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Yes? Well i cant even get the chat to start working so i think its a problem.Anyone else?
Etharion; I just tested it with no problems. I can think of one thing that might be the problem - when you click on Chat (on the above toolbar), a popup will appear asking if you want to run and 'install' a jIRC applet. Don't worry, it's just asking if you want to get into the window for Chat - no harmful files will be saved to your PC or anything like that. Once you click Yes, a box will appear for you to enter in the username which you want others to see in the Chat channel. Then hit connect, and it'll open and automatically connect you to #tolkien, the main channel. Did that help? If it still doesn't work, I'd recommend you find someone more experienced to help, as this is the limit of my expertise.

Thanks Arco!!! Why dont you jump over there so we can talk?
The Chat Room should be working, make sure you have java installed firstly.