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Hey. The World Cup just ended with Holland Losing 0-1 to Spain in the final. It also involved England losing to Germany, so lets forget it ever happened and start a general football thread. If you don't want to forget, go to THIS thread.

The EUFA Champions League Starts in September, and the Premier League starts in a Month and 1 Day, so that gives us a month of football related chatter.

To fill that gap, I have decided that we all should post our ultimate world cup teams. Can be anyone from any World Cup, (I could have Maradona, Shilton and Mesut ’zil, For example) and can be 7-23 Players.

Or we can forget that, and argue over the recent quality of the referees. Referees are banned from this thread, By the way.
To start off the Dream Team thingy, this is mine

Formation: 2-2-1-2-1-2

Lineker --------------- Pel’


Gerrard --------------- Beckham

Franz Beckenbaur --------------- Roberto Carlos

Patrice Evra -- Nemanja Vidic


Captain - G. Lineker
Manager - Sir Bobby Robson
Love this Cheesy!
I"ll shortly come up wth my own team.
You also may want to read the thread Footie Anyone? That thread was started way back when and was still in play last November.
Ok Grondy.thanks!
Ok here is my team
Centre Forward-ronaldo(brazil)
Left Wing-forlan
Right Wing-messi
Behind Centre Forward-Ronaldinho
Midfielders-Roberto Carlos,Roberto Baggio,Batistuta,Gerrard
Goalkeeper-Oliver Kahn
Manager-Alex Ferguson
Anyone watching 'The Damned United'?
What is that?
A film about Brian Clough, who is one of the best English Football Managers, Imo.
I just checked out the trailer and found that Michael Sheen is also Aro from The Twilight series.The movie looks good though it will never release in india like Remember Me and Eclipse(for which i am dying)

What team do you support Odette?
New Manchester United Home and Away kits have been leaked. Epic.

However, Gazza is back in Rehab because of the Raul Moat stuff.

He should have turned to footie managing like Maradona. Sad Smilie

Man U of course.My boyfriend is Liverpool thoughSad Smilie
I don't know about epic but the Away jersey looks good with Rooney's name on itSmile Smilie

I still am in love with the Beckham-Brown-Nistelrooy team of long back.It felt horrible when Becks left for Real.
Why do all our good players go to Real? Traitors.

Best player?
But none of them played well at Real.
Tell me Cheesy have you ever been to a live football match?I never is not big hereSad Smilie

Anyways Diego Forlan is in my city for the weekend.I hope to bag an autographSmile Smilie
Best player in Man U i guess is Rooney for me.
I have been to a few Rugby games. (Jedward as a Prematch thing... So Angry Smilie ) but that's it. The Footie Season has started in the last week, which is cool. Blackpool (My Mums team) are (Possibly) the top of the league aswell. Until United/Newcastle on Monday :P
I am still awaiting my Membership Pack from Man Utd. It's the 100 years of Old Trafford this year and it's a special edition one. I'm still curious of what is included. I'm hoping to see more than a few games this season. I saw the Man Utd v Chelsea match near the end of last season which cost us the league, but we can take them this year like we did the charity shield!! Bad! Smilie
So this thread is pretty much 100% Percent Manchester United? Cool. Does anyone have any of the FIFA Video games?

Lets have a pair of Mini-Polls. How Epic is the 'Match of the Day 2' Title Sequence, and is 'Eric Catona' a Good Name for a Cat?
J. Cole was sent off in his first Premier League Match!? Classic.

Reina Oggie! Big Smile Smilie

That and Gerrards Yellow Card will be good to annoy my dad tomorrow.
Ah...the seasons have started.Here I come Man USmile Smilie
Is Berbatov MUs Best Striker? Him, Giggs, Nani and Van Der Sar will win this for us.

Edit: And Maybe Fletcher.

2-0! Big Smile Smilie

United are back into the top 4 of the PL. Big Smile Smilie

Another goal and its the top 3.

Edit: Rooney sounds like he has improved since the WC, but he has been brought off for a newbie!?

Edit: They have brung on Giggs! Big Smile Smilie

Edit: Should I give my Avatar a Sombrero or colour it green and give it funny ears?

Edit: Giggs has scored! Big Smile Smilie

Man U are 3rd in the PL already. Behind Blackpool Birthday Smile Smilie

Edit: Maybe not. 4th/Joint 3rd with Aston Villa.
I get the picture CheesySmile Smilie even though I did not watch the match.ThanksSmile Smilie
I didn't watch the game either. Listened to the Radio (5 Live) using my telly and had the BBC Sport page for the match up.

Also, look at Shrek in This Picture. Is he happy or really annoyed? (I think both)

I have found the Highlights of the Match. It also has rhe Community Shield. Rooney is congratulated for an assist. Rolling Eyes Smilie
How Short is Paul Scholes?! Shocked Elf Smilie
Hmm...Smile Smilie
Rooney is looking amused in the background.And I saw the highlights later on espn.Thanks though.
An Own Goal and a missed penalty in Liverpools first 2(?) Games of the Season! They are relegated, bet my 2 Cats on it.


Amusing game.Was it jinxed?

Manchester City is not bad this time.

3-0 to Man City.

Anyway, so who do you think will be relegated and who will win it?


I reckon Chelsea or United will be First/Second, and Blackpool/Liverpool will be relegated. Liverpool were poor last night. Forget Steven Gerrard and Torres, they will be relegated.

The England team visited an orphanage in Cape Town today. “It’s heartbreaking to see their sad little faces with no hope,” said Jamal, aged six.

But; apparently Wayne Rooney scored... 


Edit: Just a penalty...                                       

But from MOTD, he seems to have improved a lot since South Africa.

Oh my  Rooney finally nets one.

Considering the number of times people sent the ball flying outside the box lets appreciate his effort.

Now I will celebrate Man U's win

See you Cheesy

Smile Smilie




this is surreal, discussing football in a tolkien forum haha!

my dream team XI would have to be:


        legolas                                                 gandalf

                      saruman     gimli

                               the balrog

     faramir -   beorn - tom (the troll in the hobbit) - eomer

                     the watcher in the water

Good point about the Penalties Odette. I think only 3/4 have gone in this season, out of about 7-10, so Rooney is improving. 

Welcome to the Thread, Gwaihir. 

well i couldn't resist joining the football thread, seeing as i support the inventors of  true football (the arsenal)

The Inventors of true football are actually England. This is why I think we should change the National Anthem to the Match of the Day Theme, so the next time we play Germany, they know who invented the sport they are better than us at.

bite your tongue! we do not talk about germany, or the recent world cup, except in the language of mordor

Ok!! Both of you can just rip each other off but lets not talk about Germany PLEASE!!

The wound is still openSad Smilie

Welcome to this thread Gwaihir.

Cheesey and I often agree about most things football(MAN U),so if you are bringing on some debate we would love some football disagreements.

Did anyone see Torres' fabulous goal?Who will say he was limping along the side lines in S.Africa?Smile Smilie

There were a great few passes by Gerrard too.

@Gwaihir:Arsenal did you say?

Pretty similar to the Scholes goal against Fulham.

Torres just got a bit lucky though, but Scholes was pure skill. How long do you reckon Giggs and Scholes are gonna keep on playing? Scholes could play in the Euro 2012 and retire after that.


On Fifa10 Manager mode, I spent half a season 1 Point ahead of Arsenal, until they got beat by Chelsea, and it ended up with me winning the league by 30 points, with Liverpool in second. The FA Cup Final was against Arsenal as well, but I beat them.

I wonder if Man U will be the same once Giggs and Scholes leave.Sigh.

But I will still love them whatever happens.

Cool Cheesey...defeating Arsenal single mean feat

Thanks Odette. 

haha yeah but manager mode on fifa is way too easy! i won it on legendary setting with burnley!

and as to scholes and giggs - much as i hate to say it this is what arsenal miss out on by selling players as soon as they turn 32. the both of them are just outrageous and should retire before i make them.
that said, manure are a shadow of their former selves

The Glaziers 


If we still had the other players that played in the Cantona era (Like Beckham) we would be pretty good. Rooney is returning to form, and Scholes/Giggs are better than normal atm, so we are doing quite good.

Second that Cheesy

And I second you seconding me. 

Anyone getting Fifa11 in October? I am getting GTA IV by conning my parents so I can save up for Fifa11. 

Hmm..not a bad plan at allSmile SmilieGood luck with the parents

They aired Damned United on Tv last night and I missed of course thanks to my examsSad Smilie

By the way Rio is coming back to for a change

Jelle van Damme's goal for Wolverhampton before was amazing. 

Anyway; United were 3-1 up at added time, but the final score was 3-3. The Everton goal was a disgraceful mistake by Patrice Evra tackling Pienarr, and Tim Cahills 91st Minute goal was a pretty decent goal, but the third was dreadful goal-keeping. 

Amazingly, Alex Fergusons son came from 1-0 down to 3-1, before loosing by 3 goals in the last 10 minutes.

plus the very fact his surname is van damme demands some respect

the arteta goal wasn't bad goalkeeping, it was a deflection of scholesy... and i'd just like to draw attention to the fact that the arsenal managed to beat a 2nd rate team 6-0 today, while united could only draw 0-0 yesterday to an equally poor team


@Cheesey:Hope still remains friend,we will bounce back.

@Gwaihir(again):Keep your talons off my team

Rangers are not that poor. They are the best team in Scotland by miles, and would easily compete with anyone under the top 5 of the Premier League.

My mate is a Rangers fan, and he said that they were 100% defence for that game. They knew they couldn't beat us, so they tried not to. We will win in the Away match.

The United team was only made of some of our poorer players because they are the same people who beat Chelsea a few months back, and we are playing Liverpool on Sunday. It is lucky that they injured Valencia for a Season instead of Berbatov, for example.

i agree with what you said about playing a sub-standard team, but not about rangers being able to compete in the premiership. why do you think top rangers and celtic players are so eager to join championship sides? (kris boyd, stephen mcmanus, etc)

2:17 and 2:45 are the best goals ever. Or maybe the Fabregas goal in the 13th Minute against Sunderland.

However; t his is the greatest goal ever.

Players like Kenny Miller would suit teams like Wolverhampton/Fulham, not Championship. 


Link removed by Amarië. Please do not link to websites that are not Family Friendly.

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