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Valedhelgwath suggested that I post the subject here in Guilds so I've chosen Misc Guilds to start the debate "time to update and broaden the Message Board Index perhaps".

My suggestion is to invite Tolkienites to suggest further topics for the Index. An example: I collect LOTR stamps. I'd like to pass on news items and appropraite links such as the new Home of Middle-Earth collection released by New Zealand Stamps. Perhaps post a picture of an FDC Fisrt Day Cover or two from my own collection. Perhaps provide a link or two to specialist web sites.

Having an Index called "Collectibles" and Topics such as Stamps, Coins, Games, General would go down nicely. What do others think ?
That's a good idea; the only question is Would such a forum receive enough traffic to justify its inclusion?
Sounds neat; I don't think there would be much "traffic" but it would be nice for the people that do collect the stamps, and Lord of The Ring related items. Even daggers and weapons (I always wanted one of the swords or knifes from the LoTR collection). Smile Smilie
I have both the large and small Stings with scabards for both. Also the sword of Arwen that PJ made up. I have decided Anduril, Narsil, and Glandring are just too many and I should practice a tad bit of moderation as well as frugility. Elk Grinning Smilie
I better not pick a fight with Mister.Grondy here. Wink Smilie Sound's like you have quite the collection there. Wiggle Smilie
Any suggestions for the Index ? the example is stamps / collectibles --- are there others for discussion ?

On the swords front, I got some costumes for my both my sons for world book day this year. Their viewpoint was "dad this is real cool". Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. I have a great photo + one of mum wearing the Gimli costume ! Sure everything is plastic never mind. Just have to figure out how to post the photo here is all.