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you could start one..... Wink Smilie (post it here if you do)
Ahhhh, I'm no good at starting these things! Do you have any idea how much chaos would be unleashed if I started a Role-play thead? It could lead to the end of the world as we know it...or at least to the end of everyone on this websites sanity! Very Mad Smilie
There is a "New Role Playing Forum!!" as you can see hopefully you are satisfied.

Alcoholic Smilie
*breaks into a spontaniouse happy dance.*
If you want you can come post at my postBody board! it has 2 forums devoted to roleplaying (well, one's for characters...) we need some good and creative writers. =)


btw, i'm going to update it to php within a couple days... (to make it purdy[er])

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[Edited on 18/1/2003 by Rednell] are crazy, the RPG you started is awesome. I'm having a blast with it!! Keep it up!!
Okay, I love roleplaying, but I've got a question: do we follow any rules or just go at it?

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''From what I've already done I'm guessing you just jump in.''
Or read the bumped post (on top of the forum) on creating or joining an rpg first.