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random....guild random random? or am i the only random person :'(
only when the bacon tree blooms will you be the only random person here lol

soooooooooooo what random stuff is there to smoggle into hmm

why iz it that when you go to sleep and you have sore throat that itz twice as worse in the morning when you wake up?

Is that random enough Elrose Mellon !!!!!! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
im a mellon! how rude!
unrandom: random questions that u want answered can go in "how random can u be"

my bacon tree is still only a sapling, my otter is almost fully shrunk!
ur name is Danny? Danny, the great mellon!
then you are a very juicy mellon indeed!!!!!!

Well what is the point in this thread

Oh w8 there is no point in this itz supposed to be random lol

Im ever so sorry about your Otter being small and all. Maybe you should give it a mirror that way what he sees is reversed you get me??? so he'll see himself too fully grown hmmmmm random indeed and confusing!
well done my clever friend (not mellon)
Itz Elessar Lossehelin actually dunno where you got that from?
but she called me 'my love'
Dan the great and powerful Mellon!
hey mods? does it have to have a point?
if randomness has a point it is very blunt one lol why do
you think my name is Dan?
u sly dog! Wink Smilie u just seem like a Dan, or mayb a Pan, no Pam, no Sam, no Jam!
yes, but how do you know he is not a Lam or Lan, seriously he could be behind u right now and be saying my name is Lan or Jam or Kam or Wam, how do we know u rnt being watched?...i think u should be watched and be cornered and be cornered and go to a place where all the rooms are circular and you cant be cornered then u say hahahahahaha u cant corner me here!!!!
hahahaha circular rooms in a circular house in a circular world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like grapes...yes..grapes. lol. is that a plane?

What a pity!
whats a pity?
Oh, I get it. saying what a pity is just something random to confuse the people who think they're so random. Like in the second Wayne's World movie. Wayne: "A sphincter says what?"

Of course, this is just my wacky style. Get bored, find a thread with an interesting name or concept and posts in it even if it has been dead for a year or more. I think I'll go coat some pigs in cement and stick them to an airplane now. Oink! In flight movie. Oink! I am the Gov't of California .Oink! Bed time for the dispenser.
Hang em by the rump and coat me in cheese by golly!
At last! The nunchucks will be mighty pleased to learn of what has unfolded in the bungee cellar. Not but a caterpillar with a twist of saccarine.
Oh lemon drops wearing hemp waistcoats.
Indeed, the Balrog does look quite beautiful. We should put a bonnet on him and stuff him with turkey.
Now what's all this?

Random defined: The word random is used to express lack of purpose, cause, order, or predictability in non-scientific parlance.

Well, I think we all know what that means... Pie Fight!!!

*Looses one at Grondy* Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"Yummm!" says Grondy licking chocolate cream pie from his ears.
>Thorin appears< and throws several pies at loss. I was not targeting you loss. You randomly got hit twice. One was supposedly for Grondy! Elk Grinning Smilie
There is actually only one way to eat a cream pie, either smothering your own face in it, or having someone throwing it at you... But then that's two ways... Oh well, it doesn't matter... *POW!!!*

Loss returns the pie with a quick flick of the face, of which unfortunately lands on Amarie... "Oh, Amarieeeeeee"... Thorin made me do it...
My shoes! Glucose of Leand'rana Roman Numeral Eight will make a mighty fine paste for the old serenade. For shame, lass. Of all the arbors in the desert, yours has the color least reminiscent of Emperor Octavian.
I just saw Emperor Octavius having a cup of tea with Grondy. Oh and he gave me this to pass on to you Ar-Edain. Oh sorry i didn't mean to pour the tea on you. It randomly fell out of my hand.