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Greetings to all and any.  I go by the name Sprodo. If it sounds familiar its that I happen to be a distant relation of Frodo Baggins. Its been 100 years now since he sailed into the West. I did not exsist though at that time. I was born 27 years ago in The Shire. Yes, The famous Shire. It being the Third Age now.  My family has lived here happily since,  well since as far back as we can remember.... I am the son of Roodsog Baggins, and my mother being the gentle Daffney Huxbug. I am 3 feet 4 inchs short. I have brown curly hair and brown eyes. My feet are hairier than most hobbits. And I am particularly good at sneaking around unseen in the woods.       

Things have been peaceful here in the Shire, until lately.    There have been whispers and rumors of a strange people in the North. I am not sure how far North. But its been said around here that "weird" things are happening up there. 

I wish to start a trip up North to see what exactly is going on. My friend Mim the Petty Dwarf is going to accompany me also. Any are welcome to come. Just introduce yourself.  We will be leaving early tomorrow morning on the paths that lead North. I think the more the merrier since I am a little apprehensive about going in a small group.   

Your friend,   Sprodo Baggins

Hi I'm Mim the Petty Dwarf as you already know thanks to my friend Sprodo. As you already know I'm a dwarf, a Petty dwarf to be exact. I've been living and thriving in the Mines of Moria for over 50 years. I'm a distant relative of the first Mim, who lived in the time of Hurin. If you know anything of the Petty dwarves we were banished from all other dwarves during the Peace of Arda. Although my ancestors were banished, I have been allowed back into dwarven society. I have decided to reside in Moria.


I had been itchin' to get out of the mines, so I took a journey the Prancing Pony in Bree to see if Gandalf was in town. He was not there. So I decided to go through the old forest, visit Tom Bombadil, and then make my way to Hobbiton to visit my friend Sprodo. When I finally got to Hobbiton, I was exhausted. Mr. Sprodo was very nice as usual and let me stay at his house.


Sprodo is right  weird things are happening. In Moria the goblins are more restless than usual. There are sounds in the dark. Please do join us in this adventure.




Sprodo wakes with a startle and cold sweat. "No! Oh my, this can not be a good sign. I usually don't have nightmares.....'s only 2 am but I think I will wake up Mim.". Rrrrkkkkk Rrrrkkkkk. "what's that?". Sprodo looks out his window. Nothing. He turns to go wake Mim up. "I swear I heard something out there. Should I go outside? Ah! Here goes nothing." Sprodo tip toes outside the front door. "I can't see out here. And where has this mist come from?" he whispers "hello?" Nothing. "wait a minute. What is that?" There is a dim purple light shining through the dark mist on the edge of the field. "I think I'll wake Mim, I don't want to go check this out alone.". But then he hears a shriek. "I recognize that voice". Sprodo sprints to the edge of the field nearer the purple light. He peers through some branches and... "Otto!". "hello Sprodo." "What are doing here? And what was that purple light?" (Otto is Sprodos cousin.) "I know, I know this looks odd, but" "of course this looks odd. I was on the road looking for you for the past three months! What happened to you?" "Well, well..." "Otto! Come on now. Tell me what's going on. What was that purple light?" Otto pulls out a black stone from his pocket the size of a egg. It's got purple veins on it. "What is it?" "I found this in the woods of Buckland on my way to meet you. It glows purple when the moon is full. But it's odd because I swear I can hear voices when it starts to glow." "Voices?" "Yes. I swear they were talking to me! I've been following them for the last month. I swear I had no other choice. I was going to meet you....but I was pulled by this stone to search the forest for a character named Ludbank. I know it sounds crazy but I think it's important." "How did you come to find it? And how did you come to the edge of my field?......Otto?" "Its too dark here Sprodo. Let us go inside and I will explain it over some warm tea?" "Ok. Let's go inside." Sprodo and Otto scurried back into the Hobbit hole. The darkness seemed to be watching them.

Mim is awoken by a bang. He quickly got out of bed and grabbed his axe and was ready for a fight. "Whose there?", Mim said in a shaky voice. When Sprodo walked in with a new visitor, he lowered his axe. "Whose this?" he asked Sprodo. "This is my cousin, Otto, the one I have been looking for," Sprodo said. Mim noticed the rock in Otto's hand, but he didn't ask. He walked over to the fire place and started a fire. That is one of Mim's specialty. "Are you soon ready to leave?"...

"Yes I think it's time to go. I've packed some sweet bread and dried figs." "Otto, will you be ok to travel with us?"  Otto pulls Sprodo to the side room. "Sprodo, can we trust this Dwarve Mim? You know Dwarves are mischievous."

"It's ok Otto. I trust Mim. Besides, it wil be good to have a axe-wielding Dwarve with us. Don't forgot, Dwarves are a strong and brave people."    Mim pops into the room looking a little perturbed.

'is everything ok?"

"Yes we are fine, I was just telling Otto that it will be good to have a brave Dwarve with us on the North Road."    Mim picks up that Otto is a little nervous.

"Otto, don't worry about me. I will not cause any mischief."  

"No, I know you won't. I'm just worried. I think there is something strange out there. The way North I mean."

"Well if we keep off the main roads I think it will be better for us. There are three of us so we should be ok. We are still in the Shire too."

Otto looks down at his pocket. He wonders what to do about the stone. The moon is not full tonight so it should not bother him. But Mim wonders why Otto said nothing of the stone. Mim has caught wind of it.

"Ah, I won't mention it for now, but maybe he will tell me about it later, oh well...."

"Well Otto, Mim, I think it's time we head out. We can take the path through the field, that leads along the Stream. That will take us to the border of the Shire. After that, we can look for shelter in the woods. This won't be so bad. It will be good to get out too."

"Well what are we waiting for, let's go."

Sprodo, Mim, and Otto trudged along the path of the field and up along the Stream leading North. The weather was not the greatest. The air was cold and wet. Clouds covered the sky and they could not see the sun. Rain clouds loomed heavy and almost black ahead of them. Some strange thing howled in the distance. Maybe a dog. Hopefully a dog.  Not exactly an ideal way to start a trip, but things could always be worse. Right?

The three travelers walked on at a good pace at first, being afraid of what might be behind them. Yet after awhile they slowed to a casual walk, being more comfortable with their surroundings. After a couple showers the night before, they day was very warm and the path looked inviting. They met a couple of other travelers on the way. Strange folk. Some men, some hobbit, and some in between. They had already gotten over the border with no problems.

"So are going to stop at The Prancing Pony before heading up North?", Mim asked tired and exhausted. "Yes, yes I guess we should get some good food and good sleep", Sprodo answered. Otto had been quiet the whole trip. They could see the lights of Bree and The Prancing Pony. They heard a loud bang behind them and started to walk very fast verging on a sprint.


Out of breath, and more than a little bit afraid the trio reached The Prancing Pony. It was warm inside and smoke was thick in the room. There were a few different characters inside. Peetbur, Butterburs grandson was the head waiter now. About 15 men and 6 women there were too. A few Dwarves sat watchful in a corner of the room eating salted pork, and drinking. And there was even a lone Elve at a table byhimself. Which was odd. Elves usually not travelling by themselves..... The trio were seated in a booth by a window looking out into the village. Peetbur walked up and asked them what they would like. They all ordered water, being out of breath. The water came and was guzzled down instantly. The three then stared at eachother oddly. Unsure what to make of the bang they heard and not sure what path to trod next. "Mim, I know paths that will take us further North. But I would like to try a another route if you know one. I think the one we were on is got something foul on it". Mim sat there looking at Sprodo and Otto, thinking about what they should do next.

"Take this map. I think we should go straight north through the North Bree Field on to the North Downs", Mim said and handed the map to Sprodo.

"Ok Mim. I have never taken that road. You will have to lead us." said Sprodo. "Do you know those Dwarves in the corner? I think they are staring at us...."

"No I do not recognize them, but the one looks like a dwarf from Moria."

Sprodo got up and walked to the bathroom. He was worried. At first a trip sounded like a good idea. But seriously, he was worried. To go North and see what was happening sounded like some fun. But he had a feeling like the sky was going to fall. Though he tried not to show that too much. And what was with Otto? This business of that stone was too strange. He had not talked about it at all since they met that first night. And Otto seemed worried too. Voices from the stone? What was that about? Sprodo was beginning to regret leaving Bag End. He secretly wished he was in his Hobbit hole, drinking tea and eating cheese. Well, hopefully things will go well. He can only hope now for the best of conditions. And it's nice to have Mim around. Dwarves are always good company. He only hoped Mim knew the road they would take. He was not very interested in getting eaten or beaten by any creatures of the woods. But he could not deny, the fresh air was his favorite thing in the world. "Well Mim, Otto, do you think we should get on the move?"

"Yea we should get going", Mim said. He could see that were not to excited about leaving the warm and cozy Inn. Sprodo seemed the most nervous. About what Mim did not know. It was his idea  to go on this trip in the first place. Mim thought it was this mysterious rock that Otto had.



















































The three left the Pony. They started on a path that led North and a little West. Mim seemed to know a path that led through a almost unwalkable path. Yet Sprodo was happy to go any way but a main road. The main road could be dangerous. They walked for the rest of the day. Once the moon came out they decided to make a fire. Mim had one going in less than a minute. Sprodo unpacked some of his bread and figs and they ate in silence. "Do you hear that?" said Otto. "I can't hear anything" said Sprodo. "I heard someone laughing over there." Otto sprang up and sprinted off like a mad Hobbit. Sprodo looked at Mim then took off after Otto. He ran for about 5 minutes looking for Otto but he was gone. "I can't believe this, first he shows up out of nowhere, and now he is gone again." Sprodo walked back to the fire. "he is gone." he said to Mim. Something howled in the distance. And the woods seemed to be watching them.

They started off early the next day because Sprodo wanted to try to track Otto although neither of them were skilled in tracking, it probably wouldn't be to hard. The night before was not a very restful one. Yes, if you were to walk by you would have thought you saw a hobbit and dwarf sleeping soundly, but Sprodo was awake thinking about Otto and Mim was thinking about the mysterious Rock. A little up the trail they saw the Rock it was stuck in the ground vibrating slowly but loudly. In the distance there was the sound of many feet running. All of a sudden out of nowhere, a group of dwarfs ran up to them. The leader of the group quickly picked up the Rock with a pair of metal tongs and put it in a haversack. "I think we have something of yours", said the leader. From the back came two dwarves dragging a unusually tall hobbit. Mim noticed that the two dwarves were the two who were at the Prancing Pony. Sprodo ran up and grabbed Otto. Otto had grown at least five inches. He towered over Sprodo. "Do what that rock is all about", Mim asked. "We have been tracking down a bunch of these to see what they do together", said another dwarf.

"Otto! What is going on?" said Sprodo. "I heard the voices calling from the stone again last night. I don't know how it happens......" said Otto. "Your lucky, he was about to jump off the edge of cliff when we pulled him down. We have been tracking these stones for the last few years. When we saw you three at the Pony we thought something odd was up with you. And we guessed right. So you are headed North too we take it." one of the dwarves said. "we too are also headed North, may we travel with you three?"

"Yes you definitely can" Mim answer happily. Although Sprodo and Otto were not to happy.