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I want to start a campaign set in Middle-Earth after the Lord of the Rings. The fourth age however was fairly uneventful besides most races beside men dieing out and men nearly destroying Harad. It was called the age of peace. I want to have some good earth shattering events take place but the fourth age is useless. I'm going 5th Age now and I'm wondering what I could do. Most races are gone but thats ok. If you have any ideas that don't sound like the plot to a world of warcraft expansion pack I'm all ears! Thanks a ton! (Oh and I don't have anything against World of Warcraft but I want it Tolkien-y).

BBTBW - Bring Back The Blue Wizards.


'Nuff sed.

LOL!!!!! That was my first idea!!! I need something else though they are good wizards. They won't go evil so I need a villain really. I want something new not just Sauron returning. I'm thinking of something similar to Saruman and his breeding of superior orcs and possibly better trolls than olog-hai. Saruman mentioned wanting more intelligent trolls. I just need a boss to lead the evil. Thanks a lot I'm defiantly incorporating the blue wizards!

Well supposedly, if calculated literally, modern times would equate to roughly the end of the 6th/start of the 7th age. So if you're really looking to go all out, I suppose you could do something incorporating Tolkien lore with maybe the Rennaissance era or something, even though it technically wouldn't equate perfectly, meh, it's fan fiction...

Personally I think the IVA is still prime for fan fiction pickins. I don't see how you can say it's uneventful when a) a few pages aside hardly anything is mentioned on it anyways, b) the destruction of Harad is FAR from uneventful and can go so many places, c) the continuing warfare with the easterlings over the Sea of Rhun, d) the dwindling of ancient races and the rising of hobbits, e) the complete lack of mentioning of dwarven lore. I mean...I could go on. At least finish off the fourth age before going into the fifth, otherwise you won't even know where to start. Hence this thread...

If you do write something I agree you should incorporate the blue wizards. I don't see why they have to stay good, or at least why both of them do. And Radagast was given the choice to stay or leave, so regardless of what he chose, you could go the other direction with it.

PS The WoW lore is epic. If you like fantasy-fiction, then the only reason someone would dislike the WoW lore is to be a hater. Not saying you are, but just sayin...

Thanks I guess your right. Fouth age isn't that uneventful. I'll try it. Anyone got any good villains? Also when do you think gunpower would be used? Around what age or year? Just curious when the Tolkien world would progress in technology, and lose the lore of the past.

Oh. Em. Gee...

The Blue Wizards have been trying to rally the men of the east to the "faithful" using demonstrations.  They are regularly mistaken for evil warlocks and have become used to traveling alone or protecting travelers - as fellow travelers or from afar - in the open bleds through cool wind and anti-wind magic and the calling of rain.  Like Gandalf, they can go without their magic in the areas they traverse.  They have possibly found the chief obstruction to peaceable conduct throughout the east: gunpowder. 

Osse finds them occasionally through wells and oases connected to water tables, and he helps them quench the fires in warring areas.  In this way, they gain the support of the losers in each conflict.  They can't be everywhere at once, so the stories are unending.  The faithful contingent grows.

Osse eventually rouses Ulmo by accident (as if Osse wouldn't be enough) and a strange spirit from the west manages to cross the deserts.  Osse's rage overtakes him occasionally.  Using wind and water, the Blue Wizards can control fire and even projectiles.

I better stop.  lol