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This Guild will be about the Saurons invasion of Dale, Erebor and Mirkwood. I don't anticipate this being a very large thread, but feel free to post.

Mr Gror of Falkbeardedness

Thorin II Stonehelm ran rough hands through his coarse black hair; a look of agitation crossed his face as he locked eyes with his father, King Dain II Ironfoot.

"You know of the treachery of Sauron, by the beard of Durin! Think about our people, think about these hobbits; Bilbo Baggins was a hobbit, may I remind you."

His father stroked his graying beard (into which hours of time had been placed braiding), considering his sons words slowly.

"I need to think on this..." Dain finished inconclusively, his eyes drooped with the lethargy.

"As you wish."

Hey Gror, I solemnly promise that i will post on this as soon as possible, but i do got to finish my own the War In The North first. After that i will go for it with you as the skipper, mate.

The same is true. If you are impatient I will try my best, but I have started spending WAY to much time on this site, so I'm not sure if I will be able to add more on top of that.

@ Amras & Curufinwe

I totally understand. Please continue with The War in the North guild. Having read much of it, I believe it is a piece of quality and requires your full attention, so I don't want to take from your current writing. Please don't feel obliged to post on this thread until you want to.


I hope I have not offended,

                                     Gror Falkbeard, your humble dwarf.

thanks, Gror, for the okay. Well, i will join when i am finished at this rate, it will be soon. Like the idea for the topic and if you need help and information about the battle and the history of it, go to "Durin's folk" in the back of the Return of the king appendices. They should have some information there.



                                                                         The friend of dwarves.