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A Noldorin Prince in the Halflings Court

I'm not into roleplaying, but I just couldn't resist. Once, long ago, I tried my hand at writing SciFi so since I found myself transformed into a hobbit, I thought what it would be like for an elf in a hobbits body. The title is reminiscent of Mark Twain's story A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Does anyone else have similar experiences?
Here's my first chapter.
A Noldorin Prince in the Halflings Court

I must say I find this all a bit peculiar. A few days ago I went to bed in my chambers in Nargothrond, a Noldorin prince, and then wake up as something called a hobbit in a strange place called Hobbiton in a land called Shire.
These are the most peculiar people I’ve ever encountered or heard of. They seem to do nothing more than spend all day growing things and then eating and drinking same (usually ales, whatever that is)This is hardly surprising given their rather rotund bodies, and a lot of them tend to literally blow smoke from their mouths.
We who’ve come from Valinor tend to look on our Silvan cousins as rustic and unsophisticated, but these hobbits would make the most dim-witted dark elf look like a paragon of intellect. All they seem to know about is what goes on in their neighbourhood, who’s related to who; with not a clue about the wide world around them.
After wandering around in a daze, talking about elves and orcs,( ’ere, what a strange hobbit you are, you’re like that Bilbo Baggins, cracked he is’), I was directed to the abode of one Bilbo Baggins at Bag End.
How do you want this RPG played? You want us to impersonate a character and act as their race did?
This is probably not your standard interaction role. More of a satire on what happens when you find yourself in a strange land/time/body to what you're accustomed to. Those of us who have been experiencing this on PT are welcome to write any amusing stories on this or another thread. In fact we might have our own forum, with various storylines/threads.This is a sort of acting/alternative roleplay if you like. If you haven't been changed by master Tarrants magic, do feel free to think of something similar. I have another instalment planned which I'll post in a few days.