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Halo wanders by "Hey, I never noticed this thread befoAARRGGHHHHH*~ack!"
A couple of passing dwarves stare in confusion as Halo is trampled into the ground by a stampeed of chibi-ninjas.
A mysterious figure, tall and well built, with slightly pointed ears, flits in and out of the shadows of the back streets, with a sense of urgency about him, obviously being pursued by someone. He appears to be trying to get away fom the dock as quickly as possible.
Under his dark coat he conceals an indiscernable object, which he seems to be protecting as if it were very precious to him.
A pair of keen dull grey eyes stared out of the shadows as if looking for something. In a blink of an eye, he sidles up to an unsuspecting dwarf and reached into his pouch...
A pair of keen dull grey eyes stared out of the shadows as if looking for something. In a blink of an eye, he sidles up to an unsuspecting dwarf and reached into his pouch...

OOC: I would say he gets trampled by ninjas, but I don't wanna get in trouble. So I'll just join in when I can think of a decent charicter. Probaly not a half uruk this time though.
Without a blink of an eye, he slipped a couple of coins out of the pouch and into his own pocket, when he notices somebody observing his every move...
A man watches as a dwarf is pickpocketed. "Very nice," he says to himself. He continues to watch the thief.
Well all this is happening...."Finally they our coming..too long have I waited for this moment.."
The stranger sat by the side of the road and he levelled his thumb in the cool calm calculise of reason. And took a swig of his beer..."The sun shines hot friend does it not.." said the stranger as he turned to the stranger who was watching the thief.
"he's quite good...but I have seen better hahahaa"

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"Aye, he is good. But he is rather slow about it." replies the stranger. "And who might you be, who know about picking dwarf pockets?"
"My friend they call me Patch...and I'm the best at what I do. Which falls into many things...Bodyguard, Thief, Hitman..any dirty job that needs done I am the man to see about it Bub." Patch grabbed another ale "so what ya doin' round these parts bub." asked Patch as he scratched his head.
"Maybe you could tell me. My...uh... employer sent me to find and talk to Patch." The stranger sat down next to the man. "Friends call me Damien," the stranger said. After glancing around to make sure no one was listening he said, "I think our occupations are somewhat similar, no?"
From out of the shadows crept a hooded figure. Warily it looked around and spotting the two conversing thieves, it silently flowed up to the one called Patch, and slipped a note into his hand, and disappeared.

Patch read the note, frowned, and said, 'I've been called away. Tell your employer he'll have to accept a rain check; I'll return when I'm able.' With that he ran into an alley, leaving Damien in a dilemma.
"Well then.." sighed Damien. "I guess I shall have to wait." And with that he approache the pickpocket, who was counting the profits from his recent benefactor.
Patch walked into the alley and unsheathed his blades." So whats the deal time is short and my pay is high. But if you want the job done well..well you have come to the right man."
Patch lit up a smoke and awaited the strangers answer
Damien approached the pickpocket. "Dwarf pockets any good?" he asked.
Patch waited for the stranger to reply......
"Come on friend I dont have all day and time is a wasting"
"Friend I am waiting it has been too many months and still you stand there" Patchgot out his book and began to read.