcs were caught up by the survivors, who violently executed them on the spot. He looked up, and saw the 2 small silhouettes of Serpis and Teh Mouth of Sauron ride from the spot they were stood, towards Barad-Dur.

The Human Soldiers quickly Rode from their campsite, realizing that teh Mouth and Serpis were both alive. Wazt pulled out a small box from his bag, and pulled out a horn. It was a signal to Uruk-Hai and Orcs within 300 miles of the user to Come to aid. Luckily, he was near where Orcs and Uruk-Hai were probably going to hide (Because an Uruk-Hai that was wanted by everyone who hated evil wouldn't walk straight into the Prancing Pony) and Blew it; It made a High Pitched shrieking noise, similar to a Nazguls, calling all of the nearby Orcs and Uruk-Hai out of their caves (or the Prancing Pony; if they wore wigs) and ran to protect the Ruins of Barad-Dur.
Anardil was glad that his troop had been victorious and he was relieved that the reinforcements had arrived at the right time. Yet out of his original company atleast 20 had fallen. He got his men to dig graves under the shades of the remaining trees and wished them farewell in a solemn ceremony.

Then he gathered his troop, much stronger now and marched toward the ruined gates of Mordor. Anardil was thinking of marching his troop straight into Mordor when suddenly a terrible cry went up. That high pitched cry had not been heard since Sauron had fallen!

Anardil, thought of the meaning of that omen. Some time later he called his lieutenant to him.
"Get the men to establish the camp where the ols gates had once stood. Set a ring of Scout all around and set the watch. We will get our troops some rest before we march in Modor tomorrow"
Hundreds of surviving Orcs and Uruk-Hai ran from their caves and headed to the mountains, Wazt grinned, and saw Barad-Dur slightly before the horizon, a lump of rubble, with the bottoms of a couple of towers still standing.

The Mouth of Sauron heard the Shriek, and grinned, Serpis quickly stopped and whipped out his staff, and after a second of murmuring the Orb began to scan across Mordor, until it stopped, and they saw Wazt pull an arrow of his Armour, then jump on a injured horse; forcing it to hurry, he then entered the shadows where they couldn't see him. The Mouth of Sauron opened his own bag, and pulled out another Horn which was Black with small red stripes across the top. It was designed as a signal to all followers of Mordor to return to Mordor, and was designed to echo so it could even be heard from the Shire. Serpis stamped his staff on the ground, the red stripes glowed, showing orange carvings in them; He had temporarily enhanced the power of the horn, it now caused all enemies of Mordor to become very, very scared, so the followers of Mordor would have easy passage to Mordor. He Blew.

10 Days Later - The Prancing Pony
A shriek suddenly ripped across the shire, Merry and Pippin both dropped their large glasses of Hobbit Beer and they smashed on their feet. On the other side of the Room, a guy who looked very suspicious suddenly jumped up in excitement, his cloak flew off, It was Billy the Orc, who started screaming happily, pulled out 2 of his swords and ran out of the Pub, screaming and laughing, and chopping off random hobbit's heads.

U can now go back 10 days Thorin
No posts for a few days again, so ill double post again. [i/]

The Mouth of Sauron and Serpis Rode freely across Mordor, watching the small camps of Gondorian warriors panic and fear. They saw Wazt a mile away in the distance, with a small group of Uruk Hai, all on foot with Wazt's horse walking next to them. They then looked at the Ruins of Barad-Dur, only about 5 miles away, with large crowds of Orcs and Uruk-Hai. Slightly on the Horizon he saw the Black Gate, which seemed to have been barged open by the Orcs and Uruk-Hai while its guards were being scared.

After a few minutes (The Mouth and Serpis had fast horses) they caught up with Wazt.
"You were killed!" Serpis muttered, "I faked my death, my armor is too strong to be taken down by that arrow." Wazt explained. "So you blew the horn to get all of our Forces in Mordor to Barad-Dur, I've Signaled for all of our Forces in middle earth. and sent the rest of them into panic." The Mouth Laughed. "We are Reviving Sauron, We will get them to search all of the rubble for ashes of the Eye. The soul of Sauron survived, we need to revive it!" The Mouth finished. They stopped, a elf was on the floor, cowering. He had been running to protect the Ruins. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" He screamed, "Sauron has returned. You will get killed by us soon. NOW!" Wazt said to the Elf, before pulling out his sword and chopping off its head in one swing of his arm. A small badge flew into the air, The Mouth opened his hand, and it flew into it. "Its a symbol of LothLoriens best defenders. The Elves are after us now. They will want Revenge!" Serpis muttered, then shivered. "Revenge for what? They are all scared of us now!" Wazt asked.
"I used to be a Elf mage, but months before the fall of Sauron, I realized that the Elf and Humans had lost, I turned to good, I destroyed as much of Rivendell as I could, killed many Elves, I was surrounded, I made it look like I blew myself up and destroyed the others, and i left one alive on purpose. If they find out I survived, they will send an Army after me!" Serpis explained. "But you could beat the 2 blue Istari Mages combined! or that Brown one..." Wazt replied. "At Barad-Dur, I will cancel the spell that will make them fear us, and I will reveal myself, I shall destroy them!" Serpis muttered.

3 Hours Later, they arrived at the Ruins, Serpis spun his staff then slammed it at the ground and some rubble crashed together, and Created a large Podium. Wazt, The Mouth and Serpis climbed on. After half an hour of The Mouth and Wazt Explaining, Serpis slammed his staff into the ground, there was a large rumble, causing Merry and Pippin to drop their glasses again and get barred from the Prancing Pony. A red bolt of lightning flew out the top of his staff, the Combined Insignia of Saruman and Sauron shot into the air, with Serpis, written in Elvish underneath, in smaller letters. When Sam saw this from a window in the prancing pony, he dropped his glass and got barred as well. The Elves saw the sign, and immediately soldiers were sent to Mordor from every Elvish city or town. The Rumble Caused Mass cave ins in the Dwarven mines, and the survivors headed to Mordor. The War of the Ring of Evil Had Begun. (dun dun duuuuuun)
rides up to one of the elvish battle posts on the outskirts of mordor and looks around for anyone he knows or reconises from past battles his wepons gleaming form a new lare of polish and his new black lether armor bore his famaliy crest .
Wazt Gathered all of his Forces, and Strategically placed them in different areas of Barad-Dur. Serpis went to the Ruins of the Second tallest Tower of Barad-Dur, and began to chant, gusts of wind blasting everywhere and lighting crashing at random, suddenly; bricks began to fly, flying into their original positions in the tower. The Mouth of Sauron watched, laughing, as a large ball of Energy surrounded Serpis and the ruins, before a large bolt of lightning Blasted the Center of the ruins, and there was a sudden flash, the ground shook, and Serpis slammed his staff into the ground, the ball of Energy shrunk until it vanished, revealing the tower, fully rebuilt. Serpis Slammed his staff into the ground, flying into the air, landing on the roof of the rebuilt tower. He raised his staff, sending a bolt of lightning into the sky.

Wazt and the Mouth quickly ran up the steps of the Tower, until they reached the top floor. Serpis was laughing repeating the Previous spell, until he started using his hands to direct the ball of energy onto the Ruins of the Largest Tower, then he stopped, still holding it in place, 'We need a Sacrifice! Sauron needs a Body! Find someone, then wait for the Tower!' Serpis shouted, over the large wind, 'I will sacrifice!' Wazt shouted back, 'Good!' Serpis finished, before roaring something in Elvish, and the ground shook, The Mouth of Sauron stumbled, and began to fall from the Tower, Serpis realized, roaring something else in Elvish, causing the Mouth to suddenly float in mid air, but the rebuilding had been affected, the Lightning bolt had split and bounced from the ruins on impact, sending a surge of energy into the tower which they were stood on, Serpis roared another chant in Elvish, while the tower began to collapse, the tower of Barad-Dur began to reappear, the ball of energy shrunk and there was a flash, Energy surged from the Rebuilt Tower.

Serpis woke up in the ruins of the second tower, The Mouth of Sauron had been knocked down by a chunk of brick, and his leg was buried by it. He turned to look at Wazt, a large scar down his face, and he was heavily bleeding, and trapped under part of the roof. Serpis looked at the Mouth of Sauron again, before blasting the rock which was trapping him with a bolt of energy, using up what left of his power he had. He Helped the Mouth up, and they walked towards Wazt. 'If we used him for the Body of Sauron, they would die almost immediately, the Scars look like they could already be fatal.' Serpis hissed, 'Bring me Tirben, the Captain of the Uruks that are heading to the Black Gate.' He continued, 'Since when were you my Boss!?' The Mouth roared, spinning his staff and shooting a blast of energy towards Serpis, who swung his staff into the air, quickly shielding himself, 'YOU ARE ONLY A MESSENGER! HIS SERVANT!' Serpis replied, before sending another blast back, sending the Mouth flying, Serpis pulled out his sword, 'This is the Blade of Sauron!', Serpis explained, 'And How!?' the Mouth replied, 'I found it in the ruins, I dragged it with his Helmet and Armour from the Battle of the Last Alliance Myself!' Serpis Explained, 'I have been with Sauron all along! I was a spy for him, betraying the elves! and what are you?!' Serpis Finished. 'I Surrender, Master...' The Mouth replied. 'I will get Tirben.' He Finished, 'Good.' Serpis replied, before suddenly slamming his sword into Wazt's chest.
The Next Morning - Sunrise
Anardil got out of his tent, his body refreshed but his mind was still furiously thinking. Calling his lieutenant to himself he ordered the host to be ready to march in an hour or so towards the black gates.

2 hours later - A mile from the black gates
The Host were waiting for the scouts who had silently been sen out to spy the ways of the land. Soon they returned stealthily to the host and made their way to Anardil.

"Sir the black gates are still in ruins but already a host of Uruk is encamped in the shadows of the ruins. We will have to give battle to gain entry into Mordor. But fortunately he host is not so great."

The second Scout came forward and spoke:
"We have also seen something strange further in the black lands. There was lightning and thunder in the air and fell words were in the air though we could not catch the meaning of the words."

Anardil pondered the words of his scouts and the strange omen. His captains stood silently waiting for their orders.

"We will destroy the uruk Legion and hold the gates until we get word from Minas Tirith. We shall draw the Uruks out of the shadows and crush them between the hammer and the anvil," he said smiling at his Captains. "Let the men be made ready"

The Battle for the Black Gates
A company of a hundred men or so with Beren at their head advanced towards the Black Gates. The Captain of the Black Legion seeing their small number laughed to himself.

"Fools," he said. "My Uruks will outnumber them 3 to 1."

Seeing the company a furlong or so away, it came to his mind to charge and slaughter his enemies. Signaling to his troops he leap out of the cover of the ruined gates and charged the Soldiers of Gondor with a full throated roar.

But this was exactly what the men had been sent to, to draw them outs. As soon as they had reached within a 100 metres of their enemies, they heard the sound of horns blowing to their right. Turning in awe, they saw the cavalry of Gondor which had laid hid in the slag hills charge them! And the horns were answered to the left also. Out of the hills left anardil and Another company of soldiers. The Orc Legion was hemmed from 3 sides and slaughtered.

But Tirben realising what would happen when he heard the horns blowing has turned tail and made a dash for the hills. It seemed that he would reach the shadows but he was ridden down by Anardil who charged him with a spear. So ended the battle for the Black Gates.
The Mouth of Sauron Returned to Barad-Dur. 'Master; The Legion sent to protect the gates have been slaughtered. Tirben was one of the last to die.' He hissed to Serpis. 'Get the Chief Guard of defending the Towers!' Serpis roared, The Mouth quickly ran to get him. Moments Later, Nyistar, The Uruk Captain of Barad-Dur and the Mouth appeared. 'Come With me, Captain.' Serpis grumbled. 'And Hurry, the Defenders of the Black Gate are approaching!' The Mouth added.

Minutes later, they had reached the Top of Sauron's Tower, 'Wazt and Tirben have died, so it is now your job for this sacrifice!' Serpis explained. 'We are resurrecting Sauron, and we need a body to host his spirit.' Serpis said. He pointed to the middle of the two curved columns where the Eye of Sauron had once been, 'When the Messenger says now; put on this Ring and stand in the middle.' Serpis ordered, passing him the ring. Serpis closed his eyes and slammed Sauron's sword into the ground, and began to kneel. He started to mumble a Spell of Dark Magic in Elvish, a large Energy bubble surrounded them, 'Now.' The Mouth of Sauron shouted, over the wind. Nyistar Vanished, and energy pulsed in-between the columns, Showing the outline of Nyistar, who suddenly began to float, and his arms stretched out in a star shape. Clouds Began to Gather over Barad-Dur, but a large gap remained over the Tower of Sauron, with a bolt of lightning-like energy pulsing down. 'Sauron's Spirit has Returned!' The Mouth hissed excitedly, then the Outline Flickered into something bigger, scarier, before quickly changing back, 'He is Returning...' The Mouth of Sauron continued, and knelt down. Nyistar Flickered twice more, before the energy beams turned red, 'The Blood of Sauron...' the Mouth of Sauron muttered. There was a large Scream, and Nyistar Flickered into Sauron for the last time, and there was a flash, a large ball of energy suddenly expanded from Nyistar/Sauron, and within a few moments, the energy had passed through the entire of middle earth, destroying all objects and injuring everyone in its way. Sauron had returned.

Serpis quickly revived from the blast, and ran over to Sauron, who; still wearing Nyistars armor; was unconscious and leaning against one of the curved Columns. Serpis put his arm on Sauron's Shoulder, and muttered something in Elvish; Reviving him. Sauron laughed, climbing up, 'You have resurrected me again Serpis. And my Ring.' Sauron hissed, 'My Sword?' He asked, 'The Energy that is keeping you alive is pulsing through it, so protect it, master.' Serpis explained, putting the sword back in its Scabbard. 'Here, Master' Serpis said, handing it over. The Mouth of Sauron mumbled as he revived. 'Why is that rat still alive?!' Sauron grumbled to Serpis, 'Dispose of him.' Sauron quietly ordered. Serpis helped up The Mouth, and walked a few steps away from him, and held the hilt of his Scimitar in its Scabbard, mumbling in Elvish, before pulling it out and spinning around, the hilt glowing purple, before it knocked the Mouths head off.

In the Camp where the Warriors of Gondor were staying, it was panic, the Tents were on fire, a lot of their troops were still unconscious, with a couple of casualties, and the Conscious Mages and Medics were struggling. In the Mines of Moria, many Dwarves had been injured by falling rocks, and a few had died after falls and injuries. In Rivendell, Elrond ran to his window, looking at the damage, Many roofs had fell in, the dams had burst, the sewers had clogged and a lot of their trees and plants were on fire; the Water was feet deep already.

'Gandalf' he muttered. 'Is it possible that some extreme force of magic has resurrected Sauron?' he asked. 'King Aragorn has spent the last few weeks sending forces to Orodruin and Barad-Dur, saying Serpis and The Mouth of Sauron have been attempting to revive him, with the Survivors of the War. That would also explain the recent earthquakes and roaring noises.' Gandalf muttered. 'Serpis? Son of Serpir Son of Serpi?' Elrond asked, shocked. 'I am afraid so...' Gandalf replied. 'He betrayed us in the War of the Last Alliance, and from rumours we've heard, it was also him who created Sauron's "Eye" form.' Elrond muttered. 'His Father and his Fathers Father were 2 of the Council of Rivendell, both slain when the Witch King attacked us on Smaug, so how did Serpis manage to betray us only years after that?! And Revive Sauron Twice?' Elrond asked, 'At least Bard killed Smaug' Gandalf muttered. 'When Serpir and Serpi died in 3432 we didn't expect his son to betray us 5 years after that! We should have killed Serpis in 3437 like we were going to! You forgive people too easy Gandalf!' Elrond shouted at Gandalf. 'Tommorow; Me and my Soldiers are riding out to Mordor, to assist the group of scouts we sent last week!' Elrond decided. 'You are no match for Serpis, he seems to have grown in power since the battle of Mithingal!' Gandalf muttered. 'Him and the Witch King destroyed that entire city in one day, with hardly any help! He is more powerful than he was then!' Gandalf roared. 'Fetch me Artindul.' Gandalf said. 'You will risk one of our best messengers for this?!' Elrond asked. 'No, we need to get the message to Gondor to wait for reinforcements. We have not yet felt the full force of Serpis.' Gandalf explained, scribbling a note on a peice of paper, before picking up a horn from Elronds desk and walking to the roof top. Within Minutes the message had been sent.

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1 Week After Gandalf Messages Aragorn - Rivendell

"Elrond, Aragorn has Arrived, we are ready to begin our meeting" One of Elrond's Elves said to Elrond, before walking off. "Artind’l, They are ready now." Elrond shouted to Artind’l, who was sat on the roof of a opposite house. He Swooped down next to Elrond, before they walked to Elrond's Meeting hall. The Leaders and Greatest Warrior's of Middle-Earth were sat in a circle; Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli, Faramir, Elrond, Artind’l, ’omer, Bard II, Nak’rin and Legolas. Elrond stood up. "Now Sauron has Returned, We need an Army to march to Mordor, and Destroy the New wing of power. Artind’l, king of the Eagles, also managed to work out that the Sword of Sauron is possibly one of his only weak points. Nak’rin; We need your Exiled Dwarf armies to leave Mirkwood for the first time since the war between Dwarves and Elves 1000 years ago, Aragorn and ’omer; we need your Soldiers, Bard; We need the soldiers of Dale, and Artind’l; we need your Eagles. Once Legolas has worked out what we are up against, We shall meet in the Pelennor Fields with our armies; and we shall Split into 6 groups. Dwarves; led by Nak’rin and Gimli. Eagles; led by Artind’l. Scouts; Led by Legolas. Elves; Led by me. Archers; led by Bard, and Men; Led by ’omer, Aragorn and Faramir." Elrond said

Elrond snapped his fingers. One of His Elves dragged a large board with a map on it to the center of the meeting, Elrond then pulled a drawer out from the bottom of it, with small counters representing the armies. "Sauron and the Traitor Serpis are the reason we need so many warriors on our side. Serpis and the Witch-King destroyed Mithing’l in one day in 3439, without any help, and 5 years before that, Serpis's Father and Grandfather were killed by the Witch-King and the Dragon Smaug. Serpis was one of my best warriors, but he didn't have that power. His power obviously grew in-between 3437 and 3439, so by now he has a chance of destroying legions in seconds. He Resurrected Sauron some time before the death of the last great Dragon, and he obviously has done it again. They are meant to be in the ruins of Barad-Dur..." Elrond said, before Artind’l flapped his wings loudly, "Barad-Dur has been mysteriously rebuilt." Artind’l said, then Aragorn replied "Messengers from my Forces have said that it was rebuilt 8 days ago by Serpis's magic, which apparently rebuilt it from the rubble and ashes. It is moderately defended, but it is growing even more as more Exiled soldiers of Mordor arrive." Elrond picked up a small castle from the tray, resembling a chess piece, then 3 red Flag poles, placing them on the board, he then marked 2 of them with the Elvish words for 'Sauron' and 'The Traitor'.

"How are we going to kill Nyistar, the new body of Sauron? or Serpis the Traitor?" Gandalf asked. "Our Finest Blacksmith and Mage shall forge a sword powerful enough to destroy the sword of Sauron. We are not sure how we will kill Serpis, but..." Elrond began, before there was a sudden flash, and a glowing white figure appeared in the middle of the room. "A messenger of the
Valar?" Gandalf muttered, shocked.

"Yes. I am Mentathiel, messenger of the Valar." the White figure said, "Who is She?" Bard II muttered, "One of the Valar's messengers... does this mean..." Gandalf said, "Serpis is a Maiar?" Aragorn finished for Gandalf. "He is one of the weaker forms, created in year 3372 of the second age." Mentathiel replied. "He is an Immortal." Mentathiel continued. "He was the leader of the replacement council, for when the wizards that became the Istari were sent down, we needed replacements. One of the replacements turned evil and cursed him to a normal life in Middle-Earth." Mentathiel finished; before she glowed white and there was another flash; she had vanished.

"He Could match my power..." Gandalf muttered, shocked. "Me and Elrond must take on Serpis; alone." Gandalf ordered. "We will take the Human armies to the Black Gate, and the Archers must spread across Ered Lithui before surrounding Barad-Dur from the west and east. The Dwarves will take a short cut through Harondor and Harodwaith before advancing north and protecting the south..." Elrond said, before Nak’rin suddenly shouted "Dwarves will not be able to advance across Mordor like that! We will go the short way across Mount Doom!". Elrond Quickly replied "Very Well." and moved 2 green flags to the East and West of the Castle and a Blue Flag to the South of the Castle, and put 2 light Green Flags and Yellow flags to the east of there.

"That Diversion will lead Serpis to the Ash Mountains; where we shall fight him, and hopefully destroy him. We shall then open Black Gate as soon as Serpis is in the mountains and the Elves, Eagles and Humans will take down the Tired Sauron." Elrond finished, pushing the Light Green and Yellow Flags across the table, surrounding the Red flag for Sauron with them. "You May use Eagles to fly to Gondor, Lothl’rien, Rivendell and Rohan to gather your armies." Artind’l added. "Now Hurry to prepare." Elrond said finally. Gandalf mumbled under his breath and the door opened, aswell as the pieces on the board flew back into the Drawer, which shut quickly. Within minutes Aragorn, Faramir, ’omer, Legolas, Gimli, Artind’l, Bard II and Nak’rin had begun to fly to their homes and armies.
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Sauron and Serpis were stood on the top of the black gate. 'Why did the soldiers of Gondor flee like that?' Serpis asked. 'The Blast that was caused by my returned scared them off.' Sauron replied. 'A few of the Uruks claimed to see 3 Eagles spying on us. They could have retreated to join up with the Dwarves, Elves, Eagles and Men.' Serpis said. 'They Would Vastly outnumber us.' Sauron replied. 'I chained up some dragons before the battle of the last alliance, and our prisoners got fed to them 1 by one. We should find them and flee, burn down Mirkwood to prove our return.' Serpis explained. 'Hidden in some caves in Ered Lithui.' Serpis added. 'We will take the Elves of Mirkwood and the people of Dale captive, then we will burn down Mirkwood and Dale, and convert the Elves and Men to Orcs and Uruks.' Sauron agreed, 'We will capture a oliphaunt, and put our warriors on its back, You shall shield it, while I ride the dragon to make the first attack.' Serpis replied. 'We must hurry' Sauron hissed back, and they leaped on their horses and quickly set off.

1 hour Later

Sauron and Serpis arrived at the large cavern, and Serpis leaped off, walking to the large door. 'The Gate of Serpis.' He announced, before roaring something in elvish and the door shattered, they walked in. 'Galad Nur!' Serpis roared, and all the candles in the room lit up, revealing 2 medium sized dragons. 'All the Dragons died...' Sauron hissed. 'All the great Dragons died.' Serpis replied. Serpis then hissed something in elvish, and pulled out his scimitar, glowing purple, chopping through the two chains that kept the dragons in place, before climbing up one of their wings. 'Climb on the other.' Serpis asked, and Sauron jumped on. 'Why Climb?' Sauron replied, before holding up the finger that held the ring. 'And Master, I kept your armor in here when you got defeated the first time.' Serpis remembered 'Excellent' Sauron hissed, slipping the ring on, and within minutes he had his old armor on. 'Lets hurry to Barad-Dur.' Sauron ordered, before flying the dragon off, followed by Serpis. Within minutes they landed at Barad-Dur, and quickly ordered their forces onto a Oliphaunt. Sauron leapt down, took command of the Oliphaunt and cast a shielding spell to protect the Oliphaunt. A Chain was wrapped round the Oliphaunt's neck, and the other side to the dragon which Sauron had been riding. Serpis swooped, landing next to the Oliphaunt. 'Master, I'll do a first wave of attacks against Dale, and then we will both meet up at Mirkwood for the first attack there!' Serpis shouted across, Sauron nodded back, and Serpis flew off, casting a protective spell.

1 Hour After Cheesey's Stuff Happened

Artind’l and Legolas stood at the peak of one of the mountains of Mordor. In the distance, he saw an Oliphaunt being led by a dragon. "They are all dead..." He muttered, Legolas hopped off, "There is another dragon heading to the direct north, To Mirkwood!" Legolas muttered, "We must warn them!" Artind’l shouted, and Legolas quickly leapt on, and they flew off.

Within hours they arrived at the Elf city in Mirkwood, The king of the Mirkwood elves, Elthin Aidan approached them. "King Artind’l, Legolas, why have you came here in such a hurry?!" he asked. "As you said, we went to Mordor to check on Sauron and Serpis, one of them is heading here on a dragon, with the Armies of Mordor following them on a Oliphaunt protected by another dragon, they are coming!" Legolas explained, "Can you see them over the fields and horizon Artind’l?" Elthin asked, and Artind’l quickly flew above the trees, and within minutes came back.
"I could see the first dragon from the forest borders." He said, panicking. There was a sudden roar, "Serpis!" Elthin muttered, pulling his staff up and pointing to the huts on the top of the trees. "Archers, Get ready!" He roared, and a large number of Elves climbed into the tree huts, and pulled out their bows. Elthin and Legolas quickly followed them up, and Elthin leapt onto Artind’l. The Dragon sped up, "That thing is fast..." Legolas muttered, "Prepare your Bows!" Elthin roared, and the Archers pulled out arrows and put them in their bows ready. The Dragon had reached the border, "TAKE AIM!" Elthin Roared, and Legolas blew his horn, the Dragon began to breath fire, "NO! FIRE!" Elthin roared, as trees began to burn, arrows shot through the air, but they all snapped when they got within 10 meters of the dragon. The Dragon stopped breathing and turned to the East. "Its Heading for Dale..." Elthin muttered. "Artind’l, take a bucket of water and put out as much of the fire as you can, carrying me and Elthin, also with water." Legolas asked, grabbing a large 5 meter deep and 5 meter wide bucket, then grabbed 2 small foot deep buckets. "We need to collect water." He said, quickly flying him, Legolas and Elthin to the nearby lake, followed by some residents of the Mirkwood city. Minutes later they arrived at the burning borders of Mirkwood, and they slowly extinguished the fire, before it spread. "Artind’l, we need to check on Dale." Legolas muttered, "Lets Hurry." Artind’l asked, and they quickly began to fly east, and saw the Dragon fly away from a bunch of smoke in the distance. "Duck!" shouted Legolas, and Artind’l swooped, as they approached the dragon. Legolas looked behind them. In the distance, the Oliphaunt was approaching the borders of Mirkwood.

They arrived in dale, Artind’l landed, and they saw the village was badly damaged by fire. One of Bard's servants approached them. "Legolas, King Artind’l, Bard The Second has been injured... He tried to shoot down the dragon like his Great Grandfather, but the dragon reacted badly, sent a bolt of fire at the wall that guards our city, ignited it, the fire spread to our castle, we found him unconscious in the moat, with a leg burnt off, and a arm chopped off from when he fell from the wall. The castle is now ashes..." The servant said hurriedly. "Mirkwood was also attacked, we lost 2 acres of trees" Artind’l added as Legolas ran to the hut where Bard II was.

He opened the door, and saw Bard asleep on a bed, he walked in, "Bard..." he muttered, then Bard revived, "Our forces are too damaged, we will not be able to assist you and I cannot lead the remaining archers..." Bard grumbled. "Take the Shield crafted from Smaug's scales and use it against Sauron... It might be the only thing that can save you...." Bard continued, before he went unconscious again, slowly dieing. Legolas knelt next to his bed. "I will..." he replied, then checked Bards pulse, he was dead. He walked out "The King is Dead! Long Live the King!" Legolas Roared, holding up Bards bow and sword.
Serpis landed his dragon next to the Oliphaunt, 'Master, We forced Dale into surrendering, and the city is badly damaged. The walls and the palace are burnt down, they will not bother fighting against us again.' Serpis shouted at Sauron, who was sat on the dragon leading the oliphaunt. 'And Mirkwood?' Sauron hissed, 'I ignited a small patch of forest, just enough for them to extinguish; to show our power' Serpis replied as they entered Mirkwood. 'Burn this place down!' Sauron hissed at the dragons, and they suddenly rose, blasting fire over Mirkwood, Serpis held his staff up, setting off a protective shield, and then muttered in Elvish, causing strong winds to quickly spread the blaze. A Eagle rose from the trees in the distance, with an elf on the top, it sped towards them. 'Kill it!' Hissed Sauron, and the Dragon sent a fireball at the Eagle. Artind’l swooped, Legolas fired some more arrows at them, but they still shattered quickly. 'THIS IS FOR BARD!' Legolas roared, as Artind’l flew through the shield, Legolas leapt off and pulled out his knives while Artind’l attached his claws to the dragons stomach, whacking it with his wings and biting at it as hard as he could, the dragon screamed in pain, and swooped towards the fire, leaving the protective shield, and arrows fired through the air towards it, Sauron muttered under his breath and a large ring of fire shot towards the City, before running down the dragons wing. He looked at Artind’l. 'Your Reign is Over!' He hissed, before he punched Artind’l in the face, knocking the Eagle unconscious, and he fell in the flames. 'Artind’l!' roared Legolas, grappling Serpis to the ground, 'You are weaker than they said!' Legolas muttered, punching Serpis, who whacked Legolas in the face back, and sent a large ball of fire towards him, knocking him into the flames, Sauron then leapt onto the Oliphaunt. 'Unleash the Uruks, make them follow the flames into the City!' Sauron ordered. A large bridge dropped down from the back of the Barracks on the Oliphaunt, and Uruk-Hai streamed out, running straight through the fire. 'Idiots.' muttered Serpis.
1 Day Later

Legolas revived, climbing out of the mud patch he had landed in. "Artind’l?!" He shouted, pulling out his sword. He looked around, miles of forest were already burnt down, he saw a few dead Uruk-Hai, and a dead Oliphaunt on the horizon. He looked behind him, and saw many Horse-lead prison carriages leading away from Mirkwood. Legolas pulled out his bow, and fired towards one of the horses, hoping to slow down the forces of evil. Seconds later, The entire army of prisoners halted, Legolas grinned. He turned, and saw a Nazg’l's flying steed. "No!" He muttered, before it grabbed him.

Artind’l woke up, he had flown from Mirkwood, accidentally dropping Elthin into the flames, and a arrow had caught him in the wing before he could attempt to rescue him, he quickly ran before he could save anyone else. He was in Rivendell, he had collapsed in the Mountains and was rescued by some of Elrond's soldiers. "Artind’l?!" Some one asked, while Artind’l was still half asleep. "Elrond?" Artind’l muttered, looking up. "We were attacked, multiple times, they burnt down miles of Mirkwood, and attacked Dale... Bard the Second was Mortally wounded by them. 2 Dragons... rode by Serpis and Sauron..." Artind’l continued, "I accidentally dropped Elthin, lord of one of the City's of Mirkwood, they might have taken him hostage..." Artind’l finished. "We know, Thousands of Villagers from Dale and the entire of Mirkwood have been taken, 2 Dragons and the Flying steed of the Nazg’l have been sighted, helping them. Along with a few Oliphaunts." Elrond replied, "And the Eagles have signed a Petition... You are being forced to resign as King of the Eagles..." Elrond added, "No..." Muttered Artind’l, "You are being accused of Cowardice and Sacrificing a leader of Middle earth for yourself." Elrond finished. "Elthin died, we found his remains. Elthin and Bard's funerals will take place at the Gathering in Rohan, and the Council of Mirkwood are currently debating on your fate." Elrond added, "I tried to stop them." Elrond finished.

1 Hour Later

Artind’l had been taken to Elrond's Council room, the Messenger from Mirkwood had arrived, travelling on one of the Eagles. "Artind’l, the Councils of Mirkwood and the Council of Eagles have been discussing your punishment for the death of Elthin." The messenger began, "They have decided you shall be executed." The messenger continued, "You will be tied to a plank of wood, and have the Pyre of Bard the Second and Elthin build around you." The messenger finished. "NO!" Roared Artind’l, and he began to fly, Elf guards shot arrows at him to stop him, but he escaped, "Send orders out to all of the Rulers of Middle-Earth to have him killed on sight!" One of Elrond's officials ordered, "He shall not be Executed!" Roared Elrond, "I shall not let you send that order," Elrond added, pulling out his sword, and pointing it at his official. "I Resign, Master." The official finished, "Arrest him!" Roared Elrond, and 2 of his guards quickly grabbed the official. "On’nrond, you will not send that order." Elrond ordered, "You will have to kill me." On’nrond replied, "Kill him!" Elrond ordered, and the Guard stabbed a knife into the heart of the Elf. "Send all of our forces to Rohan. Messenger of Mirkwood, send orders to King Elessar to send his forces to Rohan early, and that Dale and Mirkwood have fallen." Elrond ordered, "I am leaving for Rohan immediately." Elrond finished. "All of our forces must leave immediately." Elrond reminded another of his officials. Within hours they had set off.
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Sauron and Serpis were in one of the Dungeons of Barad-Dur, watching the Uruks convert the Captured Elves and Humans into more Uruks, and they had ordered the rest of the Uruk-Hai to dig Tunnels from Barad-Dur to Mount Doom and the Black Gate. Sauron was now wearing his Armor from the Battle of the Last Alliance, and Serpis was wearing the armor of the Mouth of Sauron with a red cape and hood. "We Must Capture Minas Morgul." Sauron announced to Serpis, who nodded back to him, "We have already got Thousands of Uruks on our side, We can take it back by force, as a symbol of my return. From there, I will recraft the 9 rings of the Nazg’l, in bigger numbers." Sauron explained. "We will leave Mordor tomorrow, Take 70% of our current forces. By the time the people of Gondor will have noticed, our forces will have tripled" Sauron finished.

3 Days later

Sauron, Serpis and the Armies of Mordor had prepared, and set out on foot. After a Day of marching, they arrived at the Black Gate. "Leave 2% of our army here, to guard Mordor." Sauron ordered Serpis, who walked to the forces, "Our Master has ordered Two Percent of you to guard the Black Gate. Will the 250 people at the back stay here." Serpis hissed at them, "HURRY!" Serpis roared, as he ran back to his horse, jumping on it. They set off immediately, with 251 people staying behind, and the rest heading back towards Mount Doom

2 Days Later

They Arrived at Mount Doom. "I want a Messenger to head back to Barad-Dur, and tell them to send 10% of the Uruk-Hai they have forged to Minas Morgul." Serpis ordered. "I will go." One of the surviving Orcs said, "Hurry." Serpis ordered, taking a horse from one of the Uruk-Hai, "And Take this horse." Serpis finished.

1 Day Later

They had reached the mountains, and Sauron suddenly stopped. "I want 50 men to stay back here and dig a large cave into this mountain." He ordered, "We shall bind the entrance to it by Magic, and hide my sword in the most unreachable point." Sauron finished. "It is the only way we can be beaten" Serpis muttered, agreeing with the idea. 50 Uruks quickly agreed to do this, and the army of Mordor sped onwards.