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Thread: The Realm of Mother Earth

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Greetings to all of you, I'm creating this thread (guild), so everyone can come here and express their feelings towards nature, and each of you can also write down, how nature and mother earth has affected to your lives. For me, she has been part of my life since my chilchood, but only when I reached a certain age, I began to understand how much I really love nature, and today, the mother earth is like a goddess to me. Also nature itself has always inspired me to write on and on, and I often even take walks to a nearby forest, to gain more inspiration and feel to my writing. It is truly a sanctuary of serenity and calmness, The Realm of Mother Earth! - Oerath.

When I read the first post it just came to me- it is autumn coming again where I am living and so:

Ai! Laurie lantar lassi surinen

yeni ve uunootime raamar aldaron...


I do love nature in all it's varieties!

Many thanks for your participation, Ammornil indecision

For the glory of nature.

I live in a big city and the only speck of greens are the private gardens(yellowed by petrol fumes and excessive pollutionSad Smilie )

So whenever I can I make trips to the countryside and I can breathe better.There is nothing more imposing than nature in our existence.They are the true miracles...the real Gods,the real heroes.Thank you Oerath for making this thread and you too Ammornil for participating.

i will return to this beautiful thread soon