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wow, K that is good. Too good, i can't compete.

ok, i am gonna try to add to the story, I hope i don't mess it up. I am not as articulate as you are. In this thread Mellie is not a hobbit, she is human.

Mellie, walks outside with a cup of herbal tea that has a hint of strawberries in it. Mellie is rather short for a human, only about 5'2', with long blond hair, and green eyes. She is wearing a long green skirt that matches her eyes, and a cream colored blouse with green ribbons laced through the neck and sleeves. Her hair is tied back with a green ribbon that is identical to the ones in her blousse. She also has a long green sash about her waist hiding a pouch that has her gold and silver in it, as well as some other more precious items. She also has daggers carefully hidden within easy reach. When she steps out on to the deck she takes a deep breath and smells the wonderful scent of the the flowers, and wonders when the next time will be that she can enjoy such a beautiful morning. Then she spies k sitting above her in the willow tree. Well must her contact, and thinks to herself, so much for my last relaxing cup of tea. Mellie decides to get this thing started and climbs the tree and begins talking to K.
K smiled at mellie.

Good morning. This is a rather lovely morning isn't.
Yes mellie replayed in a sing songy voice.

K took a sip of her tea a laid back in her chair. Mellie waiching her. She was a pretty girl. Not like k. SHe seemed more of a doll and not one who could threaten. K eyed her and then began to speak.

I was suppost to meet some one here but they have not come. Are you interrested in travling or any such things of that sort. For if you are then you may come with me. I'm looking for people to help me on a quest. I will be straight with you. I'm saurons daught. I chose a path in the light. Mordor is no longer a threat put Now I wont back what is mine. Mordor was my home and I wish to return to it but bring splender and beauty with me. I need brave souls that will accompany me on this journy.

K took another sip after that mouth full of words and waiched as mellie tryed to swollow what was just said.

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Halo slouched under a nearby tree, leaning against the trunk. Sipping a mug of green tea, the half-orc watched Mellie and K. She shivered with fear and growled softly when the name Sauron was mentioned, but her ears soon pricked up when K started talking about something that sounded suspisiously like an adventure or quest of some kind. Halo liked adventures, she'd been on quite a few. But the closest she'd come to an quest was when she'd had to search her older brothers room to find her sword!
But her curiosity was raised now, Halo lent forward slightly to listen in. Maybe if the women were nice enough they'd let her tag along with them...
Mellie listens to what K has to say. She is not surprised. Mellie tells K that she will help her on her quest, but they will need someone else to help them out. That is when she notices Halo sitting there. They approach Halo carefully.
Orimono Shujin The Traveling Bartender Walk Along the road onto the scene, his mysteriously roomy backpack jangleing a little from the bartender supplys. A little mouse name trieze is his only companion on his travels. Trieze now sleeps in his coat pocket. Whistling a strange tune he proceded to pass the Main People to see if he can scrounge up som business.... Cool Smilie
Orc Grinning Smilie Halo spots Mellie and K walking towards her and resists the temptation to grin at them, a mouthful of nasty sharp pointy teeth is probaly the last thing they want to see.
"Hiya!" Waving Hello Smilie

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Mellie and K walk over to Halo very carefully, as they are not sure yet if they can trust her. Mellie takes the lead, (since K is not adding to this thread at the moment.) " Ummm, Hello, Waving Hello Smilie I am Mellie, and this lady next to me is K. We were wondering if we could chat with you for a bit. (Mellie thinks.... this way maybe we can feel her out, and see if she is trust worthy.) They sit down and start to have a conversation. At first, it is rather stilted, because, no one is sure about anyone. But as they talk they all relax a bit, and realize that they are enjoying themselves and the three females slowly become friends. (Mellie thinks to herself..... We will make an interesting trio on the road if Halo accepts K's proposal. and then smiles Happy Elf Smilie )

Mellie, then looks up and sees another stranger approaching, with a jangling backpack and a grey mouse telling him that he is hungry, and that they need to stop soon. Mice want to eat after they wake up. This mouse is now running all over the stranger pointing to the inn, and yelling at him to stop.
K eye'd all of them. THis was going to be interesting. ANd she wondered what she was getting her self into. K relaxed and waiched the half orc from the corner of her eye. ONce under suarons power it was hard to get away. ANd k did not know if she trusted an orc. SHe had lived with them for so many years. K settled down and sipped her tea. THis was going to be an interresting evening.

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Halo watched the man and his mouse as they walked along.
"Well thats something you don't see everyday." she commented.
Mellie agrees with Halo and wonders what the man and mouse are going to do. Mellie suggest that she and K go for a walk to discuss what K thinks about Halo. K has been quiet during their conversation and Mellie wonders what is going through her mind. Mellie liked Halo, but she also realizes that she trust people too easily.
Halo waves goodbye to Mellie and K as the go off to talk, before they left she arainged to meet them at the inn for dinner. Halo wanders back to her room in the Butterfly Inn and takes a bath before changeing into a loose black shirt, a pair of comfortable black trousers and a pair of black leather walking boots before tieing her long blond and red hair back and wandering down to the bar, her dagger strapped to her belt. She orders a bowl of vegetable stew from the ever-smileing bar maid and relaxes in a corner with a book.
As Halo sits there she realises that she's quite looking forward to meeting up with Mellie and K for dinner, they both seem nice, though K was a little quiet...
Meanwhile Halo is dozeing off in her beer.
K sat quitly sipping at her tea. Her eyes changing from a blue to a green in a flash with a yellow trim.

I have to go now but i'll be back for dinner.

Quickly k left her seat and traveled quickly down the path her feet hardly making a sound. HEr hair set off a silver gleam. K's mind was a buzz and her head ached. Disappearing into her quit little room. Her hands twiching uneasily. SHe strapped a pair of daggers to her thighs and sat in the darkness shinning her sword.
Well, Mellie still does not know what K has decided about Halo. She thinks that if she goes on this adveture with K then she wants one last soak in a real tub, and washes her hair, and changes clothes. She is paying special attention to her clothing and makes sure that she has plenty of weapons to defend herself, just in case she runs into trouble. It would be a shame if those she met here today decided to betray her in some way. She aslo wonders what happened to the guy with the talking mouse. Mellie likes animals and most people that have animals that trust them are good. She things, that maybe he would be a good one to come along on this quest.
Sleeping Smilie ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz*snort*ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz*drools*ZZZZzzzZZzzzzzzzzgrumblemumple pook pook zzzZZZzzzzz Sleeping Smilie
All was becoming a daark in the world out side and supper was being served down in the comman room. K got up and grabbed her bag of items and walked down to halos room. SHe crept in the dark cold room and peered at the sleeping creaturer as she leaned over it.

Up! She spoke in a swift commanding voices but not letting her voice get to loud.

It's time to ride halo. You have 10 min then i leave with out you.

K walked from the room as the sleepy halo woke up and snarled. Now it was off to get the rest of the party.
One of the waitress, noticing the odd behaviour of K, silently follows at a safe distance.

She, not knowing what K is up to but sensing something strange, feels compelled to discover the mystery behind it.

(Hope it's okay to join in? Smile Smilie
"Uh...I have a question..." Halo muttered to her companions "where the heck are we going? Why are we going there?" she paused for a moment "oh and...hmmm...will there be beer?" Orc Smiling Smilie Alcoholic Smilie she turns around and spots the waitress hideing behind a bush "hey, we're being stalked by a waitress!" Orc Going Huh Smilie

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The waitress knowing she had been spotted, approached the beggar, hoping to divert the group's suspicion of her. (They might think she was just walking home from work.)

Absent-mindly, she pulled some of her tip money out of her pocket and put in the beggar's bowl.
As the waitress put the money in the bowl, the beggar arose and a strange light poured from his body. The waitress could not move paralysed by fear. The light dimmed and there before stood a mighty figure." My lady I am forever in your debt. You have lifted this curse which has befallen me." The waitress looked in wonder."Now I must take your leave for I have a meeting with the fiend who did this to me"
K's eye shifted to the side as she waitched the light and the begger change. HEr back hardened and she stood still. THe wind bluw tendrals of hair away from her faces as the air around her seemed to freeze as she waiched. SHe heard the voice and the thrill of the power that radated off the begger made her heart quicken just a little. SHe smiled and walked forward the tension around he cessing and life seemed to move forward.

SHe walked alittle ways towards the stable to get her horse. HEr ears still picking up the once beggers musical voice and the feel of his energy. She tosed back her hair letting the sun shine on her china doll skin. She let it;s soft rays melt the coldness out of her.

She wistled lowly and there was a rustly. Sil Ninned back and k touched the blask mares main brushing it softly she looked into the horses eyes. Two glimmering pools of black looking back at her. The spirit in side sil was restless as well and as k prepared her for the ride.
The waitress stood still, staring after the beggar. She couldn't help wondering aloud, "What just happened? Did anyone else see that?"

Then her body slowly slumped to the ground.
A voice spoke "I saw what you did for me and I thank. My name is Venire, many years ago a old man turned me into the form you saw before. I belivie this man was in fact a wizard and I must have my revenge but not today now I must look for on called Halo it is a strange name on which i have not heard before but the gods command it and I must." So help me.
Beleg had been watching from the Shadows. He suspected that this beggar was not all he seemed, and now...

I know the wizard you seek. He is the son of Radagast the Birdtamer. I also wish to find him. He owes me...well, let's just say, he is in great debt to me.

Beleg smiled and hoped they would believe him. He was tired of dancing around the truth with women.

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"At last" roared Venire.
"Thank you my friend....pray what is your name? and what do you know of this fiend then.
"As for my name, it is Beleg. And as to the wizard you seek, his name is Gwathon. He is the son of Radagast the Brown, Maiar of old, and an elf named El-galadiel. Long ago my father was running for his life. Gwathon gave him shelter, but demanded payment in return. My father could not pay it. When the years turned to centuries, Gwathon killed my father. I am searching for him to repay his kindness," he said with a sarcastic smile. He thought it was a good enough tale...Half of it was true, anyway.
"Well friend Beleg you now have another who seeks this Stigian dog and when we find him they'll be nought left of him..."snarled Venire
Beleg smiled, and nodded. He had been accepted.

But suddenly he noticed one of the women, a waitress by the looks of her, crumpled on the ground.

"There is a maiden on the ground, there," he said, pointing. "Does anyone know who she is?" Being an elf, and seeing many things, indeed, he even saw the Kinslaying, Beleg was not overly alarmed at the girl. She had probable fainted.
When no one answered Beleg walked over and checked to see if she was breathing. "When did she fall?" he asked the others.
Sensing someone standing over her. The waitress stirred.

"Who are you? What happened? I must have fainted."

As she gained her wits, she remembered the beggar and the strange site she had beheld. Then she glanced around at the others. Her eyes met with the former begger and she quickly turned and looked to the ground.

She wondered if the former begger knew . . . Best not to even think it for now.

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"I am Beleg," said the elf standing over her. "I'm not quite sure, but I think you collapsed."

Turning to the others, he said: "We should take her back to the inn to lay down."
"Yes my friend lets take her to a quite place she may be injured.
"Come on, then. Venire, help me." Venire and Beleg stood on either side of the waitress and helped her back to the inn.
Once back at the inn they all sat around a table in the pub talking.

"Well then, Venire," Beleg said, after the others sat silent. "Gwathon the Terrible lives in the ruins of Barad-dur. We can start out for Mordor as soon as possible."
"Well before we go I need to visit the blacksmith as he is forging some weapons for me. So if we need supplies as well this maybe a good time to get some."
Venire then stood and lit up a Lembas leaf rolled with pipeweed and walked to the smithy.
Beleg watched Venire leave, then turned to the others at the table.

"Sorry I haven't introduced myself. The name's Beleg."

Venire walked to the blacksmith the sun shone with an intense heat that day.
"Friend Forge how our you???" asked Venire
"Not too bad old friend..and you have arrived just in time there finished.."
"Excellent" roared Venire as he looked over the workmanship.
"Another fine job you have done Forge...once again I'm in yer debt..."
"It's always a pleasure do work on something different and if I need you I know where to find you."
"That you do and never hesitate to call."
"and heres your payment 100,000 gold pieces and keep the change Forge you have out done yerself this time."
So Venire left the blacksmith and slipped on his new weapons and walked back to the inn and now he was ready fo PAYBACK.
Meanwhile, back in the inn, a clocked figure slunk over to the table where Beleg and his friends where seated.
"Ah, do I hear talk of a quest to Mordor?" The voice was smooth and soft. Beleg scowled and opened his mouth to speak. The figure bowed to them. As he did so a few locks of snow white hair became visible, but due to the strangers hood that was all thet could be seen.
"May I have the pleasure of introducing myself?" he didn't wait for an answer "My name it Matthias, but I am somethimes known as Matti to my friends."
Beleg scowled a bit more, though he was more curious than angry. "So?" he asked, shrugging "Why should your name matter to us?"
The stranger smiled. Even though the strangers face was not visible under his hood, you could feel he was smileing.
"I have traveled far, but know Mordor like the back of my hand. Strangers in that foul land would not last long, especialy since the only safe way in is though the marshes. Allow me to be your guide there, for I too hold a grudge with that fiend Gwathon. I would be honoured to guide you to him. I know much of his home, for there is more to it than meets the eye!"Matthias pulled up a chair and began to explane about Gwathon's lair...

Ooc: Why? Cause K, Mellie and Halo seem to have rode off into the sunset, plus I wanted to play a boi for a change.
Hmm...wasn't sure where to stick this, but I figured people would be a lot happyer knowing more about Matthias.

Name: Matthias
Also known as: Matti, Matt and Get Back Here With My Horse
Race: Drow Elf. Yeah, I know theres none of 'em in Middle Earth, but I just read my first R.A.Salvatore book an' now I'm hooked on the little b*ggers!
Skills: Tends to use two swords (one in each hand), a short sword and one of his own design. Handy with anything sharp and pointy really.
Weapons: Short sword, sword of own design (possibly made from Mithril, don't ask him about it too much, he's a bit touchy on the subject), various different knifes that he has hidden around his person.
Description: White hair, black skin. His eyes are odd; one is red while the other is violet. He tends to wear a long, black, hooded cloak. Under his cloak he wears light armor made from leather, which appears black at first, but if you look close enough its acctualy a very dark red.
Background: Matti doesn't talk about his past much. Though it is known his mother wasn't a follower of the spider-goddess, like most female Drow elves. He hates others of his kind and is scared of anything remotley like a spider. Its believed he was bought up by a horse-lord in Rohan. He also has friends in Gondor. Hes genuenly friendly and theres something about him that makes even foes like and trust him.

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Beleg sat listening to the stranger, wondering who he was, and why he knew so much about Mordor. He might be useful Beleg thought to himself. It would be good to have someone else who knew Mordor, if Beleg was to get the Stone back from Gwathon's clutches...

Venire walked back too the inn....but as he approached he noticed a horse sittin outside...."ummm I have seen that horse somewhere before" scowled Venire
"But where" he pondered
"I shall remember it later on."
As he entered the inn he noticed a cloaked figure at the table talkin' to Beleg...."
"ummm who is this now." wondered Venire
" a friend of Beleg prehaps. But he never said anyone was meeting him....well I'll find out soon enough."
So Venire strided over to the table....
"So who do we have here" asked Venire
Matti smiled up at Venire, after paying a passing barmaid to bring another round of drinks over to the table.
"My name is Matthias and I hope to be your guide through Mordor, if you all don't mind that is." He looked at Venire and the others, obviously looking for permission.
Venire looked at Matti for a long time, before nodding and sitting down at the table.
"Say, Matthias wasn't it? You wouldn't happen to know about that horse outside would you?" Venire watched Matti closely, but the man just shrugged.
"It arrived a few minutes after I got here." he awnsered "Bit odd though, I couldn't seem to focus on the rider. Everytime I tried to look at him my eyes lost focus and he went all blurred."

OOC: And he parked his horse on a double yellow line!
As the barmaid is distributing the drinks she comments, 'I just noticed that horse sitting outside, isn't that odd? I thought only stuborn donkeys and burros could do that.' She collects the empties, curtsies with a silly Very Big Grin Smilie and walks away.

OOC: Sorry for the interuption, just ignore me, Ignore Smilie and carry on with your roleplaying.
Beleg kept silent, thinking to himself. What strange turn is this? he thought. "I think we should leave as soon as possible. The sooner we leave, the quicker we shall get to Mordor."
Venire looked to Beleg..."what it is my friend you have something on yer mind"
Beleg didn't reply....and Venire turned his attention to Matthias....
"How many times have you been in Mordor and when was the last time????"
"And also what do you...." suddenley through the window came a bevvy of arrows....
"Everyone down" shouted Beleg....
"Is everyone ok"
"Only my pride is wounded friend" shouted Venire as he got up and jumped through the window and through away his cloak to leave his claws glinting in the sun....
He looked round and saw that the horse was gone and galloping east..."
"Beleg" shouted Venire "gather yourself and get Matthias I want this stranger alive.."
Beleg glanced at Matthias. "Well, you heard the man," Beleg said. "Let's go." He grabbed his pack he had stored under the table and ran through the door. Matthias paused. "Come on!" shouted Beleg over his shoulder.
Venire was sprinting after the horse riding attacker.....
"Ya can't escape. I'll track you to the ends of the earth.."
Then the stranger turned and shot a smile at Venire...
"Fool" said the stranger as he stared at Venire
"You...." roared Venire
"I'll have yer head for this" shouted Venire