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This story is set in mid-June, 2997 of The Third Age, in the northern wilderness of Evendim, near to the ancient City of Kings, Annuminas. It is here that a contingent of Dunedain Rangers has taken up the fight to counter the forces of Angmar who move swiftly and with great malice to lay waste to the lands farther south in Eriador. The Men here in Evendim work tirelessly to counter and thwart the efforts of the Angmarim (evil men who still worship the Witch King of old). The ruins of the once great City of Kings has fallen to the hosts of shadow to the north (as well as other areas) and is being used as a staging ground for their pending invasion of southern Eriador and the Rangers hold back this tide for the sake of the Free Peoples living just beyond the borders of this ever escalating conflict.

                                                                      Here in Evendim, a heavy darkness settles on the hearts and minds of all who remain here to face this coming tide of darkness for the enemy has won several decisive victories against the Rangers as if some great evil aids them in battle, giving them added strength and cunning and some power advantage unknown to the Rangers. Losses have been considerable and heavy over the last few months, yet hope remains as a campaign to reclaim the ruins of Annuminas from the clutches of Angmar is in preparation. It is here on the shores of lake Evendim that the fate of many shall be decided, for good or ill.

From the East, a mysterious and hooded stranger accompanied by a group of reinforcements (Rangers) from the North Downs has arrived in the main camp in Parth Aduial, dispatched by their allies who keep watch on lands farther east. 


This RPG is open to all, yet the available characters are limited to the Rangers in Parth Aduial and the various forces from Angmar which now occupy Annuminas. Of the Angmarim forces, Orcs and Angmarim men/women are available for play. The plot is simple - The Rangers in Parth Aduial must formulate their strategy to reclaim the ruins of Annuminas which is heavily fortified and occupied by evil forces from Angmar in time to stop the advancing forces from pouring down into the south. I will not require a formatted character description or biography in your initial post to join as I find this to take away from the natural character development and exploration which should take place as the story progresses.



The company had arrived in Parth Aduial just moments before, their number counting thirty, which was all that could be spared without hindering the effectiveness of the eastern defenses. Yet they were already swarmed by smiles, cheers and greetings from the Rangers in the small encampment in Tinnudir. It was nearly dusk, and as the sun went down on the great lake, it shone a radiant, fiery glow upon the back of the ruins far in the distance. Annuminas, the fallen city of Numenor. The lead of their party dismounted his steed. He was hooded and his face concealed, even more so in the growing darkness. He said little, save for an exchange of greetings. The others who had ridden with him, also dismounted their steeds, but made quick to mingle with their kin, friends and allies here in the camp while the soft spoken, hooded stranger watched patiently, waiting for one he knew well to arrive; Calenglad, the leader of this contingent, a wise and well revered Ranger, hardened in battle yet kind and gentle at heart.

For a time, Calenglad did not appear to greet the travelers, and thus the hooded stranger now called out to the captain of the guard, "Where is Calenglad, for it is urgent that I meet with him." The captain looked to the calling stranger with a curiosity, for he seemed to not have taken notice of the strange man until just this moment. Yet, before the captain could respond, a hearty, booming voice filled the air. "I am here, friend!" It was indeed the ever familiar voice of Calenglad, chief of the Ranger presence here in Evendim. The hooded stranger turned to the voice and bowed slightly his head saying, "I feared it would be well into the night before you may turn up here to greet us. What business has kept you so long from my company, Calenglad, for we have ridden long and hard to meet with you here." The tone of the stranger's voice showed no inflection, no emotion one way or the other, and so the others present could not discern the mood intended by the question. Those gathered grew silent, curious as to the exchange at hand.

Those who had ridden with the hooded stranger knew little of him, save that he had spent much time amidst their company in the North Downs, keeping watchful eyes upon the lands and had done well in service with his sword, and especially his bow, yet he was ever the last to speak and often spent much time by himself alone or was quick to wander away when no pressing matter was at hand and very rarely was his departure taken note of, for he was quick and soft footed, agile and silent as a windless night.

Calenglad approached the hooded stranger and extended his hand, "My business was with a pot of hot, fresh, brewing tea, of which I have more to offer you, friend." He grinned then and the hooded stranger accepted his hand, gripping it firmly. "Tea would do nicely at this hour, for though the summer winds be warm, this night, in the shadow of evil deeds across the lake, steals from me that very warmth." From beneath the hood, a grin of his own was hidden from the view of the others, who now understood that the two, Calenglad and the hooded stranger, knew well each other and for them, they returned to their mingling, leaving the chief of their number and the stranger to whatever business might find them this night.