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Hello Folks,

When I actually get any free time I spend most of that atm reading up on WoW, alternatively known as "World of Warcraft". I was curious if any other of's members were also fans of Warcraft and whether you were as eagerly anticipating the release of WoW as myself? If so, please feel three to use this thread to discuss it's upcoming release and any news or gossip you may find.
I hadn't heard of the game before now, but I had a look on the website and it looks very good. I'll keep an eye out for it.
I haven't played it, but the screenshots look good. What's the monthly subscription fee like, Taz?
"World of Warcraft" hasn't been released yet, it's still in development so I am unsure what exactly they might charge for a subscription. I play their current release though called Warcraft 3, until WoW gets released anyway! This game is also great fun and I recommend it to anyone.
Yup Taz I have played the whole series and there quality..have seen screen shots of it and looks quality. So can't wait to get WoW should be good
Without a doubt! I have got Nell on board, so if we all get the game and maybe more as planned, we can start up our own WoW Guild for real Winking Smilie
I still play Warcraft but then again I also still play Tie fighter and Elite 2. But warcraft was ace as was warcraft 2. Bet it won't run on my machine though, the old rubbish piece of crap it is.
I played Warcraft. The last was WarcraftIII The Frozen throne . Its good but it got boring after the rutine of magnificently killing all your foes.
I have to say that i cant get enough of Warcraft. I think its great!! And the new World of Warcraft that is played online on the net It looks so good, that i cant stop whishing tofor it. But i dont think ill get it......

Hello folks, I've played World of Warcraft for over 3,5 years now, but what really got me into the game, was the mythology of Warcraft universe, and to this day, I've read nearly all of the Warcraft books and own all of the classic and good ones. Also I've scouted over and over again in search for more lore. At the moment I'm on break from WoW, and I haven't played that actively for a long, long time, it's good to have games if you just enjoy of them, but not play them like 16 hours a day, I used to do that a lot when I was much younger (though I'm just fulfilling twenty in two months!)

The Warcraft universe doesn't interest me, but I did play a bit of Ages of Conan when it was just out and I enjoyed that one a lot since I'm quite liking the setting of the Hyborian Age. Had to quit it though when the first big update came since it was too much to download for my internet connection in that day, and I never returned to it.

Hehe, I'm still a bit surprised this kind of thread exists, but oh well, if anyone should feel up to talk about his/her WoW experiences, I'd be glad to hear. I like of the game, since in my opinion, it's built on the pillars of a very vast and great universe. Warcraft lore is very enjoyable, and all the twists and plots are interesting.

I cannot even imagine the time they spent on creating the whole universe behind the actual game. It's magnificent.

I highly recommend to read some of the WC books. You do not have to be an avid wow player to enjoy of that text. Smile Smilie