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Okay, I want to have this as my own topic for answering (Greedy us, yes precious :P). Here, if you're curious about something from The Lord of the Rings, I will answer. I'd like to be the one to answer for it. Otherwise I won't be able to express my nerditism of The Lord of the Rings. Thank you!

Please, though, just about the Second and Third Age. I haven't read the Silmarillion, as I'm sure many of you know. So yeah, thank you ^)^. Ask away!
Who was Aldarion's daughter?

And who was the last king at Fornost?
I assume if you are going to have a thread such as this that you are open to others debating your answers...
Okay, I'll answer to Eruwen first. I suppose you could. How about when you ask a question, you have a 'Q:' in front of it.

The daughter of Aldarion, the mariner of Numenor. Man that was a sad story, with Aldarion and Erendis... their daughter was Tar-Ancalima. Or just Ancalima.

The last king of Fornost was Arvedui, who died in 1975 of the Third age from drowning... (>.>... Tempation for grabbing a map...), in... that one bay to the very far North, where one of the last Palantir was also lost at sea. >_<. THE NAME!!! Well, that wasn't necessary for the question, so I've answered that ^_^. After I post this I need to find that out <,<...

EDIT: Forochel!! That was the one!!
I seem to be drawn to the Lossoth, I don't know why Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Somehow I got a feeling that the answers are going to be looked up^^
No they won't. I'll be honest when I say I don't know it. If I edit and say what it is, then it's clear I don't know it but I gave the answer. Savvy? ^_^ I am here to test myself on my wisdom of LOTR from off the top of my head. If it isn't, then I'm not accomplishing one of my own goals.
What was girdle of Melian?
What were the names of all of the children of Hurin?
Including all the names of the famed son of H’rin?

That might be a longer answer Wink Smilie
Moderator Smilie The last two posts are beyond the scope of this thread as presented in Jim's first post: Hurin's children were from the First Age, as was Melian's Girdle. Moderator Smilie
What was apparently of the same composition as Orthanc?
Okay, I've read the Children of Hurin a while ago when it came out (almost a year now... >.>...)... Hurin's children are... uh... Turin...? Uh... Yeah, busted Exploding Head Smilie.

And for the last one... Isengard? I think that's what you were asking; the other name for Orthanc?

Okay, any others?
I had thought my question far too brief. A bit more detail . . .

Orthanc was made of a hard, black substance which even the Ents could not damage (other than a few chips from their anger). Something else in Middle-earth was constructed of that same material. What is it?

Good luck!
I think I know what it could be, but as the questions are for Turiluve (jim) to answer, I'll watch.
Is it Helm's Deep? I don't think he/she is going to provide us with the answer to the question
The walls of Minas Tirith, I believe.
Don't tell me the walls of Helm's Deep sprung on their own as did the Dwarves Tongue Smilie