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This is great finally an online game based on the book that all other online and rpg games are based.So if anyone else besides me and orcplumber are getting it when it comes out post here it has some very good screenshots even if the starting area is only eriador(theyll ad more area with expansions)also when it comes out maybe we could form a "fellowship" or a "kinship" that is if any of us are on the same server or even in the same time zone.if you want to find out more about it try
I saw that web site. Matter of fact im on it now. Its got some cool stuff. Are you registerd there Ar-edain? If you are, tell me under which name.
no im not,are you?im afraid ill get idiotic emails if i join.i was afraid of that when i joined pt and im glad it didnt happen

let me know when you get the game if you do
I think I joined, but I was irritated because I thought it was already functioning. Now I have to wait *humph*. I sorta forgot my name and such. I have a e-mail with the info somwhere *looks around desk for e-mail, then remembers it would be in his inbox online and not on his desk*. Elf Confused Smilie Um, yeah, I'll look for the e-mail later.....

Hey Ar, do you mean we should form our own kinship? If yes, im interested.
i just went there, and I'm joining! can I join you guys' kinship, too?
Hey Ice. My name there is BalkanWizard, will you tell me yours when you join? I am for now in the kingship Anorien guard. I sugesst it to you too. Maybe later we will make our own, ok.
My name is just Icefangs. Hey, by the way, what's your email?
no.i mean a kinship on the game when it comes out(i THINK your talkin about a kinship on the site)but yeah or a fellowship,me and orcplumber(orcey will post when hes back from alaska)are already planning to be in one(he preordered the game)id like to be the leader if it works on a "leader" "follower" system and not just a group,id be alright not being a leader though,less responsibility....... i havnt joined the site for fear of junk e-mail.
oh okay, yeah, I was talking about the site...
HA! i was right for once!thats a big difference,now to the discusssion of the game who is actually planning to get it when it comes out (that wont be for a whilw now,so im taking the opportunity to read the books for my third time and read the silmarillion,did i spell that right?)
When did i break 300 posts!?YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Is there anyway to ask developers questions about the game (like the developer diarys)
I dont know. And im not sure im getting the game.