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Greetings sword and other medieval merchandise owners/makers this is just some insane idea i came up with, anybody wanna talk about swords,axes,armor,helms,e.t.c. go on
I guess, not very much. Orc Sad Smilie

But if you do, carry on for I have a bunch of replicas which I would have been better off restraining from buying, but they looked so cool. And I can probably talk the talk as I have a couple of good sword books.
i didnt no that Grondy,u shudv told me,im trying 2 build a forge,i havnt yet fer fear of pulling a starfire move and burning down the forge,if anybody from starfire reads this i want u to know im sry bout ur forge and hope yall get back on ur feet soon,u no azadhel,im thinking qabout forging that sword,when u say thin blade u meen a rapier,right?
I would liek to talk about swords too, because I do, in fact own a few, and plan on buying some more.
i just got a claymore,i plan 2 eventually make my own swords
i dont own any weapons but i know a bit mid if i join?
I've a replica Katana which my ex-wife gave me one Christmas, a home-made longsword which I made shortly after learning how to weld, and a really nasty home-made mace (which if the police ever saw, I'm sure they'd throw away the key). I've also got a couple of 12" razor sharp cutting knives from when I used to cut cabbages.

I've got my eye on several fantasy swords for sale in a local shop, but at present I cannot justify spending their cost on myself. I'd like a longbow, too, but I've nowhere to fire it.
I have a 17th century replica of an Italian rapier that I used to use to fence for the SCA, but it was ruining my regulation fencing, so I had to stop. Alas, my rapier now just sits in the closet Sad Smilie...lonely, lonely rapier. Of course, my foil now sits in the closet too; I haven't fenced in a while. Ah well. My father on the other hand has a wonderful knife collection of which I think his Klingon knife is his favorite -- I believe it's called a D'K TAHG, or something like that. Hee hee. My dad thinks he's a Klingon.
I have bow and arrows as I was an archer. It is a blue and silver recurve bow and you take the limbs off at the end of a shoot to be packed away. I have all the gear, chest guard, arm bracer, finger tab and quiver. One valentines I got a long rod (for balance) and I was so happy, no-one understood how I could get happy over a bit of metal Very Mad Smilie

I loved shooting and hopefully when I get better I will go back to it - I was the secretary of the club (Chelmsford Tudor Rose Archey Club).

I really miss this Very Sad Smilie
Sticks & Stones is a source for some very beautiful bows, especially their Mirkwood bow which was inspired by the one Legolas initially carried in the movie.
The bows were beautiful, I haven't tried one of these before. I did try a long bow, once, but I could barley draw it back. The ones I have used you have to draw back and use the sight and hold for a few seconds.
Are the bows you have used the compound ones with pulleys to increase the mechanical advantage so you don't need to weigh 200 pounds and pull 60 pounds in order to load the string to the maximum efficiency of the bow? Like you get about the same output with only about 20-30 pounds pull?
No recurve, you take the limbs off and can increase the weight the better you get. (buy different limbs) Was getting ready for competitions before I hurt my back - hopefully after the op, within the next 12 weeks, I may go back to it. Here's hoping.
I got my first bullseye 4 days after i started shooting and then took fourth in a tournament. (beaten by the two instructors and someone who had been shooting for a year on my 5th day. But then got home from the camp and now the bow i have does not work well and so i am still looking for a bow that actually works well and can fire more than 30 feet without diving for the ground. I am doing more archery this summer and cant wait to do more of it. also fencing/swordplay.
Robbin if you go to a good archery shop you will find someone to help you find the correct bow. You should always take someone with you who knows thier stuff.....

If you go on-line you should be able to find a local club and they will always help you Big Smile Smilie