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In The Scourging of Mordor Aragorn has suggested that Mordor be scourged of orcs, goblins, and other dark things. For this dark task Aragorn has asked that a group be assembled that consists of somewhat skilled warriors and perhaps a few others with different talents. The group should be well armed and this RPG is open to all races.

as a side note if you'd prefer to be an orc king or some other evil creature that's perfectly fine as long as you let everyone else know that you're being on the evil side Orc Smiling Smilie

I will be playing as Ashwyn an elf maid from Lorien who has exceptional skill with her twin swords. I might also create a character for the evil side (depending on how many, if any, people want to do that.) If anyone has any questions or suggestions please say so and I can edit this post. Thanks everyone Big Smile Smilie

Ok to keep this organized I'm going to set up a clearer storyline (sort of) as well as positions, accepted weapons etc.

The Bad Guys Very Evil Smilie
Angthar-A Nazgul that somehow survived the destruction of Sauron and the ring of power.
Draurg-A youngish dragon corrupted by Angthar and used as his mount.
Arathar, Lord of the Goblins of South Ephel Duath-played by Eruheran
* If anyone wants to add someone to either of these lists just say so and I'll add it

The Good Guys Angel Smilie
Ashwyn-Elf maid warrior from Lorien. played by me, Ashwyn Laurelwin.
Rhothgar of Esgaroth-easy going warrior from Esgaroth, played by Rho
Anardil- a man from Poros with allegiance to Gondor-played by Thorin

* There will also be unnamed "filler" characters who are just kind of there lol

This is mainly your decision but to keep it more Middle Earth style modern weapons aren't allowed.

Ok that's it for now. When you join I'll put your character name and your username down so everyone knows who's playing who. So when joining if you could put down character name and weapon(s) down (roughly) like this:

Character Name: ....
Weapon: ....
Other Info: (optional)

That would be awesome. Thanks soooooooo much guys! And this is my first RPG thread so feel free to give constructive criticism Wink Smilie
I'll start to set this all up

Ashwyn shouldered her bow thinking about the proposition King Aragorn had just presented. The scourging of Mordor sounded like it could be interesting and dangerous which was just the sort of adventure she was looking for, but was it really a good idea? She'd heard many strange tales recently about Mordor from rangers who'd gone inside to scout it out, and all of them sounded quite eerie and unusual. One tale she had just heard from Elrohir not two days ago. He'd been just inside where the gates of Morannon had once stood and seen eerie glowing lights coming from somewhere near Mount Doom as well as shrill cries. Ashwyn distinctly remembered the look of fear that crossed Elrohir's face as he spoke of them. To her it sounded as though he was describing a Nazgul's call but how could that be??? Ashwyn chuckled to herself. Seeing as how she was so curious she'd just have to go find out for herself she supposed. So with the decision made she began to softly hum to herself as she went to tell Lord Aragorn that, Yes, she would indeed love to be part of the expedition into Mordor!

Two Days Later

Ashwyn quickly glanced down the list of warriors who had decided to come and frowned. There were far too few for what she had in mind. This was going to be failed mission if no one else would come. She sighed and glanced around the unfamiliar tavern she was sitting in, wondering idly how much longer they could afford to wait before they'd have to leave. Horses still needed to be found and supplies bought. Though Ashwyn knew that as long as she rode her stallion Nightflame she would be fine for he was a loyal and powerful stallion, and while it could not be proved there was much talk that he was the son of the great Shadowfax. His speed certainly could be from that, Ashwyn thought speculatively. But who knows! she sighed and settled back in her chair looking around again, hoping to see a possible candidate for the expedition.
Name: Rhothgar of Esgaroth
Weapons: Twin short handed scimitars, several knifes and daggers hidden in various places on his bodice
Nature: cheeky, easy going, an adventurer, loves to have fun, bit of a fast talker, is known to have sticky fingers and it's rumored his dice are loaded.

Rothgar sat in a smoky corner of the tavern eyeing the young lass Ashwyn while nibbling at a piece cheese and sipping mead.
She certainly looked the part, attractive, yet he had no doubt she knew how to use those weapons she carried, it showed in the way she carried herself.
Oh well he thought, might as well go introduce myself He popped the last of his snack into his mouth, then stood and made his way over to her table and gave a cursory smile as she glanced up at him.....
Ashwyn had also seen the man sitting with many weapons eyeing her, and while she wasn't in a particularly pleasant mood, anyone with that many weapons surely knew how to use them and therefore might be interested in the quest. So putting a pleasant smile on her face she inclined her head and curteously asked him to have a seat.
I am EVIL.

Arathar, Lord of the Goblins of South Ephel Duath, smirked as he sat in the dinner hall of their cave. He heard a smack of lightning, and walked a few hundred meters to the entrance. It was heavily raining, and would probably end up flooding the caves if it continued. He pulled a large chain, and a rock slid in-front of the door. As he walked away, the rock crumbled, and he spun. 2 of the forest Elves charged in, and he swung his sword out, killing them. Their Dungeon was being attacked. He ran to the steel arch that held the opening up, and looked outside, 20 more elves were outside, which was enough to kill the 50 Goblins that he had with him. He charged down the corridor, and threw a torch at the large fire in the middle of the room. It lit up, a large flame shot out, warning his Goblins. 30 of them - Including Arathar - charged into the corridor, and another 10 ran to defend the barracks. The Remaining 13 waited in the dining hall.
Name: Anardil
Race: Men
Weapons: Long Bow, sword, spear, dagger, and shield.
Allegiance: Army of Gondor

Anardil had just come from the forts of Poros where life was quiet at the moment. He had heard tell of an expedition being organised to Mordor in his barrack last night and had decided he would be in for it. He had already obtained permission from his Captain as not many soldier were eager to go there. Mordor was still an evil place.

Making his way to a tavern where he was told that the Captain of the expedition was, he was rather dreading the moment not knowing what to expect. Pushing the door of the tavern, he entered and looked around.

He saw the captain and to his great surprise it was a woman! He gasped audibly...
Ashwyn tensed. She had a good sense for when trouble was brewing and the birds outside sounded excited and stressed, which in turn put her on edge. Deciding she no longer cared what the others in the inn thought she gave a shrill call and a large red tailed hawk flew in to the shock of the other patrons in the inn. She turned to it and spoke softly to it in elvish for this hawk understood her language. She was sending him to find out the cause of this disturbance and so with a shrill shree from the hawk he took flight and sped out of the inn.
With the pubs patrons all standing aghast by this show of magic, Rho drew his swords and lay them at his captains feet.
'I pledge my swords my Lady, I'll follow you into Mordor and beyond' Flashing her a cheeky grin and winking at Anardil he sat at the table beside his captain to await the rest of his company.
Despite herself Ashwyn was flattered and greatly amused by the patrons gaping, so much in fact that she went into quite a good mood which only improved with Rho's pledge and so, after momentarily forgetting the disturbance , she smiled graciously (a true smile this time that lit her eyes as well and made them twinkle) and said "I thank-You Rhothgar of Esgaroth for your pledge." and now turning to the man who had just entered and had been staring at her in surprise she tilted her head and said, "Are you Anardil from the forts of Poros? I was told you are coming and if that is so then you are greatly welcomed here. Have a seat!" she beckoned to the seat on her other side and then called for three mugs of wine to be brought for them, deciding that she could afford to do so.

* Quick note, if anyone wants to play as Draurg the dragon or Angthar that's perfectly fine or if not I can control them as well. It's up to you Big Smile Smilie
The Elven captain and 5 of his Elves entered the main entrance of the tunnels, and 13 others stood around the entrance.
"Goblins, flee the area. King Elessar has ordered to clear Mordor, and in the recent weeks, he has been rebuilding Barad-Dur." The Captain said loudly, and Arathar smirked, and raised his sword.
"We will defend our cave against you, then reclaim the tower of my master!" Arathar laughed, and spun his sword. The Elven captain grinned, and charged at them. Arathar lowered his sword, and as the Elven Captain came towards him to sever his head, Arathar raised it, and it went straight through the captain. The Elves began to fire their arrows, and 15 of the Goblins pulled out crossbows, and fired back. the Others charged at the enemy, and quickly slaughtered them.
"Tell the cowards that we spread north tomorrow." Arathar grunted, walking to the steel archway.
It was a while later when the hawk returned. Ashwyn had gone outside needing some fresh air after the stuffy air in the inn became unbearable when he landed on her arm and told her of the battle between the elf captain and the goblins. she stiffened in horror at what he told her. The elf captain who'd gone to deal with some troublesome goblins had been slayed. He had been an old friend of hers. She bowed her head in sorrow and then clenched her fist. And when she finally raised her head there was a furious look of rage in her eyes and no one would have argued that she wasn't a mighty captain. "Those goblins will pay dearly." she snarled and made an oath that she would not rest till the goblin who had done this thing was destroyed.
Meanwhile back in the tavern 'Well that was interesting' Rho yawned, stretching his legs out to the fire place
'Our captain is certainly a rare bird' he barked a squawk of a laugh 'Pun not intended......though she fair put the heebies up me with that hawk and all' making the sign of the evil eye he caught the attention of a serving wench, indicating more mead.
'Now, I've served under a few unusual Captains in my time. One that springs to mind was a Goblin named Mazrac....yeah, strange but true' He laughed, noting Anadil's raised eyebrows 'It's an unusual tale and I'll tell yah all about it one day, but I have to tell you, I've never fought under a Lass, and her being a Elf and all'
He handed the serving wench a few coppers as their drinks had arrived 'Strange times' He muttered taking a pair of dice from his pouch. 'Ahhh, and here we all thought the dark days were over....tell me, were you at the battle of Morannon with the western Army? .....pretty sure I've seen your mug before...... I was with Aragorn at the black gate, hell of a day, took a arrow shaft fair in the chest and if it wasn't for that Wizard Gandalf....well then.... I wouldn't be here telling the tale now and that's no boast......' He gestured with the dice 'game?'
Ashwyn was agitated but hid it well as she returned inside. smiling at the two sitting by her seat she sat and said "Sorry, my hawk came back and had some important news to tell me 'else I'd have come back sooner." she hailed the serving wench and called for more wine. turning again to her two companions she asked "What is it you are talking about now? Perhaps I can add something to your tale." she said winking at them.
Anardil took his beer and drank a mouthful.

"Oh yes," he said. "I was 3 files behind the Dunedains of the North. A mighty hard battle it was. But it the last few years I have served here and there in peaceful regions which is not at all to my liking."

"And to be honest, I'm a triffle unsure about serving under a lady. I never did so before and certainly do not know her worth in battle."
Ashwyn looked amused, "I can assure you that in battle my skill is great, for the very fact that I'm a woman which is strange for you gives me a great advantage over others. For you see I am swift and light on my feet and my twin swords I bear match my speed which makes for a rather brutal battle yet effective. The best part is that most men think a women doesn't have skill enough for such maneuvers so it is easy to catch them off guard." Ashwyn sipped her beer again. "And speaking of the battle of Morannon I was there too. I fought alongside the Dunedain for many of them I have traveled with and befriended, I couldn't leave them to face their doom alone, though admittedly I would have gone regardless of whether they would have me or not. It certainly was a great battle, though it seemed hopeless."
Arathar and 17 of the 47 creatures of Evil he has with him were at the Black Gate.

The Goblin, Uruk and Orc warriors quickly left the cave, Arathar left the steel gates last, and turned. The Orcish engravings glowed red, then the Orange Crystal at the top glowed black and maroon, showing that Sauron's spirit gave them a chance, and hope of victory. He grinned, before plunging one of his daggers into the Crystal, and the gates crumbled. The Crystal then exploded, and the tunnels collapsed, and a cloud of dust formed around the mountain. He then caught up with his men.
"To the Tower of our Master!" He roared, grinning.
'Ahhh, I apologize captain, I've no doubt you're more than capable....the fairer sex is much tougher than us bull headed men give you credit for and we've all heard of Lady Eowyn after all.... her accomplishments are legendary , it's a shame she had to disguise herself as Dernhelm to be taken seriously, if not for her and that wee Shireling we would've fallen at Palennor, of that I've no doubt. And of course your own Lady Arwen is no slouch when it comes to it'

'But I fear me' he went on 'That we have far more problems than proving ourselves in battle'. He looked in turn at each of his companions as if to show the importance of his next statement.
'A scourging of Mordor as your Lord Aragorn suggests is going to take a army of thousands to accomplish, the Orcs and creatures of Sauron are regrouping..... many more than we realized survived the battle of the black gate, and even now they're slinking back, oozing out their holes like an infection, I fear me that us three....and a handful of thieves and cutthroats.... is going to be like farting against the proverbial thunder in comparison to those evil hoards'

He leaned back in his chair, staying silent for a time, watching the effect his words had on his new friends.
'May I suggest' he continued as he began slicing the rind off a small hard cheese he'd taken from his pack' That if by the morning we have no new recruits, the three of us leave our mounts with a friend of mine in Minus Morgul, and with stealth, enter Mordor on foot to assess the situation?'

I would suggest Minas Morgul/Ithil. What year is this set?
Minas Morgul would be interesting, as to the year I suck at figuring out a time period so whoever wants to give a time period they think works best please feel free to do so

Ashwyn nodded slowly. She liked Rho's idea because it would give Aragorn more time to recruit for the venture and help them get a handle on the situation so they would already know some of what they were up against, which would definitely help prepare them.
Anardil nodded in agreement.

"This seems a mad idea but I believe it is feasible. It would also provide us with valuable info before the host goes there. And maybe we'll find some Orcs to play with too," he ended grinning.

"Well, If that's it then I'll take your leave masters and go prepare myself for tomorrow. Where do we meet and at what time?"
Ashwyn tilted her head and pondered what time would be best to set off. Finally she said, "Let's meet here around late morning, that should give us some time to journey a bit I believe."
'That seems reasonable' Rho replied, glancing at his Captain, who nodded. 'We'll need supplies, tucker for our mounts, and I spotted a fletcher on the edge of town that makes a nice wee bow' He glanced at Ashwyn's gourgous elven ash bow' Well, he makes an OK bow, put it that way' And with that they finished their drinks and wandered off to their rooms.

A few weeks latter found the company on the edge of Mordor, about 3 days out of Minus Mogal. So far their journey had been uneventful, the wasteland seemed utterly void of life and Rho was at first worried that with the absence of wildlife they'd use what meager supplies they'd been able to bring with them within a few short days, but their Elven leader showed the two men her worth quickly, her tracking skills were astonishing and most nights found them with full bellies.
Her Hawk kept within close quarters and would pop in from time to time, and it seemed their first priority was to get to the caves where the Elves had perished.

'Begging your pardon Captain, but what exactly were your brethren doing here in this god forsaken hellhole anyways'? Rho asked one morning, as he stood waist deep in swampy goop.
Ashwyn sighed the journey had been mostly uneventful and despite the bad weather and occasional lack of food, her companions were proving to be worth more then their weight in gold. Turning she addressed Rho's question "They had been tracking the movements of an uncomfortably large group of goblins and orcs that seemed to have a strong leader. My friend the elvish captain learned that they, the goblins and orcs, had made a temporary base in the mountain caves and he planned to ambush them while they were holed up in the caves. I admire him all the more now for putting up with this marshy, unpleasant place." Ashwyn couldn't bring herself to add how unsuccessful and tragic the demise of her friend was, and she lapsed into silence.
She stiffened suddenly and peered at the ground. Could her eyes be deceiving her??? But no! There was indeed a clear trail through the muck made by nothing less then a sturdy stag! Ashwyn gave a long, low whistle and her hawk flew to her. She had to make sure that she was right. After all a wearying chase through this swamp would exhaust even her stamina and light footedness, and if it came to naught the exhaustion could well prove perilous for the journey. Swiftly explaining the situation to the hawk, which was certainly a strange sight, she let him go and seek for the stag. It took but a few short minutes for the hawk to return, and from it's excited whistles she could tell that she was indeed correct in her assessment of the tracks. Turning to her companions she said, "I'll be back quickly. There's a stag nearby and he will feed us for at least a few weeks if rationed correctly." and, with that, she stepped lightly across the ground following the tracks which would lead her to the stag.
The sun was getting low when she saw him. A great stag with a huge rack of antlers. She silently praised her good fortune, took aim, and let her arrow fly. As always it stayed true to it's mark and hardly daring to believe her luck she walked to the stag's body. It seemed hardly possible that Ashwyn could drag the stag back, seeing as he was almost three times her size and strongly built. But somehow she managed it and returned to their makeshift camp beaming with the great stag's body being dragged behind her.
Anardil who was on guard saw Ashwyn coming with the stag. He went to her help and carried the body for the few remaining meters.

"That's a nice kill! But we'll need to dry the most of the meat if we plan of carrying it with us and that should take days as lighting a fire here is not advisable," Anardil spoke to his companion.

"If you wish for my counsel, I have discovered a quite clean and safe grotto by one of the little rivers there are we should be able to rest and recover our strength before we continue our journey. It will also give us more time to be familiar with the terrain which by the looks of it is going to help us in the days to come!"
Ashwyn nodded "That sounds like a good plan.......I wonder what could be done with the stag though. Perhaps this grotto could provide shelter enough to start a fire and we could smoke the meat while scouting this area. My hawk could provide us with a warning if the grotto, and roasting meat, was being approached by any creature that didn't have our best interests at heart."